1. Pretty sure my jars are between 2.5-3” width and I’m currently testing CD8, CD12, Eco8, and ECO10. Per candle science recommendation. I’m literally doing my first burn test now and all seem to be viable options to me.

  2. He has the skull of someone whose parents never wanted to hold him.

  3. My washer is not great and while everything comes out clean, if there was a poop on something, a stain is usually left on them. I lay them in the sun for a couple hours and the stains are gone. It’s amazing. I’ve even had luck with sunning a couple through a window. And even if they don’t dry outside, I just pop them in the dryer once the stains are gone.

  4. I have also found that adding oxiclean does help lighten the stains before I have to put them outside!

  5. We used Millie moon diapers from Target (US). I picked them because they were dermatested, vegan, and sustainably sourced. If I was going to use disposable I wanted to still try to minimize impact. Plus side was they were also cheaper than Huggies and pampers! I wasn’t super impressed with their containment and still put one of my Esembly outers as a second layer though for any big poops. I found that to work well enough for me!

  6. They look lovely to me! My feedback would honestly be the price point it pretty high. I understand that these are luxury candles and they look the part but I personally would not see myself spending $50 on one 18oz candle:/

  7. Thank you! Honestly it’s been tough with pricing as the jars are a big chunk of the pricing and we will definitely take a look at pricing!!

  8. Totally understand that and of course you’re going to have your minimum break even cost from materials. I’ve only just started making some candles and the containers can be super pricey for something so pretty! Makes it tough because I feel like most people won’t know/understand that. I certainly didn’t before a few weeks ago.

  9. A Zevo plug in trap has worked really well for me for fungus gnat outbreaks (not diaper related) and I would think it would work well for this too. It’s a sticky paper with blue light that attracts and traps them. Depending on how many you have, it might take a couple refills but overnight when that’s the main light source it gets a ton of them!

  10. I used it with an HE washer and though it did a good job but went through it pretty quickly and felt like it was pretty expensive. And I did wash about every other day. I’ve since used Dreft newborn and feel like it does just as well and will be switching to Tide powder once the dreft is gone because I did like the powder vs liquid for diapers and tide was highly recommended by FLU.

  11. Keababies grey backpack style diaper bag has been amazing for us so far! I highly recommend it.

  12. Oh! And a wet bag. Lol I’ve forgotten one once or twice and was able to use the side pocket but definitely best to always have a wet bag.

  13. Nta- going to offer you info on what I did in a similar situation.

  14. Searching will reveal a few threads on this with tons of answers.

  15. Yes, I’m checking those threads out too but I always love to see if I can get new opinions as well!

  16. Based on the 4.7cu ft I bet you're American. I subscribe to Consumer Reports and they pretty much recommend all front-loaders over even a traditional top loader like a Speed Queen or a high-efficiency top loader. I have a HE top loader and absolutely hate it. It does a really poor job of swishing laundry around to create the agitation that diapers need.

  17. I too have an HE top loader and hate it. I second not getting one of those.

  18. How to resolve issues by communicating and then continuing on to have relationships with those one was in disagreement with.

  19. If you do order these, beware of stock levels and choose the “sub colors if not in stock” option. I failed to do this in April when I ordered them and did not receive my order until mid August. Fortunately, I didn’t need them yet because my baby still has some growing to do before they fit. So far, we’ve been using Esembly and Nora’s Nursery pockets and I like both but prefer the Esembly for sure.

  20. One of those pill vaccums? I also line dry, but occasionally I’ll run them quickly through the dryer to fluff them up a bit

  21. Yeah one of those fuzz busters for clothes should work the same for this! Should be easy to find on Amazon.

  22. Do not get a Maytag bravos mct top loader. The agitation is terrible in my opinion and I wish I had a different washer but this one is still pretty new so I’m stuck with it.

  23. There is a fun book called Baby Om. I did it with my newborn and loved every second of it! It incorporates the baby into the yoga practice. Would highly recommend. Namaste 🙏

  24. Sounds interesting! I will definitely check it out. Thanks!

  25. Thanks so much for sharing, I really needed to hear that! Its been about 4 years for me and I just recently got back on the mat. I was really self conscious at first but now that I’m back into the rhythm of practicing, I already feel so much better.

  26. Way to go! I look forward to getting back into a real rhythm too.

  27. I’m due with my first baby any day now. It can’t come soon enough!

  28. I found items labeled “joggers” to fit the bill. They are often, but not always, fitted enough to move it but not quite skin tight. There is a fair amount of variance of items labeled as joggers but you can likely find something.

  29. I suggest you find your way to it in your own time. I am currently going through the same thing. About 32 weeks along and I had basically stopped doing most yoga, other than an occasional class every few weeks (I used to practice 5-6 days a week) from about 10 weeks to 29 weeks. I just wasn’t feeling it for whatever reason. Then I realized I REALLY missed it. Pretty suddenly I realized that having stopped yoga was affecting my mood and I needed the physical and mental aspect of it back in my life.

  30. I feel the same about it affecting my mood! That's great you're doing 3-4 30 mins a week. That's super impressive honestly!

  31. It’s a very different practice from what I used to do but just having the time on the mat again is really nice. Good luck in finding your groove!

  32. Ensembly is basically nicer prefolds IMO. They don’t have a stay dry inner liner and the outer part is just a regular cover. You could probably get similar diapers for much cheaper with different brands

  33. They do have an add on stay dry liner that you can place into the diapers though! Which I think is similar to what some other brands need as well. It’s basically a thin fleece liner that lays on top of the inner.

  34. Same here! I had one person who bought me a small amount and the rest I had to buy myself using gifted money. Unfortunately I’ve had just about everyone say something along the lines of “you’ll do it for a week”. But that just makes me more determined and I do not think I will change my mind. I simply cannot get past the amount of waste created by disposables!

  35. I plan to have a natural childbirth but I 100% agree with you. For me it is about the overall setting and the setting I am choosing does not offer that option so that is that. However, if I were to be in a hospital I would 100% have an epidural and both options are just fine and the right choice for whoever is making that choice!

  36. Quorn nuggets are the BEST ones that I have tried to date.

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