1. He would not get a medal since he isn't part of the UCL team and haven't played a single match

  2. Pretty poetic considering his idol R9 wasn't in the Milan UCL winning squad because he joined in January and had already played the group stages with Madrid.

  3. Chelsea without Timo Werner. I will be there no matter what.

  4. On top of that, he's the type to post semi cryptic messages on social media? What's up with people doing that. Either be frank about it or don't say anything at all lmao.

  5. In the words of Mourinho if these players chose to say what they actually wanted they would be in 'big trouble'

  6. Teenager Vinicius getting his only career injury at the 30' kill us that night.

  7. I think Reguilón could be argued to been a 'silver lining' although he definetly got overhyped because almost everyone else was playing so badly

  8. What is this “Madrid didn’t spend” narrative that I’ve been seeing all year? It’s nonsense.

  9. Tbf since Alaba and Rudiger joined on a 'free' transfer a bunch of high wage players from the old guard have left the club like Bale, Ramos, Marcelo and Isco.

  10. Ribéry just popped into my mind, what a player he was, his technique/playmaking ability was ridiculous.

  11. Tbf he was part of the off the pitch stuff with Benzema and Govou

  12. Yes he and Benzema were indicted because she was underage but they were later acquitted of the charges.

  13. So that basically means that the 2022 UCL got us into two different CWC competitions lol

  14. Incredible performance by the FIFA The Best men’s player of the year tonight

  15. PSG getting knocked out two years in a row in the round of 16. I'll be there no matter what

  16. I had such high hopes after that chip against Granada

  17. Exactly and like the Athletic article pointed out that enough of the add-ons in the Hazard deal have already been activated to surpass the fee paid for Bale.

  18. People are disrespecting Jude too much.. perhaps the most noble child the gods ever put on this good earth (unless he goes to a different side)

  19. According to football twitter his price dropped €60m after yesterday's game

  20. No disrespect whatsoever but if we go through I want Chelsea

  21. Good thing Werner doesn't play for them anymore

  22. Don't mind in that much tbh, much better than some stupid Gambling or Oil money company

  23. If this Clásico is anything like the Drake logo one then I'm all in

  24. Interested to see how he does as a manager, was Zidane's right hand man for so long.

  25. We scored five against Liverpool and the whole attack made a collective decision to end the season there.

  26. Today MARCA released an article about Araujo studying Sergio Ramos' game to improve and he gets sent off today. You can't write this stuff.

  27. This just reinforces what we already know: Griezmann is the better player and by far the better teammate.

  28. Remember when Griezmann tried to put himself into the Messi/CR7 conversation and now he is being compared to a winger nine years younger than him

  29. Black but he's still alive?

  30. It's the colour of the kit he used to play in

  31. We really need to sort this ineptitude vs well organised defences. It’s so frustrating to watch

  32. Worst was probably the Mallorca game it's either hoping Vinicius can get past three defenders by himself or putting in a cross to the box with no proper striker on the pitch.

  33. We had a shot on target, Valverdes shot in the first half at the edge of the box...

  34. That was the first leg against PSG for anyone wondering

  35. I was wondering why Modrić didn't vote for Livaković but this explains it.

  36. Exactly why they should scrap awards based off the calender year, just leads to loads of nonsense recency bias voting.

  37. The Best is seasonal just extended it this time due to the winter World Cup. Ballon D'or is also now based on season rather than calendar year.

  38. It's not a calendar year award. It's seasonal they just extended it this year to also cover the World Cup so the voting period was based on August 2022 - December 2023 iirc.

  39. Pretty stupid to do it that way if it gives a different result... Like do it one way or the other, but it should be the same one...

  40. Happens almost every year. Last year Donnarumma and Mendy were the winners year before that Alisson and Neuer. Since 'The Best' award was created in 2017 only Buffon (2017) and Alisson (2019) won 'The Best' award and were in the FIFPRO XI

  41. For those confused as to why Martínez won the 'The Best' award but Courtois was over him in the 'FIFPRO XI':

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