1. There isn't, but there is a weeklong break called recess week in the middle of the sem

  2. You can still annotate pdfs, for example on Microsoft edge. I personally find pdfs easier to read and scroll.

  3. The opening credits pack punches because they represent the scare of the seasons, and with some jump scares. Not all elements end up in the season, such as the scary devil thing in Coven's intro.

  4. It's effectively a battle between the 10-starrers and 1-starrers rather than actual fair reviews. For now, it seems the latter is winning, which is sad. But I feel this season will age well.

  5. Straight male. Episode 8's ending was very sad. Gino's scene in episode 10 too. The bodies piling up in the graves was a mixture of jarring and tragic for me. I think I've felt what this season wanted me to feel.

  6. Patti Lupone singing Fever in the bathhouse is one of the best settings in the whole series.

  7. You probably need around 40 for the whole module to pass. Heard that from one of my math profs. If you've done the compulsory components, you should pass.

  8. The promo for the finale shows Sam succumbing and trying to run away from Big Daddy. I don't know if he is the one controlling him tbh

  9. AHS Aviation - starting in the Jet Age and with a time jump to 9/11

  10. I don’t really know… I was wondering how everyone else would define it. Like gothic? slasher? Or supernatural? What you you classify as “traditional?”

  11. Probably Murder House. You can see they were testing the water first.

  12. I will give you the camp and maybe the plot (because the pacing changed drastically, if you haven't watched anything beyond the first 4 then I would agree about it being "going nowhere"). But cinematography? This season has one of the best of the recent seasons. I see trademarks of the early seasons with this one's cinematography.

  13. Never thought I'd see LH44 on this sub lol

  14. Some of y'all haven't watched 5 and 6 and it shows. Watch them, the pacing and story heat up.

  15. Whoever was complaining about lack of gore and supernatural... I present this episode

  16. Tentacles* may a hint for next season?

  17. Try ST2131/MA2116 in sem 1, when it is taught by the math department. You have to prove distributions and other stuff

  18. I think specifically because gino is so likeable he is gonna die, pretty early in the season as well.

  19. It's amazing. It has nailed almost everything: cinematography, sound, even the dialogue vs last season. I love the new pace and the theme of this season, which I understand are the main complaints.

  20. Gino really cannot catch a break can he lmao

  21. Totally. Well, it is the 80s. I was thinking too it might allude to a character/storyline going to LA/CA since a lot was happening there at that time in the study of the virus irl.

  22. Wait there's still a time jump yet to come right? According to what was said in the very beginning about this season.

  23. Welp this episode is 37 minutes long apparently

  24. The porridge from the Hong Kong stall at Fine Foods. The braised egg actually has very good flavor there too. But alas, I think it's one of the least frequented stalls there.

  25. shrug most of these themes have been dealt with, it's just stronger this season. Plus, it's just a show lol, if you like it you shouldn't be ashamed of it

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