Kind person feeding stray dog family

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700-Year-Old House In Iran

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  1. Dm me and I’ll try to explain you what’s happening with this stock.

  2. Absolutely one of the dumbest comments that just never stops.

  3. 30 year rate now exceeding 7%, your comment looks quite dumb now, doesn’t it.

  4. Saying "30 year rate now exceeding 7%" shows you have no idea what you're talking about, as if there is one 30 year rate. Go take a look at how bond yields tracked following the announcement. Yields we're up around 50bps and many investors issued better pricing as a result. There are plenty of factors that contributed to today's sell-off but saying Feds will increase interest rates as if the Fed prices mortgage bonds is dumb. Every person who went under contract the day before a FOMC decision would have been better off waiting until after the JP Q&A to lock rather than locking the day before this year.

  5. What part of my original comment says that the Fed prices the mortgages? Do not make dumb assumptions about what others say.

  6. Call Mr. Nimbus next time. He controls the police.

  7. Now I see how squirrels feel like on Earth.

  8. I mean, you're young. You've got your whole life ahead of you, and your anal cavity is still taut, yet malleable.

  9. I wonder how these people survived the winters in these houses with no special materials for insulation whatsoever.

  10. Where can I buy all of Rick and Morty comic series for an affordable price?

  11. I guess I have to lookup the USD/Schmeckles exchange rate in some intergalactic foreign exchange market.

  12. Amazing! I would pay for this if it was for sale.

  13. Are you sure it wasn’t Art Vandelay? He was an architect you know..

  14. Your Bird Person looks like Robert De Niro.

  15. Some days will feel so cold that you will start thinking whether your corneas would freeze if you kept your eyes open outside.

  16. Good thing you had contacts. It could have been your corneas🙂

  17. How far did you get in making a neutrino bomb?

  18. This one probably belongs to Doofus Rick J19 Zeta 7.

  19. I have like 10 different Rick’s to call right now:5990:

  20. Something like not having a working kitchen or bathroom could disqualify too. If the property would not be habitable, they can’t lend on it. Definition could vary but no faucet or stoves could be a reason. I wouldn’t expect something needing a “full renovation” to be easy to get a conventional loan on. Rehab/construction are designed for this situation and allow for these planned updates.

  21. Thanks for explaining further. Yeah, everything in the apartment is from the 60s, including the kitchen. I assume one could live in it but I wouldn’t trust those equipment. It will be interesting to see how the lenders will think about it.

  22. That sounds like the borrower then. Old but functional should be fine. It’s more about the risk of financing a residence vs. a construction project. Good luck!

  23. Property values won’t likely decrease. What will decrease is the amount of increase in the price. Homes will most likely be more expensive next year compared to this year.

  24. Will they demolish it in phases while continuing the bus services?

  25. I recommend you see a proctologist asap.

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