[Tom Brady] These past two months I’ve realized my place is still on the field and not in the stands. That time will come. But it’s not now. I love my teammates, and I love my supportive family. They make it all possible. I’m coming back for my 23rd season in Tampa. Unfinished business LFG

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  1. Any idea when the Blues flew into Denver? My follow up would be, any reason they didn’t arrive earlier in an effort to acclimate a bit better than they did?

  2. Looks like they flew in Monday afternoon, landed at 3:20pm. Flight SWQ2387.

  3. Mild fans gonna be pissed they didn’t get a double minor for that.

  4. Watching the game on our outdoor TV and a stink bug landed on the TV right before Vladi’s first. Gonna let the bug be for now…

  5. Bally wants $20 a month for this quality? Fuck that I'm gonna sail the high seas before I ever do that.

  6. Mentioned it earlier, but instead of paying Bally: UZZU. Every game from every major sport, every sports channel, NFL RedZone, etc. for $120/year or $20/mo. Zero lag, no popups, smart TV apps. Money WELL spent.


  8. Not too late to edit this to a *Blues Russian last name

  9. Food for thought here, jets have rumored to have interest, if jets gave us #10 #35 and #38 for him ( we may have to include some back end picks)

  10. If the Jets didn’t offer #10 for Hill, they aren’t offering it for AJB.

  11. Tannehill isn’t playing anything other than QB. We can’t afford Rodgers. Tom Brady is way above being an offensive coordinator. He has too good of a life and is ready for family time and growing his businesses. Joe Brady was hired by the Bills this morning.

  12. Could absolutely see some interest in Drew Lock. Young, has some experience, probably could he had for cheap. Titans expressed some interest prior to the draft. Just makes sense IMO.

  13. MAYBE Herbert/Ekeler/Williams — but if I had to pick, I’m going with the Bengals core.

  14. Went with Williams over Allen strictly due to age

  15. We already have a Patriots South in the Texans, might as well have a Patriots West in Las Vegas.

  16. Patriots South is the Titans without a doubt

  17. Was thinking about this today. Genuinely think coaches careers are built on luck. Yeah they have to be talented. But plenty of talented and innovative coaches at lower levels that may never get a sniff at bigger jobs because they didn’t have the players or were just unlucky. Things have to go right your way a lot to be successful.

  18. Not remembering what Harbaugh did. Can someone refresh me?

  19. Don’t know whether it’s possible with the cap, but could totally see a trade for Drew Lock. Broncos will probably move on, he could be an actual backup with upside, and if Tanny doesn’t improve, could start. If Lock doesn’t work out either, cut both next offseason and draft your guy.

  20. Grew up in St. Louis so naturally was a Rams fan. My dad’s family is from Clarksville, TN so they would send me Titans stuff for Christmas growing up when they didn’t really know what to get me. This made the Titans my second favorite team and when the Rams left, could never support them again. Wasn’t super into the NFL for a year because of the bitterness, but quickly grew in my Titans fan hood.

  21. Gotta think there’s another surprise coming. Maybe Carroll?

  22. You sound like you need a break next season

  23. Nah I love fantasy. But felt real good to enjoy the game as a Titans fan not worrying about AJB’s Target share, Julio getting the TDs, Foreman vs Hilliard. Just win baby.

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