1. I'd say focus on having an enjoyable time for both of you. Communication is good, it's okay to share that it is your first time. There are some things you won't know until you do it. Also, a lot of sex articles out there can have misinformation. Don't put a lot of pressure on yourself to be good at it the first time and have open communication before and during sex.

  2. If I told someone I have experience when I don't though, would they most likely be able to tell? I mean being honest, how hard can it be? Lol

  3. They might be able to guess, just depends. Also what if they ask you if you've had recent sti testing? It's best to be honest. There's no shame in having a lack of sexual experience

  4. Is it common to be asked for sti testing?

  5. I'm glad I asked for opinions, because I thought it was something sleazy or trashy. At least the stereotype I'm used to. I'm sort of surprised it's more accepted than I thought.

  6. Sleazy or trashy… sex on vacation is the best, how are you unaware of how normal it is

  7. Well I've never been on vacation with a girl before so lol

  8. Giving her the option lacks confidence. Text her directly and see how she responds. If she declines make sure to let her know that you wont bother her further.

  9. Disclaimer, this happened awhile ago. Let's just say a long time ago. Which is why Facebook may be more appropriate.

  10. A year ago. You sure? Lol. I wanted to reconnect and I don't see it as a bad thing.

  11. I understand the sentiment and I agree it's rude to wear headphones at social gatherings. But as this commenter said, even if someone wants to improve their social skills, they still have a right to want privacy and alone time. It's wrong to pressure people into exposure therapy and always staying open to connections, even when they're not in the mood.

  12. I agree. I think it's rude to wear headphones or earbuds when in social situations in public. On the job, at the grocery store, etc.

  13. What about distance could make it work out? So she seemed to be interested even knowing I lived sort of far away, still flirted with me. Wanted me to initiate, but I backed away because of the distance thing and was afraid it wouldn't work out.

  14. Oof... that is a hard sell dude. A hard journey to navigate for 6 years.

  15. So... to rephrase that questions. What could I do to make that situationship work?

  16. Be careful because you do get paid 40 if you only worked 4 days, but say you have 35 the first 4 and 8 on a day off you come in, youll still just get 43 hours. Pretty scammy

  17. To me an amazon job is for college kids. Or a stop gap between jobs.

  18. I agree, and my last job was stacking shelves.

  19. Nah that’s kinda ok. Because u actually find that new hobbie kinda interesting.

  20. It's actually (boating and fishing) a hobby I've always wanted to get into, but I never could afford a boat and parents weren't interested. She loves sailing and I thought, man that would be wicked cool to get into.

  21. Then ur good. Like I said. If u could see urself doing it with a buddy then why not? Hell ask her to teach u how to fish.

  22. I could even bring it up on a date. Not something to hide or lie about. Hey looks interesting.. tell me more etc.

  23. But like... boats cost thousands of dollars right?

  24. Well actually this one I got for free from someone giving away a free boat. Paid a service to hall it away. Needs a bit of work, but thought it would be cool to be a boat owner because we could bond over a "shared hobby". It started out to impress her, but now I actually like it and don't want to give it up.

  25. Well, if it's free it's a bit less weird. If and when it comes up you can just be like "I saw you were into it and someone offered me a free boat so I thought I'd try it out..."

  26. Well... she told me she was checking out my Facebook profile, so then I checked out hers and saw her on photos with sailboats. So that got me interested in what it was like to own a boat.

  27. Exactly, that would imply boats need insurance anytime they aren't being driven.

  28. I think it has to do then with their liability. If a boat gets stolen, they can't be held responsible and they should have insurance.

  29. You should just be able to log into any reputable insurance provider online , punch in the boats info and get a quote immediately. I used progressive for my motorcycle and had insurance within 10min.

  30. Yeah... because in our society it's impossible for guys to afford anything anymore in our early 20s. This is a true statement.

  31. Being a full-time student and part-time worker is difficult. Recruiters recognize that. Why choose someone who isn't as qualified as other applicants who already have their degree and can dedicate themselves fully to the job?

  32. I'm seeking full time work... min wage jobs.

  33. Is gig work like DoorDash a possibility? It’s not great long term because of wear and tear on your vehicle, but it can produce cash in a pinch.

  34. Yeah to be honest, I'm trying that again. Already have those apps, but live in a rural area so very limited money.

  35. Your score is too low, and you don’t have a job. No one will lend you money. Low credit score, low income/ no income, and high debt is considered by lenders as a high risk for any unsecured credit transaction.

  36. So I guess it's not about the amount you ask... cause I figured banks would be more lenient if you ask for less. Doesn't turn out that way.

