1. The kind bars are around 200 calories for two, not bad and keep me feeling fine until lunch. I don’t mind those calories.

  2. Could you possibly move the yogurt to a bigger container when you pack your lunch and put the berries on top? Then you'd only have one container to deal with while walking.

  3. The berries are about 2.5-3 cups. Not an amount I would eat with yogurt. And not small enough pieces. And kiwi in yogurt doesn’t sound good. But thanks for the suggestion!

  4. I own so many T-shirts for different social causes/sports teams/colleges/etc. so I'm always ready for a theme day.

  5. I needed a cape for a summer job thing and already had one from a theme day. It’s amazing what we already have from theme days. And I don’t even teach elementary!

  6. I will go from suicidal and depressed and anxious to feeling totally normal and functional and dare I say it happy. Sometimes I need to dose again in two hours. Sometimes it isn’t enough. Then I take semaine and it is more powerful and lasts twice as long when things are bad bad. Sometimes Pepcid lasts all day. But when it’s severe it doesn’t last as long and sometimes I need to dose again

  7. Hi there. Is the Rexulti still working well for you? This sounds very promising for me. I am currently on Trintellix only, but feel quite anxious and some depression still. Perhaps Rexulti would be a good add-on. Have you gained weight from the Rexulti? Thank you :)

  8. Rexulti is still working. I went up to 2 mg and I’m staying on that all the time now. The other supplements I take also help. Ask Amy rexulti. I like it. I had to go up slowly and it took a couple tries to get to 2 mg.

  9. My period is many days late and my symptoms are getting unbearable. Have you ever taken 2 Allegra? I usually just take 1 but it’s not cutting it.

  10. Does your target carry semaine? That’s my last, strongest line of defense. Or what works but not quite as well as semaine is Pepcid AC. I never double the Allegra but do sometimes double the Pepcid

  11. Two boyfriends, a couple close friends, a couple groups of coworkers, principal, school counselor, mom. Now I’m keeping it hush hush since the current boss I trust with my life is leaving and I don’t know that the new person would have my back like she has.

  12. Ok. I had two periods this month, two weeks apart, but very little pmdd. My biggest role model, my boss, is retiring and I’m so sad but know this is the best thing for her. So it’s going to be very sad with our last week of school and knowing I won’t see her every day anymore. It’s sad but normal person sad.

  13. I had tried so many preventatives and my options were so limited due to low blood pressure and psych meds for mental health. Finally after my 3rd ER visit they approved Botox. I maxed out insurance so it cost me nothing. I wouldn’t recommend this if finances are tight.

  14. The first therapist I clicked with I was with for a couple years. Then she moved. She recommended someone else and it took over a year, probably a year and a half, to make progress. I partially blame myself for not advocating for myself. I sent her an email a couple weeks ago and since then things have been so much better and much more like my former therapist. Maybe write down what you like about this therapist so you can say what you need when it’s time for the next one. It’s very hard getting over that relationship when they move. Maybe before they leave tell them what they mean to you so you have closure. I never really got to do that. I sent an email she never replied to and may not have seen.

  15. Ever heard of PMS and thought that sucked? Well, let me introduce you to PMDD. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder. It is a disorder straight from Lucifer in the bowls of Hell himself. Talk about severe depression. Nearly everyone gets suicidal. It drives many to want all of their reproductive organs removed or to go into chemical menopause while still in childbearing years. I’m also bipolar but that’s manageable and a joke compared to PMDD. PMDD is the worst thing I’ve ever been through. I treat it with antipsychotics and supplements. The supplements help a lot. Antidepressants do not.

  16. I had a weak neck after my first round of injections - it included not being able to both chew and hold my head up by dinner time for almost 2 months. I'm not sure about the other effects, but the trouble swallowing is similar to what I felt. My doctor adjusted my injections so they stop at my hairline. I don't get any in my neck or shoulders. I've done this for 6 years now and I've not experienced any side effects since.

  17. That’s a good idea, stopping at the hairline. I did get some in my neck and shoulders and yes it was my first round of Botox. Now I feel dumb because I requested the neck due to the occipital nerve block working so well with shots there. I really appreciate your comment since it makes me believe Botox overall isn’t the wrong choice and simply limiting where I get injections might solve the problem. I don’t have issues with food or holding my head up, just drinking. It’s only day 8-9 with Botox so I know more side effects may start to show up soon.

  18. Mine lasted years. Now it isn’t nearly as bad. Ketamine helped a lot. I did that for about a year. Then we found a better med combo and I stopped needing it. It does end eventually. I kept trying even when I felt out of options and was told I’m out of options and it was so worth it to find a better doctor. Med roulette is so hard. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It will end.

  19. My doctor is trying to get me approved for Ketamine now. I'm hopeful.

  20. I did ketamine at a medspa. Not spravato at a Dr office. Though my current pdoc is going to start doing spravato and I wish I could fit it in my schedule but it’s too big of a time commitment.

  21. Simply asking direct questions. How do I feel, how did I feel over the past week, depression, suicidal thoughts, things my old therapist did anyway. Now my new therapist will be doing it and it will help me be more open.

  22. Just wanted to say it’s definitely possible to be both! I am Bipolar 2 and also have PMDD.

  23. When I looked at my mood tracking from years ago I had far fewer extremes on lexapro. I didn’t even notice being on it.

  24. I’m not sure that that’s a typical side effect. I’ve never heard of it and I’m in the medical field, although I could be wrong, of course.

  25. The pill doesn’t cause it for me at all but IV did and my neuro confirmed it is possible and was the cause.

  26. I love the pink one. I take it when Pepcid isn’t cutting it and it gives me energy and helps my mood significantly. Regularly I take some vitamins which I got into after the vitamins from semaine did so much to help me. It is wonderful and has changed my outlook on vitamins and supplements.

  27. Wooot! Botox is so awesome. It does hurt more than a nerve block, though.

  28. It hurt less in some places and about the same in others. I didn’t find it awful.

  29. Occipital nerve block injects a numbing agent and steroids into your occipital nerves to help prevent headaches temporarily. It worked for 8-9 days and it was a glorious 8-9 days.

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