1. I've came across more articles on why weed was made illegal in the first place idk if one or multiple are true or if they're all false. All I know is that I've met more people who care what others do than themselves and that's what I see being the downfall of anything worthwhile

  2. 1937. That’s when weed was illegalized. Because Hearst had a monopoly on newspapers and forests. Hemp would have made his forests less useful. They had a large propaganda campaign and now people just believe what they want to believe…. As you can see from all these “propogandA” reasons for the illegalization of weed…

  3. These numbers are false. Ohio is 47 dollars average per 3.5 grams sold….

  4. Best bang for your buck is at Bloom medicinals if stuck in ohio. They have sales and the others don't.

  5. What got me fired up is that this guy said Ohio has the highest priced flower by 18 percent. Which is false. The Average price paid for an eighth (3.5 grams) is 46 dollars not 71. Which makes us only like the 15th most expensive.

  6. How much would that cost total, minus the waterpipe?

  7. For me this one did not do much. But it did have a very nice smell to say the least. Try the lemon dosidos fromBR or the lemon kush from.ancient roots if you havent/get a chance.

  8. I think the Googletoolbar is more into a sativa buzz 🐝, but I could be mistaken….

  9. Oh yeah! I'm smoking on some of the pb crunch right now and I love it. The superflux indicas have been top notch and the best at relieving my symptoms. What strains from superflux are your favorite? I need to try more

  10. Donnie burger by day and creamsiclez by night for me atm… and the gelato Zkittles cake is pretty fire as well…. But my white whale is the lime studly…. I slept on a half ounce and been regretting it ever since…

  11. Donny made it to Ohio? Loved that last year. Been looking ever since.

  12. I missed the second breakfast part in lotr….. can you explain this to me??

  13. I’ll add that I’ve bought ten klutch lr pods at this point and have had no issue. Not saying others haven’t but anecdotally I have had no trouble. Just bought a few Sherbhead and lemon slushee ones I’ll update if I see anything troubling

  14. Like nine percent terps. Or close to it…. I’m lovin it!

  15. Those aren’t popcorn. They put the premium buds in clear bags and the “smalls” in the opaque bags. Great deal!!! You got a steal!

  16. I’m wondering, is every dispo doing this??? Cause I could get into Buckeye again with prices and quality like that….

  17. In Switzerland they celebrate a type of Halloween and this guy is like there boogie man…. Wierd you named him Geneva because that’s where the festival started…. His name is actually pronounced “bil-eee Boog-nish”. But I don’t know how to spell it….

  18. That looks amazing for sure! Currently sipping on a Sherbhead Live Resin pod right now and it tastes dumb good 🤙

  19. Yeah, I’m def gonna be picking one of those sherbhead live resins. How were the terps on those? Like 6-8 percent?

  20. Dynavap is dope…. Is one vial 🧪 ketamine and the other Lsd? And cool cat 🐱!

  21. I thought the same thing but only about Southern Ohio.

  22. Whether or not she is doing coke in the courtroom, she is def getting her fill after hours. I remember having cheekbones like that…

  23. Portland. Where even the most conservative Christians smoke toad venom on weeknights!

  24. That was Jonah. He was a made up ⬆️ character in the Bible….

  25. I get the made up and the real characters of the Bible confused.

  26. Right! It’s so hard to keep all that “knowledge” together…

  27. If they are not refunding ( cultivation) or dispensary then the refunds and REASONS why are not caught by the BOP, so they can’t demand a recall without information. Call the BOP when there is a faulty product, it will fix it fast. If BOE sees a trend on certain products then they look into it

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