Mugshots of James & Jennifer Crumbley, parents of the accused Oxford HS shooter. Both arrested now.

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  1. He prob spent 20 mins getting his hair to look like that….

  2. Certified and woodward animal mintz/mints are both A+ strains. Certified has consistently dropped 🔥 animal Mintz in the 2.83g jars. Bigger jars usually smalls but always great.

  3. Yeah got an ounce of these for 220 out the door. I’m excited about it…

  4. I got some of this and it’s fire. Really enjoyable.

  5. I honestly think some users just go thru down voting everything or at least certain users. It does get annoying. I always try to upvote things especially helpful comments like this

  6. They're doing away with the tier system!! Now it won't matter what THC they will all be same amount of days. It's awesome and definitely a step in the right direction

  7. All the packaging needs to go really. The dispensaries should have access to bulk so that we can bring our own containers to the store for refill.

  8. Most folks will barely even let you look at the packaging. Btw, you happy for that new rule??? Tier 1 and two are done. How much will we be able to buy?

  9. Yes, very happy. 9 oz per 90 days. Ounces are now 10 days flat. Tenths are 1 day.

  10. I went to POW London. It’s only 27 mins from my spot. I’m lovin it…. I wonder if there daily dose will still be 18 dollars. Cause that’s 2.83 grams now !

  11. I mix super sour orange 🍊 by BR with Designer R’ntz by Certified. I call it Designer Orange 🍊, I like it a lot… I can fade in and out of conversations if I need too but still have a clear head…

  12. I got a half of super sour orange the mycern was at 1.6 highest I ever have seen on flower actually but only been in the program a few months but there stuff is just to expensive honestly a half shouldn't be 190

  13. I got a 3.1 percent myrcene level this summer on some super sour orange. 4 percent linalool on Ocl’s Lemon 🍋 Royal 👑

  14. Wow really dang see I wish lol I was so shocked to see a 1. I was like oh this is going to be amazing it was good but not as amazing as I thought especially for the price tag and the point hit because it was a teir 2 at 28 percent THC but just one half with tax was 185

  15. I just picked up a half of super sour orange 🍊 yesterday with 4.5 percent terps listed…. 3.15 percent myrcene. It’s heaven. Hope I can get around to doing a review…. I also bought a half of designer runts with terps about where they this vanilla frosting is. Gonna do a little compare and contrast hopefully….

  16. See I live in that area and I have no family and forget where I am at times so the place I have to go is changing because I can't afford it so we will see if I can make a three hrs trip by public transportation next week if I can not make it there and back I'm leaving the marijuana program and probably going back to pain meds can't afford this and it sucks because it helps but here I sit no points no smoke al because our government is crap so only thing I can get for my help would be to get re hooked to opiates nice yeah fuck Ohio medical program sucks to cuz three months ago I just got on the program but starting to learn there's no way to get a stash up it's impossible when they charge you 350 a damn once I hope one day these people who make these prices and rules need it themselves one day and then they can't afford it people and money 🤑🤑🤑 💰💰💰💰💰 arm and a 🦵 Yeah I know im dumb tell me all about it in my chat thanks

  17. You aren’t dumb. Just jaded. I fell ya on that…. If I didn’t have the 500 dollars disposable income like I do, I wouldn’t have a chance on this program, I’m just extremely lucky. Also, do you have indigent status???? Because that’s usually a minimum 20 percent to 30 percent off everyday at most dispos. Hopefully you are eligible. I would check it out. Cause 30 percent off everyday can really make this program affordable. And also do you vape and save your avb to sprinkle on yogurt. I found vaping 1.4 grams then throwing the remains on yogurt at like 7 o’clock basically cures whatever tolerance you think you have…. I get High as fuck off my avb.

  18. Picked some up today in Dayton. Little buds with a lot of deep purple looking like they was rolled in sugar the crystals are so thick.

  19. Just got mine the other day, was a but dry but it did have two humidity packs in it. I also put a quarter piece of bread over night it moistened it back up and brought the stickiness back to it. Would have like to seen this strain harvested when it was a tad bit older but the effects are great. Does have that unfocused effect from it

  20. Watch for the new drops 💦, they should be just right…

  21. I also have the Slurricane from BR, it’s great. I hope they make it a regular strain

  22. Did you do a review or got a list of terps on that, trying to pick some up Saturday and want to know more. You were talking about the new Slurricane #1 I presume….

