1. Haha, I loved this game and I've been loving the show. Got a good laugh during this scene.

  2. Ahh I didn't know I believe this is a 98 but I gotta go back over some of the paperwork to male sure

  3. Sure, lots of people collect license plates

  4. Yea I have seen it before just don't know how about to go collect them

  5. Thanks definitely will have to purchase some from there

  6. Thanks and yeah I am kinda trying to figure out how I am going to do the interior as either I am typing in the wrong things or just not much out there

  7. That's gonna be tough so I wish you all luck, cause that's gonna be so fucking worth it, when you complete it.

  8. Thanks and I have one I am kinda going off of but obviously with my own twist but it should be really clean when ever I get done with it

  9. Performance head? Psh. 500 whp with factory head all day long. Get the head pressure tested, ideally hardness tested, and do the "quake" mod to reinforce the area around the head bolts. Dremel out the ports of the head to match the gasket and call it a day.

  10. Thank you and will definitely take this into consideration the cheaper I can go with this engine the better I am going to make it a track toy/weekend driver and know I will blow the engine at some point and will then drop or 1 or 2jz in it

  11. Columbus, GA is the largest city around me it's about 2 hours south of Atlanta, GA

  12. 7MGTE Is probably good for 500rwhp on stock bottom. I know for sure the 1J and 2J are. Even though it will fit in there nicely, there's a decent amount that goes along with pulling an engine and such if you have never done it before just an FYI. 1J vs 2J theres about a $1000 difference in the engine from the get go. The 1J may have some more support for your car considering the MKIII came with a 1J from the factory at some point.

  13. Thank you for the advice you have already let me know more then what I have found in my research as far as the engines go

  14. No problem. Just be aware there's a lot of budget creep when it comes to engine swapping, no matter how much you research it. Im swapping a 2JZ into a cressida wagon, and I am pretty far over budget already. I'm not too upset about it though. I bought a lot of quality parts because Im trying to avoid doing things twice.

  15. It is a manual and wouldn't have that any other way haven't set a budget yet really just getting an idea of what route I want to go and I want to find this wide body kit I saw online but can't find the manufacturer

  16. lol no JZ swap for me! Keepin it 7m but i built it to be able to handle 700+ hp, lookin to make 500 to the wheels. We’ll see how it goes

  17. I just came up on a 89 and I am debating on keeping the 7m or going with a is swap. Any particular reason for keeping the 7m

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