1. Yeah, an important skill all people need to learn is “why would I care about the opinion of the pussy who wrote this shit” lol.

  2. He can come all he wants, just point those dusty loads anywhere but the Constitution

  3. Whaaaaa state SC allowed injunction to stay? Holy shit!

  4. It’s not an injunction, it’s a TRO. There is a hearing to rule on the injunction on the 13th. But yes, the OR Supreme Court denied the OR Attorney General’s petition to overturn the TRO.

  5. While I don’t disagree with you, there was no way this wasn’t going to pass. Hopefully litigation continues and some or all of it gets struck down.

  6. There sure is a way this wouldn’t have passed, if literally anyone had bothered to spell out the details of the 114 implementation (or lack thereof) to the voters who didn’t know any better and said “yes.”

  7. That alone should issue a TRO and injunction

  8. It really should. I don’t trust this judge to go that way though. She had a clear bias against private citizens owning guns based on the questions she asked during Friday’s hearing.

  9. I don't understand how all of these different lawsuits against the same law can happen concurrently. Does this affect the entire state and the other shit judge is shit out of luck?

  10. I’d like to know too. This article doesn’t say anything about this only affecting Harney county:

  11. It’s a feature of the measure, not a bug, that this will fuck with Oregon gun owners in many ways that the average person will not know or care about.

  12. yeah, guns totally make otherwise rational and mentally well adjusted kids shoot their own mothers over a VR headset. just another retarded take by retarded people who can’t think for themselves

  13. there are retarded people who say retarded things on the internet, more at 11

  14. This is ordinance law for the city of Oregon, Ohio, and does not apply to this case

  15. it’s almost like there’s a lot of us who can afford to do both lol

  16. I'm from Vermont. While I think we have an exemplary state police, many of our Sheriff's departments are an absolute nutshow. We had two sheriffs get arrested recently, one for kicking a handcuffed guy at the station (he just got reelected even as the charges are pending) and the other for sexually assaulting women while utilizing his position of power to silence them.

  17. So if I was to consider a move to Vermont, is there a county that doesn’t have a psychopath Sheriff’s department you’d recommend?

  18. 4’11” is 114 backwards, the worst piece of civil/gun rights legislation in the country which was just passed by the state of Oregon. Illuminati?

  19. Look Jack, if I can’t jack off to convince people of the worthiness of our cause, then what’s the point?

  20. My man if you try to cancel an order made 2.5 years ago will you even get your money back? That feels like it’s approaching a statute of limitations or some shit lol

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