[Postgame Thread] Tulane Defeats USC 46-45

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[Postgame Thread] Georgia Defeats Ohio State 42-41

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  1. Any tips for the fiberglass? I tried it one time a few years back and completely messed it up and wasted time materials and effort

  2. It was a struggle for me but I think I found the formula lol

  3. Word I might have to give it another shot in my current car. Yours is pretty sick man I’d be ecstatic for mine to turn out like that lol

  4. CS grad here. Will echo what most others said. Loved my time at school and the coursework was rewarding outside of a few classes. When I was there the Co-Op program was pretty good at getting people “internships”. I remember most of the companies looking for computer engineers, because there’s a lot of manufacturing around, but still good experience to have.


  6. Man this has been a fun offseason so far don’t y’all think

  7. If you're not a Clemson fan, you just do not get it. Like this was not even in our minds because of how Dabo operates. Talk about absolute shock. Lets fucking go.

  8. Facts. Mostly every fan I know wanted him gone, but nobody thought he’d actually get canned. People say Dabo is too stuck in his ways and can’t adapt, but this shows some promise for the future

  9. I cannot believe that this year’s Pitt team ended the season ranked. I assume no one watched the GT or Louisville game.

  10. Yeah but if they were gonna rank them, what’s the point of being 1 spot behind UCLA who has the same record and Pitt just beat head to head

  11. We also beat a team from every P5 conference. Don't know if we're the first to do it

  12. Didn’t realize that. That’s pretty cool tbh

  13. Dressing up like Petrino on Gameday is my favorite personal cfb experience. Highly recommended

  14. “I’ve walked into 4 playoffs, and I’ve never had better than maybe the third-best roster. Every other year, we were 4 of 4. We had really good rosters, but they weren’t the same…” —Lincoln Riley

  15. One of my least favorite coaches

  16. DOWN GO THE NIL MERCENARIES! Lincoln Riley is now 1-4 in bowl games, all NY6. Trophy cabinet drier than his brisket

  17. Not surprising. Hope he does well on sundays

  18. Both games were really good.. meaning the championship will be a boring blowout

  19. Watching on the sky cast.. couldn’t even tell if he made it except for the team and crowd reactions

  20. If we miss this FG I’m turning this game off

  21. 2 failed trick plays. 3 missed FG. Tennessee is pressuring us every play. This has started so bad

  22. Pitt almost choked vs UNC bball earlier and this wow what a day

  23. Definitely expected a typical Pitt choke job in the bowl game

  24. Went to my high school which is an absolute machine in SC. Coach Knotts is one of the best there is, and they’ve had a lot of talent come through recently. This guy went a little bit unnoticed nationally but has put up great numbers. Excited to see what he does at the next level

  25. One enemy to another hmmm

  26. Kind of sucks when a program gets momentum, and some good players start leaving. If it’s for better NIL opportunities, it makes sense for the player (see my second flair) but just sucks as fans

  27. Yeah. Feels like if you aren't a major program you get 1 shot and if you don't win the bigger fish take all your best parts to fuel their own runs

  28. Man your flairs are cursed lol.

  29. Some specific advice for that area. The Basilica doesn’t have “members” and is mainly for tourists. You of course are welcome to go, and I went a handful of times when I lived there, but if you were to actually get serious with the faith and were looking for a home parish, you’d have to go somewhere else. Just something to think about when seeking out a church in central Florida. But the Basilica is very beautiful and I recommend going to mass there. As a home parish, Holy Family in Doctor Phillips is great and where I went when I lived in the area

  30. Man he really seems like a good dude. Humble and down to earth. Lots of physical talent with a high ceiling. He just never really looked comfortable in our offense for some reason and 100% probably lost confidence.

  31. You’re brave, no way in hell I could live in a house with Gamecock decor

  32. It’s pretty subtle stuff. For example where there’s a mini gamecock helmet, there’s a tiger funko pop to balance it out

  33. Y’all pretty much have owned them forever. They’re a pretty bad program and y’all have been on a 7 win run against them. One loss and now you can’t bear it? Let them have this one man haha

  34. That loss ended the streak, ended the home game winning streak, kept us out of the playoff (for better or for worse). Their fans could have lost 50 in a row vs us and they’re still relentless every season. The trash talk just hurts worse after a loss

  35. With Cade in the game, you can just tell the energy of the team was different, almost like the players were waiting for DJ to get benched. The play calling was more creative and aggressive, almost like the OC was waiting for DJ to get benched.

  36. What’s also kinda crazy is our offensive play calling looks much more creative with Cade in. I’ve been calling for Streeter to be replaced.. but was DJ holding Streeter back as OC? Idk how to feel

  37. Y’all remember when Wiggins got picked on constantly against uhhh Wake I think? Been quite the turnaround

  38. What in the heck was that throw

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