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  1. Get you pistol permit. The requirements are the same. The difference is they issue you a temporary permit first, then you bring it to Middletownto get you real permit. It also cost $70 more. Just another way to steal your hard earned money.

  2. With a stock.......NO. With a brace as an other.......YES

  3. There is only one application, it is for your temporary pistol permit, the temp permit is required before your real permit is issued. If applying for anything gun related, always go for the permit to carry, it covers all the other certificates, It's pretty much the same process and allows you to carry.

  4. Eh yeah it would be ideal to have the carry license over the certificate but at the same time OP may be under 21 and also long gun certificates and certificates to purchase pistols and revolvers are shall issue so it would be easier for one to acquire. Carry license are may issue so local police has discretion over it no matter how clean your record is you can be denied on suitability. I know a lot of people who go straight for the Certificate to purchase pistols and revolvers instead of the carry license just because they know the chief is a asshole and they will be denied no matter what.

  5. He asked if he needed a temporary a permit, or if he could just get the permanent permit, he said nothing about an elegibility certificate. As far as suitability, as long as your record is clean and no pending charges or court orders, they will issue the permit. Unless you're a total fuckup, the permit is easy to acquire. I don't believe you actually know a lot of people that take a certificate over a permit because the police chief is an asshole. That's just conjecture at best. If you qualify for one, you qualified for either.

  6. I would get adjustable window screens to let some fresh air circulating in the house. If this is an apartment, I would call the landlord immediately and get the owner to fix it. If not, there are many mold removal/preventive products on the market. Google mold removal for suggestions...

  7. Really ? I figured it was just because of my hot showers, It’s in no other room. Do you think it’s mot from my hot showers in a closed room ?

  8. If you are in the Waterbury area, see Henson at Red Planet Arsenal.

  9. Soak the affected part in white vinegar or Borax mixed with water for about and hour. rinse off and wash with a soap and water.

  10. Picture is too small and you covered half the grip with your hand. Put it down and take a nice clear close up.

  11. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/liz-cheney-suggests-committee-subpoena-ginni-thomas

  12. I've read the articles you've provided links for. Yes, she was in a cult, then she wasn't. No crime in getting caught up in something and really believing. As far as insurrection, all I see is conjecture, an article accusing her of making suggestions to the committie that Trump won, the rest of the articles re of the court thretening to subpena her if she doesn't williningly testify at a Jan 6 hearing. I see nothing there. All this shit is WOKE bullshit. She may have reall really wished Trump won, but she sure as shit isn't an insurrectionist. hahahahaha

  13. The Mad Smith...great guy. Red Planet Arsenal

  14. Yes, in a locked glove box covers your responsibility to secure in the vehicle. Not really smart, but legal.

  15. Amazon is helping the police violate your 4th amendment rights....how wonderful

  16. “And by the way, I wouldn’t mind a cop being able to ask somebody who’s open carrying, ‘Can you show me your license to do this?’”

  17. If you are not the suspect of wrong doing, why would you help the police infringe on your fourth amendment right? As a refresher: The Fourth Amendment

  18. Maybe not, but he talks a good game and has to be better than a Liberal actively trying to take our rights...

  19. We are talking strictly about a no fail gun. Ruger 5 shot, SP101 2 1/4" barrel, bobbed hammer in .357 cal. Small, concealable, very well constructived, very reliable and I've never seen a revolver fail. While semi auto pistols have come a long ways, they still occasionally fail.

  20. You guys should eat the shit out of thse brownies...lol

  21. Any one that has waited over 8 weeks should automatically file an appeal for a denial. This is a link to that letter, The denial date should be 8 weeks from the day you applied.

  22. That has to be the ugliest damned woman mural I've ever seen! The only thing done well on the tailgate is the release latch...

  23. Since it's been expired for 2 months, at the very least, I would call and see if it's been renewed.

  24. Connecticut permit to carry pistols and revolvers allows concealed carry. Open carry is also allowed with the pistol and revolver permit (but I wouldn’t). There is no separate CCW.

  25. When you get your pistol permit. why would you not carry openly if you wanted. I carry openly quite frequently, most people don't even notice. It is 100% legal, police aren't as big a hassle as you think.

  26. I think the arguments against open carry have some merit, like making people uneasy (especially in CT) and painting a target on yourself. But, if that's your preference, no issue here. OP may have other reasons though.

  27. That target on your back idea is BS. No proof of that other than maybe an isolated incident. Open carry is the same no matter your demographics. As far as making anyone feel uneasy…that’s their problem.

  28. Consignment could be an option. I know I'm gonna have to do that with a couple soon.

  29. Price it and advertise on bargain news for free. Oo list it on gunbroker, Armlist etc. the audience is much larger.

  30. I doubt it, photos always make everything look better. People always get pissed when they get an over the phone guesstimate, and the shop offers them less when the actually see the gun because it isn't actually as nice as the photos. Buy the Blue Book of Gun Values and look it up yourself. When people call in for a guess at value, everyone involed knows the owner is shopping around for the highest price. Dealers have to study the photos and spend time looking up the values and make a guess based on those photos. The dealer is taking time away from other business while valueing your gun. People don't seem to understand, when you're in business, time is money. And the guy on the phone will probably never spend a dime in his shop.

  31. Yup, have to be very careful around rotating tools...lol

  32. No tub...sitting in dirty water even if you just showered. If you use anything in the tube it stays on your skin. Soap, bath preparations, etc ..

  33. We all have the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by the Constitution's second amendment. That said, I would suggest researching firearms of the type you think you may want to purchase, learn a little. Make and appointment with a firearms instructor and taake a firearms safety class that includes live fire. Once you recieve your permit, find a range that rents firearms and try a few out. See if you can find a firearm that suits you. Purchase the firearm, find a firearms instructor and take some classes on how to use it safely and to be able to defend yourself. * every gun is loaded *

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