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  1. We have two black females, one is pure black, and the other has a white patch on her belly, both of them are rescues, and I know that the mother of 2 of our rescues is pure black as well, she still hangs outside, all 3 of them are sweet, but have some wild personalities!

  2. I got married on July 4th, can't forget that! Our daughter was born on July 22, can't forget that either! It will be 21 years!

  3. Depends on the breed and sex of cat. Male cats tend to be heavier than female cats. Some breeds are naturally larger than others.

  4. Thanks for the feedback, I am going to try and get them to the vet in the next month or so, our male has a real issue with heavy scratching around his head/neck area (not ear mites and not fleas) so I want to have him check out again to see what they recommend.

  5. I agree it is stupid, and I wish medical diapers were not taxed, most of the true medical supplies like medication are not, but incontinence items are for some strange reason, the FAQ from the state about this tax-free specifically stated that adult diapers are not included...

  6. Unless it includes Goodnites or similar (and cool if it does), I don't see this as being much use to the majority of ABDLs.

  7. What falls under the category of “children’s diapers”?

  8. I have used the assurance branded tab-style briefs, and I like how thin they are, and I really like the velcro tabs, which makes adjustments so much easier, I wish more brands had tabs similar to them, and I also agree that they are not as absorbant as other medical brands.

  9. I would say bare bottom spanking, as well as over the diaper, followed by corner time. That is one of my biggest fetish dreams, I wish I could find someone to do it to me!

  10. I'm bigger than you are and I'm currently wearing an L4. I wear them all the time in fact.

  11. BTW, I realized what you were saying, and discovered that was indeed the issue, I have adjusted how I now put them on and they have been staying put.

  12. Abena seem to have drastically redesigned their range so that the new L4, M4 and the rest are thinner. There's 21 per pack instead of 14 so that's a lot of fluff they've thrown out.

  13. So, in your opinion, has absorption quality changed as well?

  14. My name can be spelled 3 different ways, but the way it is spelled is probably the most common one, but last year for some unknown reason, when I was getting medical insurance, they spelled my name wrong, which really screwed some things up, and when I called them and asked them to correct it, they told me that it was done via the health insurance marketplace, and I would have to call them to have them correct the spelling and then tell (the HMO) that this is how it is supposed to be spelled. I tried to change it with the marketplace, but they insisted on doing a whole new application and that could have really messed things up...

  15. The Witcher 3, you can spend a long time and enjoy the story, the music, and the graphics

  16. I grew up in Gresham, on the east side close to Mount Hood Community College, I have many memories of these areas!

  17. Wow, I remember playing this game on the Apple IIe (green screen) circa 1985 or so!

  18. Cotton feel diapers tent to be less hot then plastic ones

  19. Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine. I lost track of how many times I told various persons at one of my more recent jobs. I was a dishwasher (most of the time the only dishwasher) and the waitstaff would often come up to me and ask me for something like the flatware, if I was elbow deep in soap, or simply unable to stop what I was doing, I would always tell them that, followed by "If you want it so bad, you can wash it yourselves" and 9 out 10 times that is what they ended up doing!

  20. I worked for a (US) Government company/contractor (on a Navy base), and they had to follow the Government rules which said OT was anything after 8 hours of work instead of 40 hours. Well, 99% of the time we never worked 8 hours in the day, and they also had this annoying (and illegal) policy of deducting 30 mins if you worked 5 hours for a meal break (claimed it was the time clock software that did it...), however, since I was the dishwasher I could not afford to stop for 30 mins to eat, I stopped for 10 to eat and went back to work, but they still would deduct 30 mins. I did question them about that but they never wavered, so I started either taking a full 30 mins and refusing to interrupt my break, or I would check to see how many hours I already had, and figure out exactly when 4 hours 59 mins would be and clock out at that time if I could...

  21. I never understood what the point of dress codes was unless you were interacting with the public, in which case a nice button-down and dress slacks would seem reasonable. But I like the image you gave me, the whole lot of you in loud Hawaiian shirts, which I can understand the revision, but even more MC would be to assume solid plain colored does not mean just one color!

  22. At least in American English, I'd consider "solid" to mean "single color."

  23. I do as well, but I was saying for an extra helping of MC to try and be vague and choose to interpret it differently.

  24. When I was diagnosed with cancer, my kitty became very clingy towards me, and after undergoing surgery and being away from her for a week, she chastised me for leaving her, despite the fact that she had 3 other cats to play with, as well as other humans in the house!

  25. Unless you do #2, there is no need for plastic pants.

  26. So keep in mind that you’re already wearing a non-breathable garment in a muggy environment and you’re talking about adding another layer on top of it.

  27. Thanks for the info, are there any diapers that are more breathable than others, or is it just the nature of the diaper to be non-breathable?

  28. Check the task manager, and see if they are loading. If so, try using alt+tab to switch to it, then press alt+spacebar and press x, this should maximise the window

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