1. given that Minnesota tends to flip CSA I would suggest that Elmer Austin Benson would be a better fit for the governorship

  2. It's more surrendering than anything, here's the current event in-game for it:

  3. oh alright if it weren't for that event I would have assumed it was Benson because that makes more sense but i guess it is the way it is

  4. look I know we all love the flavor and if you look closely enough everywhere has its own culture but these subcultures seem like a bit of a stretch when the country itself seems like its unlikely to make use of them

  5. My theory is that it might be democratic Romania and the Legionnaires get elected back into power.

  6. nah it's just that the whole "oust the foreign monarchs" now places Sturdza in power rather than establishing an eternal regency

  7. the reason a social democratic Mongolia would align itself with Russia would be that basically, every Chinese government including the leftkmt believes that it should be a part of China and that Russia has the power to preserve its independence in some way and even being a Russian puppet is better than not existing at all

  8. ignoring the fact that they are working on that stuff and that they just released Poland its because the people making KR are not doing it as a job and they work on the bits they want to work on

  9. They bother using it because it's historical and not having cores does not mean that you don't claim the region

  10. giving up your own Imperial territory to make another country feel better after you both lost a war feels like a big stretch

  11. No you jackass, i more imagined it as Germany forcing the transfer in order to create hostility between the 2 countries so that they won't ally again.

  12. you know I don't feel like I was being rude when I said it was a stretch but fine if I'm a jackass I will be an honest one and say your idea was not a stretch it was just plain stupid and your clarification did not make it less stupid

  13. The Azula bit is perfect. Azula is exactly the kind of person who would send your IP address as a vague threat that sits at the back of your mind and she also at one point could have actually used the line "i am inside your walls" in the show.

  14. I agree with what you're saying, it's very unrealistic, but you seem to forget the fact it is a game that should prioritise gameplay over realism most of the time.

  15. the Mughals coming back is very much a leap it would be less of a leap for India or Pakistan to bring back the Mughals than it would be for Afghanistan to do so.

  16. No, read the comics. This has nothing to do with growing out of it. In the rift her and Aang have a fight over following rules. You learn what is the most obvious thing ever which is she doesn't like rules that don't hold any justification. If she hated all rules she would have definitely learned that some rules need to be followed. Just read the comics. Besides you can't possibly think a just because Toph hates oppressive rules, she somehow don't have a sense of justice or a moral code? So her helping the avatar establish balance means nothing?

  17. again telling someone to view the third piece of media to justify a second is not a good argument. and I never said she doesn't have a sense of justice or a moral code I said i didn't think she should be a cop and that is a very different thing from just being a good person with power and a sense of justice.

  18. My point is her not liking rules doesn't unqualify as being a law enforcer cause the laws are put there by some moral standard so a cop is a cop cause of their moral, or atll least ideally. So if Toph has some sort of sense of justice what would stop her grom being a cop. This is elaborated on in the comics, which I think a misunderstanding was made. I was telling you to view a third piece of media as an argument. There is no argument on third piece of media. It's canon, not up for debate. Do you know how it would sound if someone jept talking about Kyoshi only from the show, never reading the novels. Rather it's animated, live action, novel, graphic novel or a video game, canon is canon. For christ sakes you can find it on youtube if you want.

  19. the Fire Nation largely because its inspiration is unique like yes a big chunk of it is Japanese but there is also a big southeast Asian chunk to its inspiration and a lot of interesting details that keep it from being a direct analogy. if I were to pick a second it would be the Southern Water Tribe specifically because there are these little details that seem to distinguish it from the north which I love. I think that the Airbenders are in an unfair position to be looked at as a culture in both shows as there is only one left in one and in the next they are basically trying to revive a dead culture. The Earth Kingdom has a lot of potential for cool cultural exploration but most of the time it's kind of just the standard setting so it tends to feel mostly the same outside of places like Omashu. In terms of the Northern Water Tribe it mostly just feels like the lame stuck-up version of the south. The United Republic of Nations is like the Earth Kingdom generally kept as a stable background and so any sort of uniqueness to its culture stops being emphasized once Korra gets used to living there.

  20. in the show, I think everything about her story is great and I think it's a good example for other people who want to write characters. everything I've seen of the comics and other content about her outside of the show looks bad and like it didn't really get what worked about her and her story in the show.

  21. damn this Amur sucks I want to go back to Vladivostok

  22. honestly not a big fan of any of the factions but it's my personal opinion that the faction that is not openly colonial is the one that would be best for the peoples of the world. Any victory for the Entente and Reichspakt is a victory basically in the name of colonialism and the Co-Prosperity sphere is at best anti-colonialism in the name of colonialism. the Moscow accord is such a wildcard considering it goes whatever way Russia does so I almost don't think it's fair to include it alongside ideologically stable or at least pretty consistent factions like the RP and the Entente. if the International wins at the very least colonialism loses.

  23. I would say they are pretty gay and they focus on it a good amount, especially in the second book.

  24. Vi using her well-known Poison Ivy powers on Cait

  25. you can fit the same number of people but not the same amount of stuff and having more space on the inside can be nice if you are looking for comfort.

  26. The entente if you consider all of the tags and take into account reworks at the game start there are 10 members, of these Canada and the west Indies being the only real democracies with South Africa being minority ruled, Australasia having suspended democracy, and the rest post reworks are all blatantly authoritarian states. With the Entente being based out of the colonial empires of their former metropoles the Entente is almost inherently tied to colonialism more so than even Germany who can at least survive losing their colonies.

  27. The West Indies have too conspicuous a number of Anglo politicians to be a real democracy given their demographics. Agree on Canada, though.

  28. im going to be charitable with them considering i assumed reworks and Australasia becomes democratic like 5 seconds after game start

  29. current Russia stuff isn't perfect but i honestly have no idea why you would prefer the older one

  30. the Internationale is fine but taken, which side are you on is a song with a story that belongs in a pre-revolutionary America, this land is your land while not being the best song ever fits perfectly as a neutral and acceptable anthem, a song of the united front makes more sense for Olson than it does for the CSA, solidarity forever would be a good one for other option and its about as well as this land as your land while being a better song in my opinion.

  31. I really like this but I wish the divisional markers were in colors that stood out more from the color of the terrain and lakes.

  32. from a distance its just hard to make out

  33. I choose to believe that Ekko catching Jinx in the final panel is like one second after he realized she was there and nobody else has noticed yet somehow.

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