1. Fuckin .... unique the Dr came whistling around the corner literally singing lol then proceeds to lead me into a surgery room to hold her hand while little man was removed she was scared and honestly thats the closest I've ever been to a person who was opened up like that so I was a bit on edge. But other than that it went great little dude had to spend an extra 3 days in the nice due to blood sugar but otherwise super healthy and he's almost 3 now and a good little dude :)

  2. Rolling blackouts but for the whole country.

  3. It is and has been going since 2007. And is at its worst lately with days of 11.5 hours of power cuts

  4. That's half a day!?! Do u guys have one company who supplies power? That's how it is locally here all of my home state goes through dte and were kinda at their whim on if we have power or not

  5. Yeah it’s paused in the moment, but I had it going for a little while before. I paused it after I got that one not enough employees error.

  6. True those things are very different, but there’d still be plenty of people around to kill wolves, and I don’t see us being any more tolerant of them cause shit is falling apart all around us.

  7. Na but think about the pull out of the areas that have to low population density say the up of michigan or Wyoming, those areas will be left alone for a decade (pulling numbers and times out of my ass) while logistical supply lines are reworked to be able to supply the things (electricity medical childcare) that we need to survive.

  8. The areas we vacate will allow populations of animals to rebound again faster than we will.

  9. Everyone's experience was different this guys one of those that copes with heavy psychedelics

  10. Where are the horse people to analyze this behavior?

  11. Jealousy lmao the horse she's walking with is about the get brushed and a treat and fed probably that horse isn't

  12. That thing is pop-out "lockpicking tools" for impromptu field use by aspiring mall ninjas and other self-styled badasses. Those plastic "tools" don't work worth a damn, but they're a major boost to the mall ninja shit mentality and ego.

  13. Ya I hated the credit card thing I got the sticker was even skewed, but mine came with some cool smaller tools inside that were metal I actually really like the pick I got in there.

  14. Hey man I'm game I live in Michigan and I'd love eu citizenship let's get married

  15. Man then I think I gotta move to Utah but maybee we could get a aussie too and just be Ballin on countries to choose from :D

  16. I hate .... that I love this house .... it's super impractical lmao but that middle tower totally ties it all together that'd either be my bedroom or living/game room ..... gah maybe I just want a tower like that how much to build one ... I'll be back

  17. Tag you sister in and have her live there for about 20 years then tell her you'll switch her (dont)

  18. Warning: this position may lead to inadvertent pregnancy. Use with caution.

  19. Not if she's on top, it falls right out that's science (not science don't use)

  20. First thing I've learned from living in both areas is that there is no homogeneous political demographic of urban or rural people.

  21. Hello friend I work in Burton lmao, its small world after all :)

  22. Porn was difficult to find as a child. It was probably better that way.

  23. It's more that you've asked for doesn't really make sense.

  24. Ya it's not like Ohio fuck that place, I can say I speak for most non ohion americans

  25. Physicians in the United States make, on average, two to four times as much money as most other countries. It's not just the insurance companies. Although, they do claim that they need to make that much to cover any malpractice lawsuits against them. I don't know how much people in other countries get sue happy, but the U.S. is ridiculous with the amount of people suing for the most frivolous reasons.

  26. See I hate averages cuz 1 doc making 43 million a year offsets the other 100 that make 100k

  27. Can you imagine the gas cost for that trip? 😱

  28. Not to bad I went from flint michigan across the top of the usa to Seattle Washington down the coast of California to LA then over to Vegas then bottom of Arizona then back through Denver and back to flint. All in all it was a huge drive but I remember gas being about 1/5th of the total expenses

  29. Na regular rental I think the uhaul would offset the cheapness with increased gas cost

  30. My job. Keep delaying a raise despite being severely understaffed and im overworked. The more I’m exhausted, the more likely I can make mistakes. Already got written up that threatened a raise that they keep pushing back. Seriously considering quitting

  31. Cedar to make the siding from, white oak for the floors and beams, locust for fence posts, hard maple for counters and tables, black walnut and black cherry for other furniture and accents. Use the branches for firewood and leave a good mill and drying barn behind so they can process it all. Also plant fruiting trees now in an orchard so there will always be food. Can also plant nut bearing trees as it takes a long time for them to produce. Stick to something normal for studs in the walls that allow for lots of insulation.

  32. TIL, a huge portion of English people are total assholes and think that an appropriate reaction to a kid being stupid is intentionally trampling them to the ground and running them over.

  33. Imma be honest, as long as no permanent damage was done to the kid he jus learned a good lesson on situational awareness

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