  23. I know plenty of folks who would snatch that up. Sounds like a better life than half of the US. Free room and board while you make money 💰??? Now I’m almost interested!

  24. People have jobs and kids and stuff not everyone can just take a day to drive to Michigan to get bud

  25. Detroit used to be kid friendly, back in the 80’s 🤪

  26. 5 grams is the same weight as 0.01 'Double sided 60 inch Mermaker Pepparoni Pizza Blankets'.

  27. Yeah Stewart hit his mid 40s and started looking 70, now he’s 81 and still looks 70

  28. Stewart looked 60 in 1984’s DUne…. He couldn’t have been more than 30 or so….

  29. Yeah but my emojis are pointless. They like negate the word. I didn’t understand that that’s what I was doing but then I got addicted….

  30. They just keep coming up ⬆️…. I literally don’t do them, but if I type a word it gives me this group of pics and I just hit one ☝️… I feel like a lunatic fr…

  31. I grabbed a couple. Really good stuff, nothing stand out where I'd seek it out again tho.

  32. Will do. And the animal and cherry 🍒 mints were crazy good 👍

  33. Dense headed (in a good way) couch lock,very relaxing is my experience.. from reading your reviews and what it seems you look for, this may appeal to you. Probably won't buy it again, but not because it wasn't good. Rather it's just another solid strain amongst many others equally as solid, so it will get lost to me in the midst of them all,, If that makes any sense.

  34. It does And helps. I prob won’t get it, the half of designer r’ntz are prob equally as good and way cheaper On a tenth at 24. Thinking about some wedding cake , you have any thoughts on that?? It’s been a while but I remember two cultivators doing it pretty well…

  35. Im only 48 mins from this place, They got any sales tomorrow?? I mean that’s literally 20 bucks all day????

  36. Geesh for twenty bucks that stuff looks amazing come on Akron the lowest price your going to buy a size like that is 38 which is 40 out the door

  37. Ha I was just in canton on sabbatical. But I have the “Akron Low Life” t-shirt

  38. Damn, seems like Verano’s motto for the last 6 months has been “make your next Verano purchase your last!” Mine was like 3 or 4 months ago with some Sonny G that smelled like fertilizer and made me disoriented and dizzy like I had just decided to turn the car on and sit in the garage with the door closed for half an hour. Crazy cause a year ago I would have had them in my top three cultivators in the state but now I never plan to buy them again.

  39. Jesus. They aren’t top 3 but wtf. They just leaving them chemicals in the shit…. I mean don’t it have to pass inspection??? I’m from Ohio and we seriously regulated, medicinal only, and you don’t hear about anyone getting sick. We hear people not get high, but not get sick…. Shit don’t make no sense???

  40. Doesn’t even make sense to me, how the state the weed company is from gets shitty weed…. In Ohio Verano is some fire. And you guys pay like seriously waxed prices on yours. I’m about to get some Ohio Verano and it’s gonna be some extreme heat. I hope it’s gotten better for you guys. Like dude…. Wtf 🤬 you are getting weed that hasent been flushed properly and literally getting sick on it…. I mean I hear some people say Verano doesn’t give them the effects. But they def never saying that the effect are sickness….

  41. The meigs animal mintz was up there..the terps weren't nearly there though. The animal mintz from certified hit me SO hard in every way, and I've had a lot of certified product. The animal mintz stands out

  42. Damn, y’all got certified halves and a POW 💥, it’s a great time to be from Dayton…

  43. Insanity is how, the idea was the portugal method, but instead of carrots and sticks, its all carrots.

  44. Love the metaphor! Isn’t Portugal 🇵🇹 the man from Portland??? If so, I wonder if the politics of there song lead to the statewide vote 🗳? 😜

  45. Dude it’s literally getting that way in Columbus Ohio. And we ain’t even that wierd. They will def arrest you for smoking crack! (You know how in Oregon you guys are totally legal to have fun…. It’s not fair! And not that smoking crack is fun, I just heard you guys decriminalized a lot of drugs statewide…. How nuts 🌰 is that, you can have something in your pocket that I would do a year in prison for, and your state is like, Cool 😎 “. How did you guys do this???)

