1. That's not Linda Carter! It's Debra Winger.

  2. Whoa, this is trippy! I wouldn't be able to explain the difference, but I can see it. This is really helpful, ty!

  3. I feel like the FGs, even though they look angular and have elongated elements, really don't look that elongated overall? Some will have a very long, straight and narrow torso with proportionally short and thicker legs/wider hips, like Jennifer Love Hewitt or Lucy Liu. Others will have very long and thin legs with a short torso that can look slightly wide in proportion, like Tina Turner or Liza Minelli. Some, like Julia Garner and Kelly Osbourne, don't really seem to have significant elongation in any parts of their silhouette but are so narrow that it creates a sense of elongation anyways. Many have long arms for their body, adding to the feeling of juxtaposition.

  4. Because most celebrities and influencers are skinny? We're not just going around posting random women we know from down the street.

  5. I’m a Leo but with a cancer rising, venus, and mars 😭

  6. Textbook FN imo! At her height juxtaposition is really rare and the elongation in her figure just becomes vertical. She also seems like she would clearly benefit from width accommodation in her shoulders and looks best in open necklines.

  7. Tbh I think the reason Cassie’s behaviour struck such a nerve is BECAUSE it’s so realistic and common - we all either know a Cassie or have come dangerously close to being one. It hits too close to home.

  8. Have you ever looked at an American ingredient list vs a European one of the same product? It's shocking

  9. A lot of it is differences in labelling requirements, not actual ingredients!

  10. I know others have mentioned celebrities but you should definitely check out @ yolandainthecity on Tik Tok, she's a latina fashion influencer who wears a 32A and focuses heavily on styling advice, outfit inspiration, and lingerie/bra reviews specifically for those with very small chests!

  11. How many times do we have to remind people that she’s SD (and a verified one to boot). Tall, narrow, sharpish bones, and not delicate looking whatsoever.

  12. When was she verified?? As far as I know Kibbe has never mentioned her besides saying she might be TR when she was much younger and without knowing her height.

  13. While an intermission would be a welcome benefit for some people, many would also dislike it as your typical movie goer tends to enjoy movies in one sitting as opposed to a forced intermission.

  14. I get that, as others have said maybe they could have two options for showings? One with a break and one without.

  15. I don't know.... Ive noticed that people on this sub seem to love disputing whether SDs who lean more dramatic are actually SD and I kind of take issue with that. There seems to be an assumption that you can only be an SD if you're verycurvy, but a lot of kibbe verified SDs are on the leaner side anyways. My understanding of SD is that you are dramatic first and foremost but with curve/ a romantic undercurrent, and I would say Monica Bellucci fits that bill.

  16. Yes to all of this! I used to be on team "Monica is actually a pure D" (along with others like Rihanna) until I realized I was actually one of those moderate, dramatic-leaning SDs and just couldn't spot moderate curve because I thought I didn't have it either.

  17. Oy, she always has the most amazing outfits on for casual interviews. I would buy D due to cheekbones lol.

  18. To be fair she's very thin and has had quite a bit of work done, including a speculated buccal fat removal. Not saying she's not a D but she isn't naturally as sharp or angular as she's made herself look.

  19. I’m not personally one to solely follow height restrictions. Though they’re usually correct since being tall gives that automatic Yang in your skeleton, Marilyn Monroe + Beyoncé are typed as the ultimate romantics and both are 5’7/5’8.

  20. Marilyn and Beyoncé are both around 5’6, not 5’8!

  21. At least it doesn't contradict the only hard and fast rule out there and doesn't involve revamping the whole thing lol. /I'm still sad! Everyone is trying to steal Zendaya from us when she's so long and narrow!! but whatever/lh/

  22. But FNs can be very long and narrow too? It’s just that Ds don’t have proportional width in their upper body or bluntness, which a lot of us see in Zendaya.

  23. I promise it has nothing to do with how attractive you are and everything to do with the fact that old creeps and ugly dudes with no game are usually the ones who are shamelessly hitting on women in public. They know they’ll probably get rejected so they’re much more bold with their approach.

  24. But if they don't accommodate curve than they accommodate vertical, because vertical can be from a lack of curved lines in the silhouette, right? I don't think Kibbe's ever mentioned Jennifer Aniston

  25. Technically yes, but many on here unofficially consider pure N as its own distinct type because it’s fairly common to just accommodate width but not really need vertical or curve accommodation. While they would probably be typed as FN by Kibbe because they’re on the yang side of things, they don’t have as exaggerated of a vertical as most FNs and can get away with breaking the vertical more than most FNs can. Jennifer Aniston is commonly brought up as someone who would ideally fit pure N!

  26. How does accommodating neither curve nor vertical differ from accommodating either curve or vertical?

  27. I guess it’s just a way of saying that someone doesn’t have dominant elongation but also doesn’t have the softness/curve of an SN. Kibbe types are all on a spectrum and some people are closer to being a pure type than to being on either extreme end of the spectrum!

  28. Mainly that SDs require waist definition/curve accommodation and FNs don’t, plus they have very different essences.

  29. I’m a theatrical romantic and I think almost all of these suggestions would look good! Thank you for sharing🙏🏻

  30. Makes sense, both types have curve and sharpness and look great in romantic styles with some added drama. Some of these are probably more TR than SD friendly tbh because of the small patterns and iffy vertical accommodation, it was hard to find perfect HTT looks on Pinterest!

  31. Obviously college aged women will be thinner on average than a sample size that includes women of all ages. Most people gain weight as they get older, especially women after childbirth and menopause.

  32. I’m in the midst of kibbe questioning- I’m very short person (less than 5 ft) but I just really look good in D Lines. Thoughts?

  33. There’s no lower height limit for D! You can be short and still a dramatic.

  34. I love your style! These are so glamorous.

  35. Haha I wish I had the money to actually dress like that, thank you!

  36. Either DC or pure D, she looks sharp, narrow and somewhat elongated but I can’t really tell if her vertical overtakes balance. Her face would fit in either type as well.

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