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  1. Which fury is that? How do you like it?

  2. This both proves and disproves the hot/crazy scale. A momentous occasion for the scientific world.

  3. I agree man. It’s more interesting to see people enjoying affordable tools and using them to get the job done. A crkt with a broken tip is unironically more interesting to me than these $700 Instagram glam knives

  4. What about a crk with a broken tip? Cuz my zann is getting beat in my pocket and looks better every day.

  5. This is bullshit, everyone knows interest in sharks and velociraptors only increases with age.

  6. Why do you think I reload 45-70 and got a 1895? Gotta keep them rapters at bay.

  7. So I’ve heard the remlins from a few years ago are kinda shit and have practically no factory de burring in the receivers but I haven’t heard much about the newer rugers. Can anyone offer some insight into the quality of the ruger marlins?

  8. Just picked up a new production SBL and its right up there with my BEAT old 336 as far as slick actions go.

  9. Easily the cleanest DNC rattle job I've ever seen. I thought it was a dip.

  10. Wait til you see the LMT 🙂. I personally give this 6/10, maybe a 7/10. But I am thrilled to hear it is better than I give myself credit for.

  11. Can you post pics of the next one in progress, I'm curious how the stenciles looked all wrapped up

  12. They had 50 years to do it the first time and didn't. They won't now because it's a way to ensure they keep getting votes. It is a dark day when any American loses the right to do with their body what they please, but do not let politicians twist you up to stay in power. Vote to change, do not vote to maintain.

  13. I wish they'd resurrect the Marlin Dark series more tbh. The Henry Big Boy X is selling like hot cakes so there's clearly a market.

  14. I just got a new production marlin 1895 SBL and will be rattle canning it this weekend. Your wish is my command.

  15. How much did you end up paying? I can’t find them anywhere (online) for a reasonable price. Every single listing is way over msrp

  16. Just shy of 900. A guy came into my LGS and was liquidating to pay for his triplets tuitions.

  17. I would never! The best I can do is compare my rattled guns to the tufts of grass I can see from my moms basement.

  18. Does the oil quench do anything other than black them out? I cant imagine its good enough steel to harden.

  19. Imagine saying you're a beginner shooter but being so confident in your shit teir optic set up. The absolute balls on this lad.

  20. Shrugs, half the folks think I should have posted earlier and half the folks seem angry I posted now.

  21. I wish you all the best with your shooting and I hope that you can be receptive to advice. There's hundreds of years of knowledge on the subject, don't think you're Timmy Tatical ideas are going to buck that mold.

  22. Ditch the blood type patch and get a medical info bracelet. Everyone gets made naked and then plasma, no one is going to stop to look at a patch. It's standard training to look for medical alert bracelets and necklaces.

  23. Wow, the more you know. Thanks my dood!

  24. I prefer to steep the lavender in hot water, then use the water to make the simple. I only sous vide it after to make it counter stable.

  25. Whats the rail on there? I'm looking for a good FSB cut quad.

  26. He even manged to get a left and right handed shooter in the front for peak aesthetics.

  27. Imagine getting shit canned for a can of piss water.

  28. I read about that as I was waiting on the 4473 for a gun I paid for with a card. Looks like the seals broken, time but ammo one box at a time to overload the code and make it useless.

  29. Set that beaut up on a string and hit it with break cleaner. Boom, paint goneskies.

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