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  1. Someone should also remind the GOP why the pilgrims came over.

  2. I probably would have just smiled and told her to be my guest if she wants to sue me. What a stupid, empty threat from a stupid, empty person.

  3. I fucking hate hotel 'holds' for 'incidentals' or 'damage'. Fuck you, we just met and you assume I am going to pee all over your walls the minute I get to the room. Or that I can't pay because I don't 'look' like a 4-Star (recession...) hotel guy. How about this, I already paid for the night asshat. And then to top it off you insist on a credit card, Marriot Luxury Group, you can shove your Marriott Bonvoy up your ass, when it is specifically stated credit card not required. Then you didn't want to take the deposit, of $50 (really?) in cash as that is not 'suitable'. First, $50 for deposit on an $800 room? WTF. That's is like one pillow case worth of diarrhea, max. So after i went above the 'general manager' of the hotel, wearing fucking flip slops and tank top at a formal "4-star" resort in Green Bay the could then magically accept a cash deposit. Of $200. At least it was not the insulting $50 deposit....still mad about that shit.

  4. “Oh, just because white supremacists keep going on murderous rampages, everybody wants to focus on white supremacists?! Typical.”

  5. Your not allowed to ban political figures from your platform. How this restricts free speech I have no idea since it seems to do the opposite but since its Republicans it must be malicious

  6. They’re basically calling social media platforms “public” (which they clearly are not — just ask the shareholders), in order to claim that content moderation is “censorship” and a violation of free speech.

  7. They don’t know what’s in it because they don’t give a shit what’s in it.

  8. I think you mean trailer parks, because farms are run by major corporations.

  9. I don’t know..maybe I’m just not paranoid but I would assume it’s an appraiser taking pics for comparisons, or a realtor, google maps even. I definitely wouldn’t be worried just because they might be a different religion, and I think that’s what makes this a Karen moment.

  10. Imagine thinking you’re important enough for your house to be the target of a terrorist attack.

  11. Nevermind the fact that treason isn’t defined as “not doing the will of the people” anywhere, much less the Constitution.

  12. I’m not sure she’s supposed to be speaking at all.

  13. This will happen to any and all New Yorkers if they try any midwestern fella like that

  14. Imagine being dumb enough to think that one state or region has a monopoly on fighting.

  15. General belief was that most of the aid money would have been stolen in 2014.

  16. There’s other stuff that could have been done to deter Putin, but unfortunately, he already had a firm grip on the GOP by then. Obama drew a red line, but he couldn’t do anything to enforce it because republicans controlled congress, and, well… we know they hate Obama and democracy.

  17. Archbishop Fuckface: “I’d like to speak to you about the evil you’re perpetrating, and the scandal you’re causing.”

  18. If they lived through all that then why are a lot of them actively trying to make shit worse?

  19. Ever notice the ones trying to make it worse are almost exclusively old, white men? It’s because shit was fine for them. They’re mad because women don’t need permission from a man anymore, and black folks can vote.

  20. “Cmon, I had to go do the nailing to the cross thing and still have problems on the squash court to this day.

  21. “I’m just a lowly carpenter, not a lawyer!”

  22. That would involve helping people, GOP’s platform is cruelty

  23. It’s a great way to give law enforcement leeway on who to charge with a felony — and take away their right to vote. So if you’re black, or if you’re protesting Republican policies, you can bet you’ll get the whole thing. If you’re just a poor hick, then you can still get off with a warning or a lesser charge. It’s the play as when Nixon started the War On Drugs.

  24. A lower insurance rate is actually why a lot of these places do get security.

  25. the risk of a costly lawsuit if they end up shooting someone means the cost of liability insurance for an armed guard is way higher than an unarmed guard.

  26. It is the same on the other side though, cnn is very liberal and open about it too.

  27. The difference is that CNN is biased, and Fox News is spreading actual lies and misinformation on behalf of the GOP… and that’s literally what Nixon and Ailes created them to do.

  28. I'd argue the fact that some news outlets willingly act as partisan propaganda and people fall for it is why we all lose. Media bias is a very real thing.

  29. Or, such as the case with Fox News, were created specifically for the purpose of disseminating partisan propaganda.

  30. It’s not about being some comedic masterpiece. It’s about the fact that a so many people are aware of and amused by the same joke. And you aren’t one of them.

  31. “Believe all women” was a pretty stupid rallying cry, and was bound to end up with some women taking advantage and undercutting the whole movement. Just like you can’t believe all men when they say they didn’t, you can’t just believe all women when they say they did.

  32. Seems like if they wanted to be taxed, it’d be pretty easy to pay some congress members to pass a bill or a budget to do that.

  33. How does anyone think censorship - of any kind - is healthy?

  34. YouTube is not owned by the public, and you don’t have a constitutional right to post videos there. Why are the concepts of free speech and censorship so difficult for people to understand?

  35. Welp, another example of Big Tech doing good things just so they can say they did something. It's not really a good thing if you don't have any good intentions imo

  36. Conservatives will do anything to address a problem except what actually helps people

  37. As far as they’re concerned, the problem is black people voting. Selectively enforcing this law, and charging black folks with a felony is the “solution.” They basically just copied Nixon’s drug war blueprint.

  38. Fun fact: The Constitution does not say death by firing squad.

  39. It also doesn’t define treason as “not doing the will of the people.”

  40. That’s typical GOP rhetoric. “Your proposal will mitigate the problem, but it won’t completely prevent it in every single situation, so it’s pointless… and it’s also communism.”

  41. “I had sex yesterday and I’m not on my period, so I’m definitely carrying a child.”

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