1. Thc % is printed on the tube, it isn’t child resistant, and it isn’t from a dispensary. It’s fake bro

  2. It’s a BM brand, the oil is still good quality

  3. when these were in my area for 35 bucks each around 2018, I would get so baked off of them lmao.. probably shitty oil or cut with something but oh well that was forever ago 😂

  4. The oil is pretty fire tbhhhh ! I have no complaints; I’m baked af & still get em for 35$

  5. Not at all lol, the middle part looks thick but it’s actually not. Lol

  6. Raw gardens are fire which strain you got?

  7. Decided to go with Strawberry Jack this time my guy, hands down one of the best carts I’ve had. Apart from West Coast Vape Co.

  8. Yessir , oil looks good & I can see the branding on the bottom of the cart.

  9. I don’t got a stiiizy but I do have a wax pen with a West Coast Vape Co (SFV OG too) so merry fucking Christmas✅

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