1. If the USC/UCLA news is true... I would bet the B1G and SEC are going to race for Clemson and Florida State as the next big 2 dominoes to fall.

  2. Eventually it will be ESPN (SEC) vs FOX (B1G).

  3. I hope all this stuff goes full circle and these mega conferences breakup but I doubt it. I wish we could just hit the reset button to 1998.

  4. Ahh gotcha, its a bit misleading for it to have speaker terminals for both elevation channels but only be able to power one set at a time. I suppose their just addressable for other rooms or atmos, but still. Why not just have the pre outs and chop the terminals.

  5. There is a big jump in price from 9 channel receivers to 11 channel ones. That is why I wish I spent a little more wisely instead of my X6500, I would have went with a X3700 and then got a 3 channel amp to give my front stage a boost.

  6. I like the bigger woofers on the 504c.

  7. PC gaming on an 85" TV must be intense! Appreciate the recommendation. I have no earthly idea how you managed getting this thing on to a stand by yourself lol.

  8. Maybe he has Kevin Durant's wingspan?

  9. Another "90% effective" Pfizer product that seems to do nothing, lol. So it kinda stops your symptoms - which you shouldn't have anyways if the vaccine works.. and then you get symptoms again after as if nothing happened? It just kicks the can down the road by a week or so? What a sick joke.

  10. It would be funny if it wasn't real life.

  11. Shit a Bison would probably win a collision with a small car.

  12. I wouldn't wait. You could enjoy your purchase for months prior to at best saving a couple hundred bucks. Also SVS is having an outlet sale now so you might be able to get a decent deal on the sub.

  13. 5.2.4 is nice. Are the ceiling speakers in the right positions or close enough? A lot of people setup ceiling speakers as surround speakers and those likely wouldn't be in the right spot and would be a pain to move fix holes, replace with lights etc...

  14. Careful what you wish for there, he'd probably somehow work out if he was under the LeBron umbrella again. The trio of LeBron, Kyrie, and maybe finally healthy AD would be pretty spooky.

  15. Maybe for the 30 games both Kyrie and AD would actually not both be injured.

  16. They will probably call it something else when it looks, feels, and acts like a recession.

  17. All you have to do is make up 99-score players in the recruiting pool and edit them to have a strong preference for your team.

  18. Or turn them into one star kickers and switch there position.

  19. You mean my kicker who can’t kick the ball 5 inches but can throw it perfectly between triple coverage 60 yards downfield should play QB? Idk….sounds risky

  20. He can also beat Usain Bolt in a sprint.

  21. Lol like the government would ever be like ooops we fucked up with the covid response and printing trillions and stopping production was a bad idea.

  22. If this shit was in a TV show in 2019, I would have thought no way, that is too stupid and it would never be slightly realistic.

  23. I would consider getting a used receiver and used pair of speakers. It is easy to hook a PC up to a monitor/tv and a receiver for audio. Once you have that, it is is pretty easy to add additional speakers over time.

  24. I think the monolith subs are better bang for your buck with more output compared to the SVS sub at the same price. SVS has a better warranty and service and that is baked in with higher prices.

  25. It's almost so bad it its intentional.

  26. What kind of temps do you get with your GPU? I would be moving my 3800x and EVGA 2080ti XC Ultra into this case.

  27. Never heard of Grand Teton until now honestly but either way, do not comply... you don't get your freedom by bending over.

  28. It would still be worth going since anything you would want to do is outside. I went in peak covid craziness in July 2020 and no one really pestered about masks. People were being weirdos and wearing masks on hiking trails in the mountains though.

  29. I have a X6500 for a 7.2.4 setup but if I did it again, I would have went with a X3700 and additional amp.

  30. For me it depends on the flight. I definitely open the window during landing but for the typical boring flight across the Midwest from Detroit it’s all corn fields below.

  31. Atmos is an all around better surround experience. People are blown away when they come to my house.

  32. I have 7.2.4 too but I think I am mainly blown away by the LCR and 2 nice subs then the height speaker affects. I still think the Atmos is pretty sweet though.

  33. Do you plan on setting up ceiling or height speakers?

  34. The general consensus here is Reference Premier or better for Klipsch.

  35. It really depends. I am 6 years older then my fiancé but back when I was 29, I probably would have never went for someone younger then 25. I think there is a big difference from 29-23 then compared to 34-28.

  36. Welp, it's back to covid hysteria in my mexican city, cAsEs have skyrocketed to a whopping 341 daily cases... In a city with 5 million people. This country is averaging <20 deaths with a population of 130 million yet the media and the people truly can't get past this cold. I truly feel ashamed of my country.

  37. Is Mexico still all masky? I need to go to Puebla for work but kinda have been putting it off with the US testing regime to get home and masks etc.

  38. I would have never tested if I felt ok.

  39. And dude even when they skip to Paulie and he’s like “Paulie, you wanna go next?”

  40. Little late, bastards. A little snippy perhaps, as I'm paying $60 for a test this afternoon for a flight home tomorrow.

  41. It never made sense since covid was pretty widespread on both sides of the flight.

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