1. I hate Mike Pence. I disagree with him on, well, basically every issue that there is. That said, he absolutely doesn't deserve to be killed, despite my feelings for him.

  2. Anyone saying abortion should be left to the states are the same people who would have said slavery should be left to the states. Treat them accordingly

  3. The party of small government once again uses the government's power to force their religion on everyone else.

  4. Or at least spent some of his XP on increasing his vision.

  5. Interesting that 18 hours later, none of the usual detractors have bothered showing up to bring up what's wrong with this decision.

  6. Fox and Friends was on in my office this morning and they ran a piece that Biden "snubbed" oil execs to meet with wind energy execs. They continued to say that since wind energy only makes up 3% of the US energy supply, he needs to speak to oil execs instead because they have more sway over fixing energy problems? They then went on to plug natural gas, I think?

  7. Tucker fed them the talking points about wind energy being a "scam" months ago. When I saw this news, I was waiting for one to show up explaining this.

  8. The cons are already calling this “woke” culture by Allstate

  9. He's already got 22.5 from state charges, and these charges are 20-25 years. Since he's 46 chances are it's already life without parole. And if not, it will be very close to it.

  10. Not close enough. I want him to hear the judge tell him that he will never be leaving prison for what he did.

  11. Although I have no doubt that they would do so, I'm not certain whether this coward is a union member. Sometimes the "chief" cannot be in the union, because he is the one who the union has to fight with over pay, discipline, etc.

  12. Yeah, usually "management" is not a part of the union.

  13. Yet another Republican who seems to have forgotten that this isn't, in fact, a "Christian nation".

  14. I remember when this sub had trump supporters making up bullshit claims and running away.

  15. Yeah, now instead of 50 of them, there's like 5. All are still using the same talking points, and won't ever share where they got them from, though.

  16. Congress would need to play ball in order for that to be possible. King Manchin doesn't seem likely to allow that.

  17. B-b-b-but I thought Biden's only redeeming trait was that hes able to cross the aisle and work with conservatives?

  18. Cmon. This guy has got to go. Sad to even pretend this is his quote. I have trouble believing he could even read this anymore

  19. Where did that come from? I ask that if a gun mfg be held liable for someone being intentionally shot, a car mfg should be held liable for someone intentionally driven over. Both or neither, you pick.

  20. Not picking doesn't make it better. It's a valid question; if one, why not the other?

  21. Basically every leader everywhere did it by expanding the money supply massively by printing money (quantitative easing) like no tomorrow.

  22. In addition, DeathSentence made moves to unwind the special district the state established decades ago for infrastructure improvements, which would shift expenses to the County of Orange and possibly another county.

  23. And suddenly Republicans everywhere loved the idea of government punishing corporations and cancel culture.

  24. Seriously? They're the ones ending in question marks, but sure, I will go ahead and copy them again for you. Can't wait for you to once again choose to not answer them.

  25. I wonder how many spelling errors and bone apple teas are in the bill as written.

  26. “We want the right to have to choose and not have government determine what we want to do.”

  27. Yes, the party of limited government is once again is using government's power to force everyone else to abide by their beliefs.

  28. To see and understand what is happening you have to be able to acertain where to get your information in order to form an opinion on what to believe. When the media outlets are all in lockstep chanting the same thing it should be a red flag that they are either complicit or only act as propaganda outlets to astroturf popular opinion.

  29. The rights of way was a different article(I will try to locate), and im not sure what your career is but if you would still have to get a right of way from the state if its not federal land, like any construction......My company has had several contracts with the federal govt agencies in the dc area.....Sometimes we will be awarded a contract and it could be 2 years or more before it takes place, they have to approve everything material wise etc......i was mainly just trying to say just because you were awarded a permit in 2021 doesnt mean its cut and paste and your good to go

  30. Your right we should worry about getting things moving now but that should have been done already, not waiting until now.....all the blame is not on biden but when you run on what he did and cancel the pipeline day 1, what are oil companies to think? Look up how much oil leases declined in 2021.....I know if I was the ceo of exxon i wouldnt feel comfortable investing millions to drill during a presidency that is pushing to drive gas out for ev.....although we could probably all agree that may be for the better but that is something that would have to evolve over 20+ years not overnight.......I appreciate the decent conversation hard to find on reddit nowadays

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