What is moral but illegal?

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  1. You hit the nail on the head imo. Managing the emotions of the men around them is constant labor by women that men do not even notice until it's not there.

  2. Or they do notice, complain about how men dont have the same emotional support networks as women do, & blame all of mens issues on the ‘cruel society’ they are forced live in

  3. The threads about men being emotionally wrecked by not receiving compliments are ridiculous. If you read the ‘testimonials’ about the men who were complimented, it’s never another man complimenting them. It’s always a woman. And then they mope around for the rest of eternity, hoping that another woman will bring herself to save another poor soul from being destitute…from compliments.

  4. Absolutely! Why can’t they support each other? Why is it womens duty to include them in our support networks?

  5. No. Regular customer service jobs have policies & insurance to ensure the safety of their employees. Prostitution is probably offers the most high risk profession with the least benefits…. Unless her pimp is a humanitarian

  6. Exponentially. I should elaborate to say even for a progressive high school like mine, sex education was mostly about reproduction and a bit of STD scare-mongering. I don't think women's orgasms or even what the clitoris was or where even came up. I actually don't think anything about male sexual experience was given any nuance either aside from some education videos on gay men that revolved around AIDs and condom use.

  7. It wasn't that rude. Like I say you don't know her situation, she could be on edge, stressed or scared for some reason and then her response would be justified really. You should have ignored it.

  8. Yeah, it's just as someone that once researched a bit of how to immigrate to western countries I immediately know. Capital or skilled trade or sponsor.

  9. No, just someone’s daughter who’s mother immigrated there. This was the criteria But you’re just somebody commenting on a process that you have no idea about

  10. They basically just mean skilled immigrants.

  11. No. My mother was a draftsman (makes maps. Aerial l& Naval) It’s an apparently a job that’s under sourced in America She just always wanted to live there

  12. Fuck! I don’t need to even finish reading this & I already know that you need to fuck him right off

  13. Because a text and a Facebook is a quality thoughtful way to wish happy birthday to someone.

  14. I am a medical doctor, I know what Endo is. I also know what laser surgery for endo is, and it absolutely requires incisions - they don’t laser through the skin!! They make incisions and go in laparoscopically and apply laser to affected areas and use suction to remove dead tissue.

  15. Laser surgery is great, it just isn’t non invasive. It’s minimally invasive, and still requires a general anaesthetic in this case.

  16. Then what’s your point? As you’re a medical doctor I’m really interested in what alternative treatment you’d suggest?

  17. Like do you like being kinked on them or kinking them yourself?

  18. This is bullshit. You’re boyfriend wasn’t raped just because he’s intoxicated

  19. When I was in school in the 80's & 90's (not the US) we used to have legal aid lawyers come & speak to us about this exact thing. They told us to give nothing more than our names & DOB, ask for legal representation & then shut your fucking mouth whether your guilty or not

  20. My dad's horrible rage. He has huge blow ups, and the next day acts like nothing ever happened, a trait he passed down to two of my sisters. It's been like that as long as I can remember. And I am 32 now. That, and my parent's addiction to gambling that kept us below the poverty line my entire childhood, despite them both making good money. I can literally remember days after my mom would get paid, asking if we could get some groceries, and her having no money at all. I always just thought we were super poor when we were younger, but when I was in high school, and started making my own money, I caught onto it.

  21. Yeah, it really messed with you. Even now, I have issues with spending any money "selfishly". I have to justify every purchase to myself. "But, you needed new shoes, the old ones had holes in them." "But what if the kids need something unexpectedly?" "That might happen, and you'll figure that out, but you've put off buying shoes for two months now, and the kids haven't needed anything."

  22. It truly does, & Im exactly the same way! Still to this day I can only feel justified in spending money on myself if its a 'bargain'

  23. So there’s no WIC or SNAP benefit? No state Medicaid? And no govt funded housing? Got it.

  24. Oh yeah! We forgot about all that & how much ppl love ‘their tax dollars’ going towards those kinds of programs that totally ensure that the poverty stricken live awesome & entitled lives 🙄

  25. Do you want the truth or do you want your boyfriend to tell you what you wanna hear? Personally I respect my boyfriend a whole hell of a lot more for being honest with me. Even if it hurts my feelings.

  26. Nah this is bullshit. You’re seriously saying that you wouldn’t mind being compared to your boyfriends exes, & in a negative light at that? Don’t talk shit

  27. I agree with you if it was a completely unprompted conversation. Unfortunately OP admits that she asked this question. I think she needs to take a hard look at why she felt the need to ask her partner about past partners instead of getting mad about the response to a question she probably didn’t need to ask to begin with

  28. Agreed, she asked a loaded question & probably didnt expect such a confronting answer. She was likely looking for reassurance though. He didnt have to lie to her but he also didnt need to bring his past experiences into the equation either

  29. Pirating content that has been abandoned and can't even be purchased any more. E.g. an out of print book, or a game that isn't sold any more

  30. God yeah! I’m a movie buff but there’s so many amazing movies that don’t get released in my country

  31. This is really fascinating Animals so often seem to love affection but don’t seem to have the same ability to give it to each other

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