1. We have one of these for sale at the FFL I work for and it has a 16" barrel.

  2. I know the cylinder gives it away. But I wanted to make a joke.

  3. Dude went to the scrap yard and took every badge he could find.

  4. My dad has the 4" with the 8 round cylinder and it's badass! Ruger has amazing customer service as well. I lost a screw from the trigger gaurd of my New Vaquero and they had one sent out within a few hours of me emailing them.

  5. I've heard that their quality has improved, making them a great value option for AR's, AK's and Glock clones.

  6. I have 400 rounds showing up Tuesday. I'll let you know how it goes.

  7. This has the same payload capacity as a Toyota tundra a frame truck.

  8. Those people are infected by ideological disease. It's not terminal but it has a high permanently disabled rate. I pray a vaccine will be developed to hold the tide of these narcissistic degenerates.

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