1. Not really close...T-rex's apparently on average were 17 feet (5.2m) in height and 40 feet (12.3m) in length. That's much larger than even the biggest elephant ever. Anything at that size would easily trample you

  2. Musician would be more fun, but high end art is definitely more lucrative

  3. Aliens will record whoever you have sex with next in 4k and upload the entire footage

  4. Not this year, as a legitimate title threat. I think most raptors fans would be ecstatic to make the ECF, but no one expects them to make the finals let alone win

  5. Why would you ask for a worst player then suggesting Booker and Gobert?

  6. I'm not saying they are the worst, literally. Maybe I worded it wrong, but the question is what single player could turn them into contenders? Obviously KD, Luka, Giannis etc, but what is the cut off?

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