1. Canada: hey can you play anything besides that one Rage Against the Machine song?

  2. I was listening yesterday and a caller called in (this was about 8 hours in)

  3. Someone just called in asking them to play Rage Against the Machine.

  4. I like this release schedule. It'll tide us over until the announcement of the 7th season. It's better than releasing Bounty Hunters with the regular season since it means more content spread throughout the year.

  5. Damn, everyone is copying Jake's fingerlets design for Hydra. Cobalt, Whiplash, Blip, who else?

  6. With them maxing out his contact, he can afford to eat at Blue Water instead of Joey's.

  7. Adirondack cider can be yellow if you're using late-season apples.

  8. Do we know which other drivers are fans of what teams, if any? I recall Stroll had a Habs logo on his helmet once.

  9. Whiplash has beaten two powerful flippers, can he beat a 3rd?

  10. Wow…ray looks different, i don’t know if it’s the beard or because of the glasses…anyways, tombstone looks kind of the same, aside obviously the component upgrades.

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