1. This was an agreement between all of us. Husband wanted the home for life, siblings didn't. Husband & I wanted the siblings to save money so we decided to pay for the house we all agreed my husband & I were going to live in. We figured why make them pay if they are going to want to move eventually

  2. Other people have said this elsewhere, and I know you indicated you’re talking to a lawyer, but the siblings could force a sale of the house at literally any time. Best be prepared to buy them out, otherwise be prepared to lose the home.

  3. I don’t think I saw it in the comments, and it may be a little junior for him (it advertises 5-12 though) but “No Thank You, Evil” is a great way to start. You can play with just your son, if necessary, so if he/you can’t find friends to play with, it’s a little easier.

  4. The 2006 New Zealand-made horror/comedy Black Sheep. It is a dumb delight à la the original sharknado. Highly recommend.

  5. I like the idea of Critical Role but I don't have 4 or 5 hours to sit and watch it

  6. I struggle with the length of time as well. It probably takes me a week to get through an episode, and at that point it’s hard to plug back in and get the full experience. I loved the Netflix adaptation though, I thought it was very well done and easy to binge. Hopefully they get to hit additional campaigns in future seasons:

  7. It’s honestly one of the best shows. Everyone is an actor or writer, phenomenal story and it is funny AF. It’s very rules-light, but it’s so entertaining you don’t care. I have also listened to season one 4 or 5 times. It’s still funny every damn time.

  8. It would be wild for Anthony to build up a big scene where you think it's Willy then Jimmy Wong speaks up and it's Jodie Foster as the Patron.

  9. This picture is NYC… looking out from Central Park south. Definitely not Norway.

  10. The alt text on the image is a gift:

  11. I was curious about the blurry feet but that makes sense lol

  12. I just did the same thing with my 5yo and she loved it.

  13. I’ve always enjoyed the A Discovery of Witches trilogy. sky TV/AMC came out with the TV adaptation, which was fine (books were significantly better), but I pretty consistently bounce between those and ACOTAR.

  14. Also recommend the Sookie Stackhouse novels. It’s the series True Blood was based on. The tv series was pretty dark but the books are more of a beach read with some solid smut. The story line(s) are fun and there are like 14 books so it can keep you occupied for awhile. The last few books were not great IMO but honestly you don’t need to finish the series to be satisfied.

  15. This is the first pic of Cas that fits my head cannon. Love it.

  16. I don't know about that. Folks manage this lots of ways. It's not a problem to have parents take turns naming the children, for instance. The situation here is something more creepy and unsettling.

  17. Yep. My husband got “dibs” on naming our son, if/whenever we had him, because all the men in his family share the same first name (different middle names to avoid the sr/jr/3rd etc). So I called “dibs” on naming our daughter. It worked out pretty well and we each collaborated on middle names.

  18. NTA and dollars to doughnuts that older couple don't have kids and were going to sell it online at a massively inflated price, people like that should be named and shamed publicly.

  19. More/equally as likely they’re looking for their grandkid(s). Everyone I know who needs formula has multiple family members looking. It’s absolutely insane right now and lots of people are in need. Doesn’t excuse the hoarding by the old couple, but ESH here.

  20. I would check a few episodes of the original Dragonball and make sure you are ok with the humor but it has a decent episode. Tokyo Mew Mew did get dubbed but is aimed at a slightly older demographic.

  21. Yeah I’ll probably wait until she’s older for dbz. We tend to binge watch so we wouldn’t get far before I’d have to cut it off.

  22. That was such an awesome ending, I didn’t see it coming at all but agree it is very in character for Link. The next 2 weeks are going to be so painful!!

  23. Absolutely one of the funniest things I’ve listened to in a good while. Lots of excellent bits, but I think the Mario and Wario bits really killed me.

  24. If it was truly a surprise and gift, let her own the business completely, but gradually step aside of it.

  25. I think is is the best way out here. On the whole, NAH, though I think surprising someone with a business start up is unwise, to say the least. There's a huge gap between 'I'd love to quit my job and do this hobby instead' and actually planning, setting up, and running a small business...

  26. Why? He’s expected to work for free, pick up more work around the house to accommodate her and now she feels she owes him nothing so he should still do work for free because…? Why? Partnership goes both ways. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  27. I think it's pretty clear here neither OP nor his wife did any thinking and made many assumptions about how this would go down. OP seemed super excited to help and assumed he'd get some part of the business in the future; meanwhile OP's wife seemed super excited to get to work on her project and have her husband supporting her with no further thought on the matter. That lack of communication up front falls equally on them both. Neither is TA.

  28. Watch it end up being huge swerve and they have to break Nick Jr. out of the FBI a la ratatouille.

  29. Only if it's a reverse ratatouille situation if you know what I mean.

  30. Right! It's generous enough they managed to get her her own BEDROOM in a family of 8? (6 kids and 2 parents)

  31. Someone mentioned she's not much older than her brother's oldest kid. I imagine there's a not a small amount of resentment about someone her age getting support when she doesn't have the same level/type of support.

  32. I didn't have support and moved out just shy of 18. It was hard and it sucked, but that's life. My cousins were totally provided for and supported. Not once did I think this meant I should go mooch off my aunt. OP is 24 and we have no idea if this is the case with her. Based on her sense of entitlement, I highly doubt she's ever had to fend for herself. Maybe a daddy's girl whose dad finally got fed up.

  33. Yep, totally agree with you on all points. I didn’t mean to imply in my post that it absolves her of anything. She’s completely TA. My comment was meant to armchair diagnose some of her motivations.

  34. Scott Cunningham wrote a book for herbs that is excellent and also one for kitchen witchery called Wicca in the Kitchen. As you may have guessed, he's Wiccan, so just account for that bias.

  35. Second Scott Cunningham's book... believe it's called Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs. Good primer/starter that you can find almost anywhere (I've even found copies in my local library!). I think other posters' suggestions are great to add to broaden/enhance your learning as well.

  36. I expected there to be more kitchen herbs. I noticed a majority foraging plants. Still great.

  37. All your kitchen basics would have magical properties... rosemary thyme sage coriander etc etc etc :)

  38. I’m not saying “oh they should have kept the old mattress”, I’m saying she should have consulted OP and let him test it first. I’m leaning NAH more than either one of them being assholes, because she had good intentions but didn’t think.

  39. Having purchased multiple mattresses with my spouse, this right here. OP was unnecessarily rude, but it is a big expensive purchase that is going to have to last a long time. There are lots of people who need drastically different levels of soft/firm support which makes mattress shopping an absolute living hell. Hopefully the mattress type works for both of them because it was an awesome, thoughtful thing for OP's wife to purchase.

  40. I had these in the 90s and loved them to death

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