1. Always This Parking lot people park like fucking failures.

  2. Haha I never thought meat prices were regional.

  3. I’m In Canada. 10 bucks for a pound.

  4. I don’t have Instagram or Snapchat. I just gave people my number. If they didn’t want to take it then they’re not going to be my friend. Other than that most people took my number and I’m still good friends with.

  5. yes homie looking fuckin great you’re so handsome!! My

  6. Lmao INFINITE!!… there is NO rating for this bad boys. I use to have a pair (purple and green)… couldn’t tell me SHIT!!🤣🤣

  7. Omg! I really haven’t seen anything about these online! That’s so cool

  8. No I have braces and don’t need more attention to them

  9. Just wait til they’re off you’ll feel like a million bucks

  10. Not weird. It is personal preference. But my classes start at like midnight or 2AM so no camera on for me. Haha I look very sleep deprived or might fall asleep during class.

  11. Are you in a different time zone than your institution?

  12. Honestly fucking awesome Next time take extra strength Tylenol or something stronger you’ll feel better!

  13. This is bad advice, don’t use a blood thinner before getting a tattoo. If you can’t deal with the pain, use a numbing cream meant for tattooing.

  14. Really? Idk man I’ve always done this. Thanks for the information I’ll stop!

  15. Yeah depends on the relationship tho. Don’t forget Aqua / aqua relationships get boring if you don’t keep it spicy. Being the same person in someways doesn’t really help anything. You need to be individual too

  16. Yes it’s normal, but try and be proactive in the time of hurt. Don’t sit here and let it eat you alive. It’s unreasonable she accepted your proposal and then broke up with you out of the blue. A little whack if you ask me. You deserve better. Head up king

  17. I read the Brandi Carlie book if you want me to send you pictures to reference her writing the song ‘the joker’ and the meaning behind it.

  18. You can totally do it. Dm me I’m in Toronto if you wanna pal.

  19. YES!! I swear by this!! I stopped using all products on my face and my skin has NEVER been more clear!

  20. Honestly I love the viktor rolf spicebomb or YSL l’homme! Check it out at your local department store before you purchase it. The ladies love this stuff.

  21. What's your use case for this laptop? If you only want it for browsing the web and small tasks chrome books are great. If you want to do more than that get the other one.

  22. Be sure to get an ssd that will be fully compatible with your system and a usb data transfer tool. It may also be worth replacing the 4GB stick in the laptop with a 16 GB stick if you plan on using this for gaming.

  23. Just using this for school work. Webcam and all.

  24. My grandparents in Calgary are living in a dystopian nightmare. How's life on the other side of the country?

  25. Good! Slow over here & people are nice

  26. Just reading comments and number 1 sick car! Congrats. 2 I love all the people in Texas offering to help y’all! Texas strong baby!!

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