  46. That's kinda like not spliting the pole superstition walking with people, right.. just more post mortem..

  47. MrNoCough, I like you, I don’t know why, but I do 😎

  48. Well, you def missed out on some nice kief mr kief hunter. I know festivals suck and shit, but the weed doesn’t. Well. I mean, the weed there didn’t, the concentrate was bomb. I would have never found out about dabs 14 years ago sans festivals…. I find it very hard to believe you missed out with friends at Ohio state though…. You would see 5 diff phenotypes a week running through that place and Cleveland would come down and there dumpster would taste like fruit and cinncy would come up and there dumpster would be this coagulated mess of bud…. I mean, ya just couldn’t duck this weed up ⬆️, and sometimes when corpoarate would come by (corporate has moved to Canada. He wasn’t a fan of how the kids were being circa 2011. Like they knew more than god cause they have a phone…). If corporate was around I believe the trichomes would be classified as deadly weapons when dry. They were loooong… then we would have the dumpster oil to burn on coals with our glass straws… how dabbing was born in Ohio…. But hey, stay on this sub for two more years and I guarantee you will get to try it…. Something about the government legalizing (at least Ohio will in the next two years, I’m sorry but sherrod browns office gets it done ✅). So you won’t have to long. So you have tried illudium then???

  49. Cause yer in Cali. I remember those humbolt and Mendocino boys coming out trying to trade for illudium…. It was the biggest laugh I ever had…. It’s not where you are from it’s where yer at…. In Cali you were where it’s at and everyone knows. In a red state no one will tell you, and you have to get lucky at a party or bring a party that someone wants. It’s the only way to the true flavor. But those Cali kids, didn’t matter what I had. They were all drools. Cause they weren’t where it’s at. They were from where it’s from…. You cannot fake hipness. It will turn on you like a rabid dog…. The internet took “hipness” and made it mainstream, much like the television in the sixties…. Everyone is on the entourage effect of ignorance. And that’s truth…. I mean, look at how diluted the knowledge is on just this sub…. I mean I can help people find the weed they need, but can’t help myself??? I can’t find a weed in the program that I can binge on for 13 years like I did the pre 98 bubba. And I hear that’s from Cali. But those Cali kids acted like they never seen it before…. It’s called mainstream. Yeah Cali has great strains. But they are mainstream. You can’t jump into an Ohio mainstream. You gotta earn it. Just like to get to the top In cali or must be earned or traded for. Takes a whole lot of trying just to get up that hill. And when yer in the big leagues of clone wars you get zero respect so you just say fuck it and move to Canada. Much like Corporate from Ohio. Dudes your age too maybe a little older…. Idk I’m always out of my element and I feel like an asshole Everytime I get passionate about something because that’s the flack I get from this sub…. From some 34 year old “boss” of the dark web…. Oooo. So scary 😟. And when I said everyone was on the ignorance entourage I was just meaning about 95 out of 100 💯. 5 people could def be worth there salt out of 100 💯 and I’m not in that upper 5 percent. Cause of the internet. Before the internet you had to have charisma and be trusted to get the truth. Now every idiot with bit coin 🪙 can get some watered down truth I guess…. I don’t know. I’m 39 and have been against the internet since 1999 when I stopped playing video games. In your day you had it made, for real. And people respected there elders as well. And nobody was loudly talking about something called ZA. And this Za is something that really doesn’t exist anymore. We got ignorant kids teaching ignorant kids with the corporations as there guides. It’s sickening really. I’m talking about the internet and it’s terrible implications. But I digress because I could go all day on this subject…. Just take anything you like and add internet and the magic 🪄 that once was just fades to the back or ceases to exist…

  50. But I do really like banana pudding and such and might try that next. Nobody ever gave any details on that strain besides you just now, lol.

  51. It was my first real total effect feeling I got in the program, I believe I compared the buzz to microdosing ketamine in my review. I did like 3 straight reviews of 3 drops of banana 🍌 P💦. Dude the best one was the first and it was 7.5 months old when I bought it…

  52. I was advised by a few people to wait for some new drops, for the fresher batches since it's priced so high. But I'll probably gonna go Lemon Royal for my first try at them.

  53. They just dropped fresh tenths and fifths at Ohio Provisions. Pretty sure. I mean OCL “fresh”

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