  37. Pre 90s. It was much easier to get welfare. The 90s reforms made it way more difficult.

  38. Exactly. Too many men cling on to the judgement that women are "too picky" or "shallow golddiggers" when the reality is, majority of us are just so damn tired. Outside of dating, we are treated differently at work, in public, need to mind how we dress or act, need to make sure we are physically safe. We are policed our entire lives on top of majority of care professions such a nurses, teachers, social workers, are women. The last thing most of us want to do is take care of a man and children for the rest of our lives.

  39. You have kids, because parents and relatives don't live forever. Don't know about you, but I don't want to spend Christmases, Thanksgivings, birthdays, alone. Then you get to old age, who will take care of you? There is value to raising a family, and many women believe it is worth the sacrifice. Living for someone other than yourself. I find it disturbing that so many women view motherhood as a burden. As the man, I give up my entire paycheck to go to children. It's a team effort that involves giving up your rights.

  40. I'm positive the guests are instructed not to bring up Zoom any longer.

  41. I had the same realisation last year. Pretty wild isn't it?

  42. So true... and you rarely get into a position where you would feel sexual attraction being demi, so you never understood how that was supposed to feel. I've always wondered why I have such great social anxiety around intimacy or why past attempts at relationships failed.

  43. Here’s a link to the first recent dead dog dump reported that includes pictures. Warning it is graphic

  44. This is correct. I’m saying that the woman involved can help you with this, if you talk about it with her. Vulnerability is at the heart of intimacy.

  45. Vulnerability in the past has been used against me and is a quick way to get ghosted. Women also appreciate strength and not weakness. Guys being vulnerable can come off friendzoney. No?

  46. It’s probably not something that’s going to be discussed at a restaurant etc but at the end of the night, if you are kissing and there is chemistry, it will need to be addressed. You can’t just walk away if things are getting hot and heavy. Now would be the time to say “I want you to know I really like you, but would like to take things slow”

  47. What about just going with the flow, and seeing where it takes us without saying anything? I feel like I don't need to declare taking things slow. That sounds a bit awkward. Unless they think I'm not attracted to them because I haven't had sex. I don't know...

  48. Oh gosh. Looks like I was born a little too late. I missed out on all the misogynist fun.

  49. Do that many women actually specify they want tall? I feel like there’s more men that complain about women only wanting tall men than there are actual women only looking for tall.

  50. I think it's more a subconscious thing. Women may instinctively feel more secure and protected around taller guys which translates to "more attractive". I will say when I wear taller shoes going out, I get way more attention. It could be in my head, but then again I've seen more girls dating guys who are not shorter than them.

  51. I would be really annoyed as a server if 3/5 didn’t order. Even though you didn’t order, all 5 are still counted in my guest count. They try to make each server have an even guest count. So I just missed out on 3 paying guests. Also it ruins my sales average.

  52. Could you write 2 as your guest count, even if 5 people show up? That seems unfair

  53. It was a crime before for many many years. Didn’t work well. Didn’t really prevent people from cheating either. Was often misused. There are still countries where cheating a crime. Not the most legally progressive or even normal countries. You probably wouldn’t have the opportunity to even be online or speaking your mind in public in one of them. I despise cheating but criminalizing the activity isn’t the solution. Cheating is in fact deceiving/lying. Should all liars be criminally prosecuted? Sounds fair to me. Doesn’t sound reasonable though.

  54. Old comment but to address this. Adultery used to be a legal factor considered during divorce court in terms of property rights and child support. In many states someone can cheat on their spouse, divorce, and the man is still obligated to pay child support and give up property. Adultery was criminalized in Massachusetts in 2018, and currently 20 states in the United States still consider it illegal. California was the first to legalize it in the 90s. When someone can threaten legal action against a man in divorce court, it now becomes about protecting my rights.

  55. As I said, history showed ample examples of heavy misuse of adultery as a legal factor in terms of property rights and child support and that's why in many countries it's not a legal factor anymore, while being considered as a backward legal practice at the same time. In Europe France for example was quite criticized because it maintained the "punitive ground" for the longest period which resulted in long trials with often dubious ways of proving the adultery and legal costs that would paralyze the courts and create extensive costs. Not to say how unfair it is for the child to have to endure the consequences of a punitive ground when child support is concerned. As a lawyer I'm not pro punitive ground in that regard at all.

  56. Think if it this way though. If my wife is disloyal to me, in other words she destroys the marriage and cheats (a despicable act), in my view she should lose property rights. If she cheats, maybe I should get custody of the child versus the other way around? It just doesn't seem equitable.

  57. I tried negging once back in my college days. One time is good enough for me.

  58. This is someone I failed to ask out last year. Lol. I'm hoping she remembers me.

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