1. Or, you can literally export your save, edit the string and import it. No need to inject anything.

  2. IEH2 saves are PBKDF2 encrypted, so unless you know the password from which the encryption key is derived, the salt, the number of hashing operations, and the block size.... good luck "editing the string". LOL clown.

  3. Using PBKDF2 for savegame "encryption" does not inspire much confidence in the game to be honest.

  4. It doesn't use PBKDF2 as the encryption, that's the hashing algorithm. Most people just know that one. It actually uses Rfc2898, which implements PDKDF2's hashing to derive a key based on a predictable hash (due to know pw, salt and iteration). So yeah, PDKDF2 is obviously not encryption, but is needed to get the key to to AES encrypt/decrypt (via Rijndael) the save.

  5. I like games that have just enough security on the save state to discourage 99.9% of users from trying to hack the saves. Then I like to hack those saves, make 5 years worth of progress in an hour of gameplay, then go read forum posts from people who are literally wasting their lives grinding away hours and days and months and $$$$ on idle games.

  6. Love this mod! So much more fun than just nuking everything. Only downside, is the virus spread can slow down the game for awhile but it eventually recovers.

  7. I love terraforming my base back to green (with the fertilizer) and planting trees everywhere.

  8. Proof of scam: you can open this page in incognito mode. It still says "Claim Your Plan", but it is obviously not tied to anything. This is just a standalone marketing page that offers you something that is NOT personalized. This should be reported. This is the page they run you to if you wait until under 7 minutes. Refreshing the page resets the time back to 7 minutes. When it hits zero it does nothing.

  9. I swear I added it when I created the post. :P It says "processing image"

  10. BinaryFormatter for the save state? Too easy.

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