1. Did you figure this out, OP? I am having the exact same problem. I chatted with support for 2 hours and they said they would have to escalate it to the next level of support.

  2. I’m having a similar issue. It lets me add the nest hub display or google home speaker to the Home app and I can control it with voice commands/the assistant app, but I can’t use the Google Home App or cast to YouTube etc with it. Every time I click on the device’s tile, it says “disconnected device. Connect to the same wifi or enable local network settings.” If I tell it to play music, I can even control the volume by sliding the tile, but I can’t pause it or click on the tile without getting the error. I spent two hours with chat. They also told me to use an iPad, I’m currently using an iPhone. Support escalated it to a higher level. Fingers crossed for both of us!

  3. Hello! I know today is the first and last day of school, but I can’t come in because it’s my girlfriend’s sister’s cat’s 21st birthday. What can we do to work this out? Thanks, Student

  4. I choke up every time I talk about insulin and read this slide in class:

  5. NTA. For reference, my adjunct contract accidentally listed the wrong number of credit hours and I didn’t realize until after I signed it. I emailed department admin assistant, they emailed HR, and I was sent an addendum by lunch. Whatever is going on there is completely out of the ordinary. I am so sorry.

  6. Here's a video of the process. It takes some practice to do it efficiently, but it's not rocket surgery. You'll get good at it soon, I promise. :)

  7. yep. in the senate particularly. this is a nice visualization showing how the population vs land actually looks:

  8. There is an alternative that neither of you seem to be seeking: and incomplete for the semester.

  9. Depending on the institution, he may not be eligible for an incomplete. At mine, you have to have attended for more than 3/4 of the class and typically only applies for 1 missing final exam/project. Missing classes starting in early October would be too early for an incomplete at my institution.

  10. He's only missed classes for the last 2 weeks. One class he's only missed once the entire semester. One is online.

  11. Ah ok. For my class personally (100-level Gen Ed), missing 2 weeks in October wouldn’t be insurmountable if the student could come back and make up the work before grades are due. If the student weren’t able to come back, it would be a withdrawal in November. Students at mine can’t ask for an incomplete until December and they would have to turn in the remaining one or two assignments by March. So definitely depends on how your son is feeling re: withdrawing from all classes vs some, trying to get an extension on missing work vs incomplete and his institution’s policies. Red tape is so fun to deal with when you’re already stressed /s.

  12. The data miners can calculate it. They find the base stats in the update and then calculate what CP a 100% 15/15/15 level 20 or level 25 for weather boosted would be.

  13. is “día de muertos” grammatically correct? thought there was a “los” in there…

  14. Hi, I’m having a similar problem. Waiting to hear back from my doctor’s office. What did you end up doing?

  15. I stopped them for 2 days and resumed. It seemed to really help. I’m now at 5 weeks and seeing some improvement. It is giving me hope. Good luck to you.

  16. I used to be like this (and still am sometimes) but I have tried to develop an emotional detachment from my inbox. I only check my email twice a day - first thing when I start work, and last thing before I stop work for the day. That way I can mentally prepare myself. I borrow a mantra from my favorite contestant from RuPaul's Drag Race: water off a duck's back; I'll deal with the email and then let it go. Student asking for an extension? Water off a duck's back - if the meet the requirements in the syllabus...request granted. If not so sorry, no extension. Department chair asking me to join a committee I don't have time for? Water off a duck's back. I don't have the resources to fill this role at this time, sorry. It helps but it takes some mental discipline and practice.

  17. 💖Jinkx Monsoon💖 Such a good mantra. I’ll stay professional in my emails, but internally I’m Bianca del Rio as Judge Judy 😂

  18. My friend told me something once that changed my life. There are two ways you can measure yourself, using your ruler or using someone else’s.

  19. He went to the ER on Sunday. Was given a prescription for painkillers and sent home. He was instructed to call his doctor's office on Monday. He did. He also called off work Monday because his stomach was cramping and he was too nauseated to eat and too sleepy to drive. The doctor's nurse practitioner called in his prescription and told him to stop taking the painkillers.

  20. That’s awful. I am so sorry. That’s not a typical experience. For reference, at my facility, I call and say I’m in a flare, a nurse calls later that day or the next day, we rule out infection with a stool test, and I get steroids by the end of the week. As long as he doesn’t have an infection, he could in theory be taking prednisone to calm down the inflammation and could be taking an anti diarrheal to help. The dehydration from diarrhea can also make headaches worse. He can try sipping on some oral rehydration solution as tolerated. See if you can get primary care involved and then try to find a new GI practice if possible. There’s no excuse why he should be feeling so poorly with little contact after an ER visit. OTC wise, he could see if he tolerates imodium even if just before bedtime to slow things down and then Benadryl or Dramamine for the nausea until you can get in touch with someone. I am so sorry. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for y’all!

  21. Thanks. We're going to a different ER right now. He's acting weird, off somehow. He's not making sense. Wish us luck.

  22. 🎶 It’s not limited to only white people, but white people love it the most 🎶

  23. Ask your TA supervisor how they recommend you proceed so you don’t end up over/under disciplining in their eyes. My TA supervisor was really chill and was like “just lower their participation grade. You can’t make them participate.” If your TA supervisor wants 100% participation and engagement in the class, they don’t have their expectations based in reality.

  24. I’m sorry your student is being such a jerk. I agree with what others have said. Give the chair or a senior colleague a heads up and see if they have any recommendations on how to respond. They might suggest meeting with one of them sitting in, you could make it a zoom meeting that’s recorded. Honestly, it seems like meeting wouldn’t really solve anything since they’re not attending class anyway. I would personally send the student a list of general feedback via email. “Your work scored poorly because you didn’t follow instructions.”

  25. Any email with a picture of the student’s injury. Just no.

  26. I'm sorry, what?! Tylenol 😩 Is this a real caption Cole wrote??

  27. “A closed mind is one of the most expensive things you can possess 🧠" Welp, my closed mind is keeping me from going into MLM debt, so….

  28. Outclassed as a Psychic counter by other ghost mons, so unless you don't have many of those top ghost counters, or you somehow missed out on Deino CD, then probably not as a dark attacker. There's limited use as a flying attacker but not worth grinding raids or rare candies imo, unless you just really like Yveltal or have a nice bacon bird.

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