1. I find that the characters that stuck around shorter had the more consistent and the best arcs like Shane, Hershel, Merle and The Governor. They all have great beginning, middle and ends to their respective character arcs. Well rounded and executed.

  2. I had the same thing happen to me.. loved AC3 and played blackflag but skipped unity-rogue-syndicate and even origins cus I just thought the franchise was dead

  3. If you liked AC3 and Black Flag, I would recommend Rogue. It's basically a more refined gameplay version of Black Flags with some added mechanics. And the game overall serves as a nice bridge between Black Flag and AC3. It has more of Haytham aswell and it features Achilles and Adewale. It's a Templar story.

  4. Well he killed Gargulio to hide the fact that they didn't kill Michonne so he basically did betray him which is why The Governor looks so pissed at him when Merle walks in on him and he says he was attacked, after losing his eye.

  5. Walter is better written but I like Rick more.

  6. I often wonder what Locke would’ve asked if he was alive and sitting at that fire……

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