1. Abmas is obviously still there, but is there anyone as good as Obanor?

  2. This is getting embarrassing lmao

  3. Was that more a failure of the refs or of the 49ers? I’m not sure that something you catch in real time so they should have challenged

  4. The thing is, Monmouth had already fallen off. They had one above .500 season post 2016. Consistently bottom of the MAAC. No real improvement in terms of spending on sports minus some for football. Football will likely be competitive a lot sooner for the school than basketball. I realistically can see Monmouth scraping the barrel of the CAA for a long, long time. NC A&T was much more prepared for this move than Monmouth and that speaks volumes.

  5. Didn't they make the conference tournament championship last year?

  6. at least they lay down and died for Saint Peter's

  7. When was the last time we had a relaxing convincing big ten win?

  8. Against Maryland a few weeks ago, probably

  9. I really hope they rebound next season. NMSU basketball is one of those things I've been strangely intrigued by for several years.

  10. Honestly same. It stems back to 10 years ago when I was in high school, we took a trip to Niagara Falls and NMSU was playing at Niagara and happened to be staying at the same hotel as us, they gave us tickets to their game and I've been following them ever since. They've always been a trendy upset pick as a 12/13 seed but were never able to pull it off, but since they finally got over the hump last year I'm happy to not see them in the tourney anymore 😅

  11. The funny thing is that they weren't even playing Niagara that night, they were playing Bucknell, just at Niagara's arena (but I think they did play them the next day iirc), but that meant I got to see current NBA player Mike Muscala, and both teams ended up making the NCAA tournament that season

  12. Its weird that the mac is considerered a weaker conference because the team that makes the tourney more often than not makes the 2nd round (or maybe I'm biased)

  13. It wasn't that long ago that Buffalo got a 6 (!!!!) seed, but they also had some pretty good non-conference wins iirc

  14. Candlestick had 27 home games, Gillette is second with 23. Obviously does not include Levi’s or Foxboro Stadiums records added on.

  15. How many has Arrowhead had? I feel like it’s rapidly approaching those numbers.

  16. it makes me irrationally angry that Joe Schoen's last name is pronounced like "Shane" because it sounds much better if it had the same "o" sound as his first name

  17. I dont think there was a rule change per se, Marv Lewy just was crying about it and the NFL told them to suck it up

  18. For some reason my mind didn't register this as a typo for "Marv Levy," I assumed since we were talking about the Bengals it was a weird nickname for Marvin Lewis lmao

  19. This game is setting up for the ultimate meme ending of the Cowboys scoring a TD and Maher missing the extra point to tie it.

  20. There’s no way they trust him they’re going to go for two

  21. Doug Deommodore, owner of the Dimmsdale Deommodore

  22. It blows my mind that the Bengals are going to their second straight AFC championship after three decades of not winning a single playoff game

  23. i hate how commercials have ruined reviews, they used to never cut to a commercial break during reviews and would always show angles and discussions and we would never miss the announcement of the decision, I absolutely loathe how the new normal is the announcers tell us what the decision was coming back from the break

  24. Bro even the ref consultant is praising Josh Allen 😂

  25. as someone who also wears contacts, I can definitely relate lol

  26. Why does he always crouch before taking the snap, I’ve never seen that before

  27. I've noticed a lot of people on the Vikings sub are blaming Ed Donatell their defensive coordinator for the loss, and I wonder if we would have done the same with Wink if we lost, I saw a lot of negative comments towards him early in the game.

  28. At least you matched with a girl about sports, I saw Hinge profile of a girl who was clearly a huge Georgia fan so I was like "complete the sentence: 'from the pocket, launching downFIELD'"

  29. I think it could end up being the inverse of 2008. That year we were the team that looked unbeatable for the first three quarters of the season, but ran into injuries towards the end and limped into the playoffs barely holding on to the 1-seed. The Eagles were the 9-win wild card team that was just hitting their stride. The script is remarkably similar this year, but with the teams reversed.

  30. The one thing that still haunts me about that season was how the Super Bowl was Steelers-Cardinals and we beat both of those teams during the regular season, both on the road.

  31. Commies are Pam coming in after

  32. I need to know where the red and blue teams are located bc this visual almost certainly can’t be accurate geographically

  33. Red is Delaware State, blue is Long Island, so that should give you an idea.

  34. Remember in 2008 when we were the 1 seed and lost to the 6 seed Eagles

  35. The fact that it came down to stopping Hockenson after he burned us all game is so poetic

  36. brb going to the Vikings sub to see what they think about throwing it so short of the sticks 😂

  37. They’re turning FarmersOnly into a reality show?

  38. I went away to the bathroom, how did the Jags get the ball back? onside?

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