1. OK in fact your solution seems great. I can't see why it would cause problem, unless maybe if it get called a second time in the moment the node is ready and the await hasn't resolve yet but its can be checked.

  2. i don't know if it's the "right" way to do it, but i ended up defning an export variable for the animationPlayer in the base scene rather than actually having the animationPlayer exist in the base scene. the inherited scene could then make its own animation player and set this export variable

  3. Meeting "targets" by recruiting "targets" at gun point.

  4. Do you want to serve your country in the most brutal wa... Special Military Operation the world has seen in 80 years?

  5. Just add a constant offset to your result? It might be helpful to create an image the shows what you're describing.

  6. ...wut? this is correct english. or are you just mad that the word has multiple meanings? other languages do that too!

  7. Yeah, that’s mostly nostalgia when they were younger and earned much more in the Soviet Union than now as they could get lots of money doing nothing and now they are so old for changing their mind

  8. As i hear, a lot of propaganda broadcast on russian TV especially since 2012. Which was watched by russian speaking people in Ukraine.

  9. hmmm split it down the middle with a line and then wherever the polygon and your line intersect add a point then question mark question mark question mark.... profit!

  10. i wonder if there is some kind of processing associated with the HUD that is GPU-intensive? Setting visible=false often stops some other processing for the object in addition to the purely visual "hiding" (eg I once saw that an object wouldn't update it's position properly when not visible)

  11. hmm, an interesting idea. i will test it out. i am currently leaning to it being a separate canvas layer, and these texture rects are the difference between something and nothing being drawn on the canvas layer, so maybe just having something makes a big difference.

  12. You should test on the hardware if you're going to test. And with some version of your somewhat finished end product.

  13. to my eye it suffers from a lack of AO around the tyres and inside the fairing so im going to have to say no, not quite unreal quality.

  14. Well, i find the interface for creating theme types to be wildly non intuitive, but through some brute force clicking of buttons i have actually achieved what i needed to achieve, so thank you for pointing me in the right direction :D

  15. so self.visible = false is now working. not sure what I was doing before thanks for the help :)

  16. it is very hard for me to understand your code because you are a new programmer and do things in unconventional ways. so without a specific error it's hard to help

  17. my suggestion is to have a boolean variable for example var staggered : bool = false

  18. Ok, as is tradition, the mere act of writing this post has gotten me to the solution.

  19. i think there may be a performance regression regarding animations and godot 4

  20. That was probably the nastiest way to say the APIs have changed.

  21. if it's not going left, the else statement is going to execute

  22. this is a very bad question with no detail and no chance anyone can possibly help without being able to magically read your mind and the source code of your game

  23. here's what i mean re. setting the flags... it works it just doesn't seem like a very elegant solution

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