AITA for the way I reacted to my neurotypical children telling me they won't be caring for their sibling?

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AITA for fighting with my daughter over her wedding dress?

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  1. I was always taught you keep those who are with you while at your worst because they deserve at your best. YTA. Your friend has been there supporting you and not cared what you look like or been ashamed to be with you at the gym and now because you are a bit better looking and more confident you are dumping him to the side? If this was a man doing this to a woman there would be world war. YTA for also thinking the gym is a pickup point.

  2. Oh my god you could be a medical wonder!!! You could make so much money!!! Please let scientists study you!!! How is this possible?!?! A baby has had a baby πŸ™„ YTA

  3. Be a grown up and have one of each console for eithers exclusives.

  4. T Yeah and pay full price for a console do i look rich

  5. Your avatar makes you look so rich πŸ™„

  6. Lucas more interesting than will? πŸ˜‚

  7. Yay for someone British 🀣🀣

  8. i thought half the fandom was british😭😭

  9. Apparently not? Or they don't know who tiff is 😭😭

  10. NTA I would of chuckled. I think all these YTA votes need to get a grip 🀣 plus it sounds she was a right pain so.

  11. You are such a pig and I would want to call you a lot worse tbh. First off what is that line she was able to find a man to marry her. So because she dresses less feminine you were going to straight up suggest she was a lesbian weren't you? Why should she be a robot and how you dress her or be like the other woman in your family? Shouldn't her uniqueness be celebrated and show she is a strong woman herself without following the crowd and being like everyone else? Why are you so concerned about what the guests think more so than your daughter? Why isn't the bride in charge of her own day and why is it your vision not here? Stick your unwanted opinions where the sun doesn't shine and leave your daughter alone, before it's to late!! So if you haven't guessed YTA

  12. Both of you are TA. Both of you need to stop controlling who the other talks to. You can have private chats with the opposite sex. As long as they aren't private between you two and there is nothing going on at all there is no harm.

  13. These kind of posts annoy me. Alice has came out and said she/them. People are using she and that's fine you know why?? Because she said so. If people were calling her she and her when she specifically said they them then yes go down peoples throats. She has specified either of them is fine So unless you are her, mind your business on she wants to be addressed. Either of them pronouns are fine according to the person in question, so don't come out telling people what to do, when the person in question is not themselves.

  14. maybe ask yourself why you're getting defensive about a legitimate concern on respecting people's identities. of course saying she/her is fine. those are Alice's pronouns. what I'm saying is that I have yet to see anyone on here use they/them to refer to Alice. at all. and that's indicative of a larger problem. as someone who actually uses they/them pronouns, I'd just like to see people respect that aspect of Alice's identity as well.

  15. But this isn't the hill to die on. If it annoyed Alice you know the person who chose the pronouns then that's fair enough. But you are just projecting because you associate with the same pronouns and people probably don't use your preferred term enough? I would get it if people were misgendering or misused her chosen pronouns but she has literally said she/ they so if people use she it is okay. I am not getting defensive about a legitimate concern because this isn't a legitimate concern. She the party we are regarding is not concerned about it. So I'm not concerned either.

  16. I can't get past how many times or types of English banger there is πŸ˜‚

  17. FIRST OFF she can wear what she wants WHEN she wants Oh she was okay to earn 70 k when you earned 100+ k but now she earns more she's totally different? So basically you want her to cover up, stay home, cook and clean for you? Welcome to the 21st century where woman can step out of the kitchen and work just as hard as men and the same amount of money. ALSO why does it matter if HER money is sitting in her account? I hope she leaves you and soon

  18. THANK YOU. Someone had to say it. Can we just focus on the adorableness of HS and the love in our little corner of the internet? (And this is coming from someone who's desperate for any scrap of lesbian representation in media and has mixed feelings about FK)

  19. Thank you 😊 our little safe space should be just that. As a gay man you have my full support for more lesbians on TV. I'll just re watch buffy for the 1000th time πŸ˜‚

  20. Normally one for art but something made me uncomfortable with this one. Seen a few from your history you are very good though 😊

  21. Oh my god can we stop with the fk posts? This is a heartstopper fandom thread not a heartstopper defending heartstopper against fk. Let people like what they like, let people kick off and let it blow over. We as a community need to do better.

  22. I think you are watching the wrong show with the wrong expectations. Nick and Charlie are end game and that's that. They do need each others love and I highly recommend you do read the books. Alice the creator has said they are never splitting up. The drama comes from other aspects Charlie's ED, Nick's homophobic brother etc. This is for a wholesome show not for drama.

  23. Your son might of had land to roam and life fed on an expensive silver spoon but he will never have the community life or now friends it seems unless they have a lot of money. In rough scary places did you know we have each others backs? Someone can't afford school clothes the neighbours pull together to find the right ones. Someone's short this month and has no food in the neighborhood chips in and cooks meals or sends takeout for you. A house is a home where there is heart. That could be a place with just four walls and a roof. What if you lost all your money and this is the only area you could settle in? Would you be upset if your son was singled out and lost his friends because of where you lived? YTA.

  24. I don't think you were watching the same show tbh. Nick wanted him to be there because they had got closer than him and his current friends had ever been. Nick also started to realise his feelings at this point hence the party being after the snow day and the why am I like this montage. He never knew Charlie felt the same hence why he double checked at the bowling alley.

  25. Spike is literally going to punch all of us 🀣

  26. So we have established there is something between Ben and glory. But what kind of something?

  27. AMEN also isn't it funny how the fandom aimed and portrayed by LGBT characters has been taken over by straight white girls? It's those same girls NOT the gays who are also chasing after Kit saying he's queer baiting or the other half of them chasing him in public and attacking his friends.

  28. I've been refreshing the thread waiting πŸ₯Ή

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