1. Really looking forward to SAO 10th Anniversary Eng new to Weiss so just starting my collection so far my fav is Heaven Burns Red!

  2. Mine will be here tomorrow. Pretty excited not expecting much for the price but I love the air58 shape.

  3. What are your goals? If you are a collector and want them in a case with a label and a number or want to sell them slabbed than yes. I would just go the route of one of those magnet one touch cases or a sleeve and card saver if you are just collecting.

  4. Thanks for the advice. These are the first ever Weiss pulls/cards I’ve got I was thinking about holding onto them for now maybe selling them down the road. I just wasn’t sure if they were rare enough or good enough of a pull to spend the money and send in.

  5. 2 out of the 3 Cards there (I assume theres 2 SEC and 1 SP?) are extremely rare usually only 1 SEC (Secret Rare) per 18 booster boxes of each set. Sometimes even then its not guaranteed. So you're super lucky and all of those would be worth grading. Especially the SEC cards. Hope this helped and welcome to the hobby.

  6. Thank you! You are correct 1SP and 2SC. The SOA is my fav then the SP.

  7. Dang wish this matched my setup! Great price!

  8. Best 75%-TKL in stock for under $500?

  9. Mode sonnet? They are shipping almost immediately

  10. I’ve looked at that one and the frog so far was curious if there was other options as well.

  11. I have been with my girlfriend now fiancé for eight years with two little ones. Two months ago my photo popped up on that group saying “any tea”. I’ve never cheated or even thought about cheating I don’t talk to other women unless it’s a coworker family member or friend. No one commented on it except my friend defending me and eventually it was removed. Has anyone come across a similar situation?

  12. Pretty impressed with this board myself!

  13. I’m new to Weiss cards is this a good set to buy into? I don’t play anything just from a value/grading/collecting.

  14. Thanks picked one up. Found an $8 coupon for those interested. USNEW8

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