1. Your comment isn’t annoying - just surprising. I’m fairly new to this. My understanding is that tall women are limited to 3 types due to their verticality. You’re saying that shorter women can be any type?

  2. Yes! At 5’6 she’s actually more likely to be a ‘tall’ type than not. Sarah Jessica Parker is a verified FN at 5’3, Joan Crawford was the prime pure D at 5’4, and Mae West was a verified SD at 5’0.

  3. What a beautiful dress and so happy you were able to find your ID! I completely agree that it helps to turn inward and listen to yourself, remove the “flaws” we’ve placed on ourselves or gathered from others, and find what we truly need to accommodate for.

  4. Thank you! I’ve been considering getting it taken in at the waist to create more curve accommodation because I love it so much but don’t feel the most flattered by it in its current form.

  5. Oooh, that’s a great idea. Please update us when you do. That would be fun to see a side by side comparison!

  6. Haha it’s a meme that Ice Spice is Princess Diana reincarnate and Ice leaned into it, even releasing a song called ‘Princess Diana’.

  7. Lol I’ve been waiting for someone to creep my post history and say this.

  8. I noticed this post is getting quite a few downvotes, genuinely v curious about why? Is it just because people don't like Addison or is it a problem with the type of post? I just wanted to post her because she's such an obvious SN who has lately been dressing in a way that I personally think is both really fashionable and almost always fits so well with SN recs, down to her styling. I rarely see posts about young, stylish celebrities/influencers here aside from a few who aren't SN, especially posts focusing on their outfits rather than their body.

  9. This is basically a pure N? Someone who accommodates width and bluntness but not really vertical or curve, although they’ll still lean a bit in one direction or the other. They’re often described as the most classic leaning and moderate of Ns and can borrow from DC/SC styles if they maintain width accommodation.

  10. Where'd you get this information? Vertical can be from lack of curve, so you're basically accommodating one or the other.

  11. Yes, someone will always accommodate one or the other (as I said lol) but Kibbe types are on a spectrum and some people will lean closer to a pure type than others within their ID and will have an easier time borrowing from the neighbouring ID than others.

  12. I'm seeing spring. That salmon colour is gorgeous on you!

  13. This is amazing! I have to ask, is there a reason you’ve ruled out SG and went straight to FG? I agree that you don’t necessarily have double curve but I still think you benefit from accounting for your all over softness. I love the hair in photo #1 on you and it’s very SG - I’ve seen Winona Ryder rock similar styles frequently over the years and you really remind me of her in general! I think, while your body is similar to Jennifer Love Hewitt, I still get a softer impression from you than I do her (or someone like Penelope Cruz).

  14. I personally don’t like skinny jeans on myself because I feel like I need to balance out my really small calves/ankles and thick thighs - skinny jeans and leggings just emphasize this and make me look like I have chicken legs. I prefer flare and bootcut for this reason, as even straight leg jeans don’t create enough balance with my thighs.

  15. Maybe it's the trauma lol Personally, I loathe low rise ... I grew up wearing them as a teenager, from my memory it was hard to get anything else in stores at the time. They always exposed my crack when sitting, they never stayed in place and always exposed my belly fat and muffin top. I remember feeling super uncomfortable wearing them as a teen, so I will not wear them as an adult. I love my high rise pants.

  16. I think it's the way the top is tied in the second image more than the skirt! I feel like it would look better if the top was maybe a bit tighter and not tied.

  17. Finally someone agrees! I have been posting about this, to very negative comments. I think the bigger scale of an SD torso suits mid to low rise best! Everything is more proportional that way

  18. I think many of us (including myself) were stuck on high-waist = waist definition but as long as you’re wearing a form-fitting top, waist definition still happens! High-waisted bottoms break the vertical in a way that low-rise with a longer top doesn’t, especially if you have a proportionally short torso and high waistline like many of us do.

  19. ppl also forget she’s 5’9” and it’s literally her job to be skinny so she likely works out like crazy, as a part of her job. her tdee is almost definitely over 2500 and it’s completely believable that she can have a couple slices of pizza a week while eating an otherwise balanced diet and still be as skinny as she is

  20. This!! The people suggesting she’s doing a one slice of pizza a day OMAD are…

  21. same natural coloring as you, i ended up going auburn. subtle, not fire engine, not ginger, just a redder brown, and it looked really good and made my eyes look so much greener.

  22. I just did this too, albeit by accident! I was a bit thrown off by it at first but it makes my skin tone looks healthier and my eyes so much greener.

  23. Maybe not but that wont stop me from trying.. I just wanna be a brunette dude

  24. Lmao I’m still a brunette! Just not darker than my natural colour (which is already dark brown).

  25. That’s crazy because where I’m at, I have the potential to make $300 net in about 7 hours on the regular. Kinda crazy how much you slaved for just $430

  26. I don't disagree. I don't see the kibbe width or the FN vibe about her at all. However, a case could be made for pure D as well.

  27. I know her upper curve is slight but I think she has an all over softness to her, even when very thin, that you don’t see in pure Ds. She seems to really benefit from rounded details and softness to her outfits and around her face, while straight cuts and ultra slick hair look a bit separate on her. I just can’t see her as all sharp yang - her romantic undercurrent seem so prevalent with what styles suit her best.

  28. This is also the case for me and is what helped me settle on SD over D.

  29. honestly if it was up to me (which it isn't), i'd bring back typing posts but limit them like once or twice a week, something like "Type me wednesdays"

  30. I second this! This is how it is on the SD sub and it’s great because knowledgeable people still see the posts but the sub is mostly focused on other things, and those who really hate type me posts know to avoid the sub on those days.

  31. Oh this post was very targeted trust me.

  32. My favourite neckline ever I need this asap!! You look stunning

  33. Yes agree with Lisa K & Maya & Emmy. I'm sure there's others that will occur to me.

  34. Hmm what do you think about Selena Quintanilla? People were not happy when I posted her a while ago suggesting she might be SD - apparently she was the most obvious SN to ever SN and the fact that I would suggest anything otherwise meant I was just “not willing to admit that a beautiful woman can be SN” (even though I had only ever seen TR and SD suggested for her in the past lmao).

  35. oof, Selena Q's gotta be the walking

  36. I see it tbh! The other reply really convinced me.

  37. It’s not a myth that some people have larger frames and bone structures than others.

  38. Do you live somewhere with cold winters? The weather has been very mild this January, at least where I live in Southern Ontario and presumably on most of the East coast. Might be playing into it if that’s also been the case where you live - people aren’t hibernating as much as they usually are this time of year.

  39. I don't mean to sound argumentative bc I'm not trying to argue but looking genuinely for an explanation if what you state is the case why does kibbe state that romantics can be "softly wide"?

  40. Kibbe width doesn’t = conventional width. Width is a proportion.

  41. So he was meaning conventional width when he said romantics can be softly wide?

  42. Yes! They can look conventionally wide but won’t have Kibbe width.

  43. Yes haha I noticed that too! Tbh I think many of us look shorter than we are in photos that aren’t full body because we often have short torsos and narrow shoulders for our height.

  44. As I side note, anyone know where to get a similar tank to the one she’s wearing in the first photo, or what keywords to search on Ebay/Vinted? The draping and cowl neck 😍

  45. I think she's gorgeous - amazing bone structure, nice mixture of sharp and soft features, beautiful eyes and colouring - but isn't doing herself any favours with most of her styling choices. She has such a classic, refined look but dresses like an e-girl and also frequently has hair colours that don't suit her complexion. 7 with the potential for higher with better styling.

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