‘Tremors’ Star Fred Ward Has Passed Away at 79

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  1. Not wanting to work on Netflix because of content is like a stripper not wanting to do lap dances to fat ugly people.

  2. I don’t get off my car unless is to load or unload luggage and that is because I don’t people banging their heavy bags on my fender

  3. Drive around the block and complete the trip let the pax get a refund from Uber you get paid the pax get his/her money back and Uber could care less

  4. All that God Jesus holy trinity bull shit

  5. Confirm the stop, start doing circles in the lot. Tell them to text you when they get back. Rack up that mileage.

  6. That’s stealing. I rather be honest from the get go.

  7. Supermarket and multiple stops. If I pull up and you have a cart full of stuff I’m canceling. It’s not worth my time.

  8. I call and ask “do you have groceries?” They say yes. I cancel

  9. Honestly, the type of girls that are drawn to Jeep Wranglers are not hot.....

  10. I think you meet the driver in front of a mirror

  11. I would have said “you know I dream about being bless bay some one who gave me a $20 tip” praise Jesus!!!

  12. Wait!! Smoked Bacon? I thought all bacon was smoked. That’s what makes the pork belly bacon. Am I missing something?

  13. Oh!!! No I know the rest of the story. I’m from Texas ya’all

  14. When I started in San Antonio I didn’t know what I was doing. But after a few weeks I was making about $15-20 hr after gas and taxes. I only drive about 15 hours per week and clear about $200-250 after gas and taxes.

  15. I never enforced the don’t seat at front rule nor I wore a mask unless the pax ask me too.

  16. Uber has been gouging the Pax with variable fares that have almost nothing to do with time/distance rates, so now they're trying on the drivers. Us drivers need to keep trying to get the highest pay for the shortest distance and time.

  17. I only take rides with pick up times of leas than 8 minutes and drop offs less than 20ish Minutes with fares of no less than $8 my acceptance rate went from 98% to 78% but my earnings have increased

  18. I got into a moon walk after a minute I was out of air

  19. Uber doesn’t work everywhere. Just cause you see some cucks here saying they make 2 gs a week in their excursion somewhere in south Florida, doesn’t mean it’s true or correct.

  20. On Saturdays I usually start at 6AM and it is non stop all day. I make anywhere between $250 to &300 on an 8 hour shift but today being the day before Easter I guess people didn’t go to work. I was just saying is very slow today.

  21. Yes. Specially broke people that cannot afford a car

  22. A $25-$30 hour ride sure. A $12-$20 hour ride nope!!!

  23. After you fart tell the pax “you are disgusting!!”

  24. The surge would have to be atleast $25 for me to even consider talking a 20 minute pickup. I no longer do anything over 8 minutes.

  25. It was my third ride for a bonus of $18 and it was a very busy day and I was trying to complete a ride before the end of the hour

  26. I’ve been trying to decide if it is worth it to go after the consecutive bonuses or not. I completely ignored them on Sunday since they were either too long far, or the rating was too low. I was still able to hit my daily goal in lower than average time. I’m going to continue testing this strategy.

  27. I’ll chase them when they are over $14 but if they are $5 or $8 nah!!

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