[Wojnarowski] ESPN Sources: Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka is facing possible disciplinary action – including a significant suspension – for an unspecified violation of organizational guidelines. Discussions are ongoing within the Celtics on a final determination.

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  1. It was kinda fun to try to fight sleep as long as possible on it. Had a few conversations with people that weren’t there, bought a few things off of QVC, ate a whole bunch. But it definitely did the job, got a lot of quality sleep on it. It kicks is ridiculously quickly, and you’re out like a light.

  2. Do y’all think Amy is a starfish or demon in the sack? Neither would surprise me.

  3. What size 350 do you wear? Wanna cop, but having trouble hitting retail and don’t wanna pick up a pair on resale and have them not fit.

  4. If you wear a ski mask over this you got a bootleg Spider-Man mask for Halloween

  5. I know this is a Yeezy sub, but black forces would really tie the look together

  6. Is there any other organization that has more what-ifs than us? Len Bias, Reggie Lewis, Bird's back problems, KG's knee, trading Perk, Hayward's injuries, Kyrie's overall fuckery, and now this. I'm sure I'm missing a few.

  7. Portland immediately comes to mind. Now that’s a cursed franchise. From Walton’s foot, to Bowie, to a stacked team of felons, to Oden/Roy.

  8. NBA trainer Rob Mclangahan had major praise for Mazzulla a few years ago… said he’s just starting but he’ll be a head coach in 8-10 years … now he’s here 3 years later

  9. If that’s the same Rob McLanaghan I’m thinking, he coached Mazzulla in HS.

  10. What in the world could he have doneV?? This is NOT common for coaches. Must’ve been pretty damn bad

  11. Don’t ever disrespect me lookin like Doug Funnie wearing a pair of Sky Davis Air Jets.

  12. I don’t like the laces on them, I am not that big of a fan of the material and shape of the laces. Along with this I really enjoyed hearing Kanye detail that he didn’t want laces with the Foam RNR’s, I think the design of this type of foam shoe looks better without laces.

  13. The damage to your shoes is. The damage you’ve done to your soul and to others is not.

  14. The vast majority of female wrestlers airmail their offense. It sucks. Takes me right out of it. The men do it often as well but even the mid tier male talent are overwhelmingly more fluid in the ring than even the upper echelon of women. Not sure if it’s just the difference in physicality or the way the gender brains process coordination and sequencing different. Not sure if it’s a women are more focused on physical care of their opponents or not (ie. face strikes, bruising etc). No idea. I just know it’s extremely evident and we can’t talk about it even a little bit.

  15. I’ll take it one step further. Women’s wrestling is awful. I’ve been giving it a chance for over a decade, and the only two women I’ve ever been entertained by are Lita and Charlotte.

  16. Unfortunately, GD will only add to your confusion, but it’s still an incredible time.

  17. Danganronpa, definitely. It’s just “oh you don’t like my uwu gay ship? Go to hell!”

  18. I didn’t think Danganronpa would be big enough to get mentioned here, but went looking for it anyway. I played the series this year, and absolutely loved it. Went to the subreddit looking to talk about it, since none of my friends have played it, and let me tell you. They’re fucking weird as hell.

  19. Yeah in my other league I actually benched Miles thinking he'd need some time coming off the hamstring and the Eagles' committee at RB. I know he's the clear top guy, but was concerned they may ease him in.

  20. Fools gold. I don’t have him this year after having him the last two years, and I still found myself flinching every time he got a carry inside the ten. He converted one yesterday, but the man is allergic to the end zone.

  21. 24 turning 25, went to community college for 2 years doing GED classes and changing majors multiple times. Meanwhile, I see my peers graduate and start their careers and feel so behind and like I’m “failing life.” It wasn’t until a really traumatic car accident shifted my perspective and allowed me to reflect on what I really wanted to do and could be successful in. It turned out to be mechanical engineering. The one field I always dismissed because I “knew” I wouldn’t be good enough in. Yeah I might be pushing 30 when I graduate but I don’t care anymore about what the people around me think. I’m doing this for me and will see it through because that’s the goal and the plan has been laid out. Now it’s time to execute. I guess if you take anything from this is that it’s okay to not have your shit together in your 20’s. It’s a time of exploration and risk taking. I truly believe you have to live a little before you can decide what you want to do. Once that’s revealed you need to stop at nothing to get it. Hope this helps any who feel lost, sad, depressed as I once did.

  22. 35, been a network engineer for a decade. I’ve worked at three places, did staff aug for a dozen more, and have never had a teammate younger than me. 30 is barely a toddler in most professions. Plenty of time to build cred and make money.

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