1. Clase and Stephan being locked down for a while is great for the back end of the bullpen.

  2. If anyone is wondering why ESPN is fluffing the dick of the Oilers so hard tonight, it's all just ESPN Marketing. They think the best way to sell the game of hockey is star power of an individual. Same way they sell the NBA.

  3. It's also got to do with the fact that Edmonton has dominated the game. Hard to praise a team that's getting stomped.

  4. The PP is bad we're back to having the d-man take shots and the movement is slow as fuck.

  5. This one has a bit of everything great track

  6. Holy shit this is more money and years than I was expecting. Great move by the front office locking him down and buying out some free agent years while they were at it.

  7. I love Gimmy and locking him up long term is huge

  8. That's not good hopefully he heals up and is good to go.

  9. That's not at all what you want to see in his final spring training start

  10. Another good road win against a desperate team. Hopefully Smith and LT are okay and they didn't leave with anything serious.

  11. Win the faceoff and get the puck the fuck out of the zone

  12. Quick got thrown right into the fire good lord

  13. Holy shit this so much pressure get the puck out

  14. I'm interested to see how the lineup is gonna shake out with some guys starting to get healthy

  15. Well that was more stressful than it needed to be, but the important thing is we got the W and keep first in the division

  16. Good work by Eichel to draw the penalty.

  17. Theo back on the bench everybody can breathe now

  18. Ohtani is something else we're so lucky to be able to watch him play

  19. What a tournament that WBC was a ton of fun to watch and follow along. Congrats to Japan.

  20. Friday is fucking stacked with new album releases ABR, Ov Sulfur and Ne Obliviscaris all off the top of my head.

  21. Just standing out in the outfield signing autographs in the middle of the game after robbing a homer lmao Randy is awesome

  22. Huge strikeout Sandoval is pitching his ass off

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