1. For people who say they are so pro-life you'd think they'd want to get one of their own.

  2. For most of the people out there for Coalition Life, being out there is their full time/primary means of employment.

  3. Indeed. When I went back to school a few years to change careers, one of the younger men who stands out there regularly, was in my Economics class my last semester. That's how I found out those people don't actually have anything to do with PP. The same guy used to come to class in a MAGA hat. 🙄

  4. There certainly needs to be more clarity in their signage, although I’m pretty sure PP warns patients ahead of time about Coalition.

  5. So, do you think humans should only have piv sex when they want to create a child?

  6. I think that each sex act should be open to life - not necessarily for the goal of making a baby but also prepared if the sex act does it’s natural thing.

  7. Do you think all birth control should be avoided? Condoms etc? Just hormonal?

  8. To answer your question simply: I’m anti-birth control and my definition of responsible sex involves being responsible about when you have it rather than using protection.

  9. I think this is my favorite post on Reddit, period. Lift is such a good name!

  10. It fits her well. The goober won’t stop jumping on the kitchen counters to get at snacks at the moment, lol. Although we’re working’s on training her out of that.

  11. I like to embroider or draw during adoration too. There’s something special about using my creative abilities in God’s presence - and about really just hanging out with God.

  12. Lol a lot of people work on things not aligned with their values

  13. I feel bad for those who are stuck in situations like that. I’m incredibly thankful for being able to work in an area that I’m not only in agreement with, but also extremely passionate about.

  14. Sure, the addictive potential isn't the thing that makes it immoral. It's a grave sin against prudence.

  15. Would you care to elaborate on it being a sin against prudence?

  16. Smoking is deeply destructive of human health, both for those who do it and those around them. The benefits of smoking are largely a mild anti-anxiety effect which is wildly outweighed by the harms to one's health. It's one of the most imprudent things people regularly do on purpose in terms of wildly disproportionate cost/benefit.

  17. So… out of curiosity, where is the line for you as far as that cost/benefit?

  18. Does she eat a lot? Has she attacked any pancakes lately? Has she slid on a flat surface recently?

  19. She’s a Bengal, lol. All she does is slide/skim/fly around the apartment.

  20. Excuse me, named after the Stormlight character and the D&D character, who's also named after the Stormlight character?

  21. The “wrangler of Gods” bit is a direct reference to the D&D campaign, lol.

  22. Big point of advice: if you decide your vocation is marriage, make sure the person you’re going to marry’s love language is also physical touch. Otherwise, this situation will be even worse - imagine not only having any healthy way to cope with your desire for physical touch, but also living in close quarters to someone you’re deeply attracted to that doesn’t want to touch you. It’s really, really difficult to manage.

  23. As I mentioned in another comment on this thread - it just takes awareness and communication.

  24. Even in marriage there are ups and downs with physical touch. It's my number one, but my wife's third so often she tends to forget and I go long periods without. What I do then is concentrate on my number two language (quality time) which is also her first. It makes her feel loved and fills my "love tank" a little until I can have a conversation about it.

  25. This is super helpful for my husband and I, too. Also being aware that love languages change for everyone over time.

  26. It sounds like the book you read is a really twisted distortion of something that has some truth to it (Satan's favorite way to manipulate seems to be half truths, so extra confusing he loves to see us up in knots and arguing with one another!)

  27. L&R is the best thing I’ve ever read. It might take some time to get through it but it is SO worth it.

  28. Miss Lift is all settled in! I’m very excited and curious to see how her coat changes as she gets older. This little girl is four days younger than her half sister, our spotted brown Karou. She was also not alive for the first fifteen minutes after birth. But this zombie girl has a clean bill of health now!

  29. I have legos and two bengals. They must be kept separate. I would put them in a room with a door or put them away until you can do that. Save yourself the pain

  30. Or get a clear cabinet in which to display them

  31. Every time I receive the Eucharist, I get a deep sense of peace and my pulse speeds up. Every time. Even during periods of spiritual darkness or me questioning the Church.

  32. If you start comparing different sexual sins… Aquinas thought that masturbation was graver than rape or adultery.

  33. I’d love to read the passage from Aquinas on this if you happen to know where I can find it.

  34. Here is an article that summarize a bit his thinking. But if you're curious it's in question 154 of the Summa Theologica. The idea is that unnatural vices are worth than sins against right reason. For Aquinas both homosexuality and masturbation are unnatural, but not rape or incest (since it's still a man having sex with a woman).

  35. That’s super interesting. Your explanation makes a lot of sense, too. I’ll definitely check out the article.

  36. I sympathize with this. I just moved away from the KC area and there were several parishes that I noticed this at. Super frustrating.

  37. Are you wanting to know what the answers are to these issues or are you simply irritated that the answers aren’t in the Catechism?

  38. I mean - yeah. Prioritizing sex over one’s well-being (physical or spiritual) probably isn’t a great idea.

  39. Sorry not rehoming or returning i made my bed i will lie in it with a bengal. Sounds like the cat wheel is the next purchase.

  40. It’s awesome that you want to stick it out - just make sure you’re doing what’s best for the cat too. Bengals are a big investment but they definitely require time and personal attention daily.

  41. I suppose that’s fair. I do hope tho that you do go into specifics with your children and don’t just say that you can only get pregnant on like one day of the month or something. I get that you probably just shorthanded it for the sake of not typing all that out at first but that would probably be really confusing to someone (especially a tween/teen age) and could probably end in an unwanted pregnancy or two yknow?

  42. Oh, yeah. I did a series of lessons on charting my cycles and how it all works when I was about 14 and I fully intend to do the same level of education with my girls someday. And teach the boys about it all too, lol.

  43. I've never read the books, but honestly, the story of June and her children, even the daughter born out of the horrible situation she was in, is surprisingly accidentally prolife. And the other pregnancy in the latest season (avoiding spoilers) again is showing strong women going to all lengths to protect their children, before and after birth.

  44. I want to write a paper showcasing how the story actually supports the philosophy of human dignity behind the ProLife movement.

  45. Yeah, TikTok is a dumpster fire. I mostly use it to watch anime/manga-related content and chat with my friends. However, once in a blue moon, I’ll randomly have a horrific TikTok like this ambush me while I’m scrolling my FYP.

  46. This… certainly looks like a bengal. Every aspect of this photo.

  47. Play play play! We used little toys they would bat at and slowly brought them closer to us. Also treats! And make sure you sit or crawl around her at first. It’s less scary. I also turned my head to the side and did slow blinks

  48. I brought my 12-week-old girl Karou home five days ago and so far she won’t take any treats - I’ve tried two different crunchy kinds and the meat paste gogurt thing. She loves to play but I’m worried she won’t be so easy to train without the food motivation. I’m hoping as she settles in that she’ll start wanting treats.

  49. Have you tried Temptations? Those are amazing. Also there’s fancy feast bars that break apart kinda like chocolate bars. Those are a favorite. One of my girls is picky, one isn’t, I’ve spent more than I care to admit trying to find treats that work for the picky one 🤣 but Temptations and Churu are loved

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