Man saves girl from pitbull attack using a chokehold.

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  1. That girl is beautiful though. You can't tell me there isn't a huge percentage of men who love big women.

  2. It definetly can, i just take it when i slept poorly or if i need that extra wakefulness. In my experience, if i drink it after con palo the jitters is nearly non existant

  3. I'm not a mouse. Mouse studies are a dime a dozen and I ignore um. No paywall,but as soon as I saw it was about mice,I left.

  4. It's almost as if mouse were not meant for a fatty diet 😂

  5. Why not? I'm already taking 20,000 iu per day. Might as well triple it for several months!

  6. There is such a thing as too much vit D, it can calcify your organs or blood vesel. It can fuck you up big time if you are not followed by a professional. You are twice over the safe limit:

  7. I take Magnesium & K2, and limit Calcium. I'm good here.

  8. But you have no way of knowing if you are fucking up. Your body your choice 🤷 good luck!

  9. The only thing that drastically reduces inflammation for me quickly is fasting. Not sure if that’s part of your toolkit, but for me, doing a round of fasting mimicking diet or even a 24-hour fast really makes me feel a heck of a lot less inflamed.

  10. Would a cheaper alternative of this be an Ontario fixed blade?

  11. If you want to stay in the scandi grind, gerber principle or mora companion

  12. The microbiome understanding science has right now is quite limited, these tests are made for people on the SAD diet, since your are eating radicaly differerent, of course your result don't come out as normal. How do you feel right now? Have you improved? Do what works for you!

  13. Absolutely. Got totally addicted to this local brand thanks to it's yolk.

  14. Sounds good, magnesium was a game changer in my case, i take at least 800mg/day before bed. It is probably something else. How is your sleep?

  15. I’ll up my mag. I am only taking 1/4 tsp. Sleep: wake up twice to pee

  16. Waking up twice to pee isn't good, do you have an idea of what might be causing it?

  17. I havent seen that in the litterature, but i've noticed the exact same thing 🤔

  18. I cook it rare, it really helps with the texture imo. Well done is disgusting for my taste.

  19. This is definitely a conversation to have with your rheumatologist. As far as I know, plaquenil is pretty safe. But I think most of the med concerns have to do with taking them during pregnancy, which doesn't matter in this case since you won't be the pregnant one. Biologics are great, and you can always wait to start one after she gets pregnant just in case. You will want to be able to move around easily after you become a parent, so keep that in mind! Your wife is going to need your help.

  20. I'm still pretty mobile, i hike 10-15 km weekly, i've had a bit of a flare last week that made it pretty rough the last time tho. Thing is last time i spoke with my doc she suggested sulfasalazine, wich is known to cause fertility issue for men (

  21. I've been thinking about buying the civivi conspirator recently, i'm really hesitating between the wood or micarta scales. Wood is looking just incredible but the micarta seems more practical, what's your take on it?

  22. The wood is extremely beautiful and mine was perfect with no issues

  23. They were bred for violence, hence they are and the stats are showing it. To those who don't understand this, please explain to me how a pointing dog (a type of hunting dog that points birds by straightening his body and raising a paw, look it up!) can point bird without training, in a clearly unatural postire just with his instinct that was selected over generations? Not all dogs are created equal, sorry but that's life 🤷

  24. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you, but it's not just hunting dogs that point. All breeds can and will point. It's just a trait that is inherent to dogs in general.

  25. Pointers point without training, others just look at it.

  26. Ghee may or may not be possible depending on your level of sensitivity. Also, getting fat from. Your butcher is a cheap and easy way to get some fat.

  27. Try our Central region food, you'll see.

  28. Depends why you do this, to lose weight not so bad on the long run, to fight an autoimmune disease not a good idea. Up to you! Eventually you wont crave sweets vut it take more than 2 weeks, at least for me.

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