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  1. I was just thinking, “man this person is educated!” I had to look that word up!

  2. I’m absolutely couch locked right now. But not sleepy. My mind is all over the place & I’m also wide awake even though it’s 1am haha. Yeah The effects are S tier.

  3. Damn that sucks sorry to hear that. I just posted the jungle fire Select. Same batch as yours too. I was gonna grab the island chill too. I'm wondering if they didnt tighten the lids all the way when packaged. Where did you pick it up from? Definitely reach out to them.

  4. I liked the jungle fire select and agreed with your post. I got the island chill and for the terps the way they were the smell was quite pleasant and now I’m gonna have to get back into it, but I feel that the island 🏝️ chill was quite good and the cure was very nice, lemme go vape a lil more but with the terps on the island chill the way they were I don’t know how you could complain really…. My only complaint was low terps but they were clearly posted….

  5. Ok I'll have to give island chill a try then. I didn't want to jump the gun and be disappointed with it. I like what the lineage is on it too.

  6. It’s not select but it def looks select…. My jar had two nugs…

  7. What I can’t seem to get a read on is this purple pineapple…. I usually don’t go for low terps like that, but man it sure looks great…. Have you tried it by chance??

  8. Yes, actually I did. That one I thought was just ok.. It was a little too dry for me and broke down a little dusty.. But DAMN, it's some beautiful bud..

  9. The terps on that look phenomenal, I’m picking up a 5.66er today. I hope my terps will be as plentiful. That linalool is right where I need it to be…

  10. It’s one of my fave songs from my fave bands the string cheese incident!

  11. We most def get enough sun. There is not many places in the world that don’t get enough sun. You even get sun on cloudy days. It’s crazy….

  12. I was on the fence for this strain. Pulled the trigger and got it… so glad, one of the bestbest purchases I’ve made in the program 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. Yeah, and this was over a year ago I made this post, I’m guessing the strain has come a long way since then…. I saw the thc percentage was like 8 or 9 percent higher when I bought it back then, so I’m guessing the terps are more prominent as well….

  14. Hoping there is a lr pod of Arnie left for me at strawberry 🍓 fields!

  15. Certified Arnie Palmer .84 luster live resin was good. Don’t know about the carts

  16. I think (since the product has probably sit on the shelf for a while) you should go with the TCC, if it’s fresh though, black Jack 100 percent for that flavor….

  17. Why does he always look like he’s listening to an old woman tell a boring story about her life?

  18. To have the appearance of humility. Which you can plainly see he is not very great at…. Comes off In pics as overly charasmatic to me…. Don’t pretend to have charisma if you don’t. It will def show on camera 🎥, just my thoughts…. And maybe he is humble. But I don’t really know of a humble guy that would want to be a senator…

  19. My psychiatrist has taken me off benzodiazepines (they say they do not know how the medicine “interacts” with marijuana, and it’s a safety issue), my family doctor will not give me any of the meds he used too (no steroids to treat brochitis), claiming once again they “do not know how the medicine will react with the marijuana”, which is all garbage because they know exactly how all medications react with marijuana…. Which is hardly at all if any…. Basically if you disclose that you are treating one health issue with medicinal marijuana, they can and will withhold medications that they believe to be “habit forming” or “addictive” because we are basically looked at by the medical community as “addicts”. Plain and simple…

  20. Those are shitty doctors. I've been prescribed scheduled substances from the doctor and they know I use cannabis. Find a better doctor, I'm sorry your other ones have failed you.

  21. Nah. I been off daily benzodiazepines after being on them for 20 years. Can’t thank the docs enough for giving me less shitty drugs. I just wish there was a magical Bipolarity symptom weed. Then we would be vapin’! I only mentioned this because a lot of folks have been having troubles with there doctors and I thought I would share. But if I see an obstacle in my path there is always a shiny glass window I can throw a rock 🪨 through and put a couple floor mats over the glass and climb out. Some people aren’t as lucky 🍀 or perceptive…. I blast off once a year to stay relevant! 😂 it’s funny too, cause they got it in flavored vape pens. This world is magic 🪄

  22. There for a second they had ounces of that for like 110…. Maybe it was with a discount but still….

  23. How are the effects? I’m needing some calmness. Maybe a little anti anxiety if ya know what I mean…

  24. Very good for those things. It definitely is an indica leaning hybrid, not racey at all. Last bag I got is heavy in Myrcene

  25. This batch didn’t have half the myrcene I’ve seen…. But I will snag it when those 2 percent numbers start poppin again!

  26. Election days should be national holidays. It's a republican tactic to make sure that doesn't happen.

  27. What is it when an election denier like jd Vance wins an election, do I now say “lock him up” or “stop the steal” or “not my senator” and does jd finally own up to his mental illness?? Cause if you think something is rigged it is definitely a mental illness sign if you try to play the game…. Idk, opinions??

  28. Nice assessment. Had the pod been 1 gram for the same price, I wouldn’t have complained. But 60 bucks out the door was ridiculous….

  29. The GC flower used to come in this plastic box that you couldn't see so you never knew what it looked like until you opened it. They fixed that at least. This used to be one of my top strains but its def not as good as earlier batches.

  30. I still Have my Box from 2.5 years ago in the program.

  31. I got it, and if you are trying to get the same buzz, from two diff strains, it’s not gonna work. If animal 🦒 face does it for you, stick with it…. I liked the purple cake, smell was a little faint but it was cured to perfection just like the banana Mac over 2 months. With the Mac cure at 2 months 20 days (which was problem with batches before, they smelled great but weren’t ready to vape. A lil wet, not anymore though). But if you have a bit I could go out and vape some more purple cake 🎂 and see if maybe you might wanna switch. It’s just that those buzzes are so different for me, no comparison unless it’s apples to oranges

  32. Diddies weed will be about as good as his music then….

  33. The Arnie Palmer live resin pod has like 8 percent myrcene, Def gotta snag some Of that flower for sure…

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