1. I'd love to see it and provide feedback! I feel like a lot of being an artist is truly just 'waiting for your big break' in a lot of ways, so as much as you can I'd try to keep with it. Art is so subjective which can certainly be unfortunate in some ways.

  2. Old Joy is by far my favorite, I'm just a sucker for that watercolor style! (also love Certain Women)

  3. Number 2 is definitely my favorite!

  4. Depends on the mood and her openness, but All About My Mother, An Unmarried Woman, Grey Gardens, Mildred Pierce, News From Home, Secrets & Lies (all in the collection) and Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Black Mother, Dark Water, El Planeta, Suddenly Last Summer, Stella Dallas, Volver (not in the collection)

  5. I saw Gerwig’s version of Little Women with my mother when it came out and she loved it.

  6. My mom and I watched it together too and mine loved it as well!

  7. Absolutely agree! Criterion needs more animated films and I think the vibes would fit perfectly, especially Secrets of NIMH

  8. Late to this post, but is this a true trilogy in the sense that you have to watch them in order? Right now I have access to watching Girlhood but not the other two and can't find this addressed anywhere

  9. Definitely a loose trilogy that are only connected thematically. You can watch them in any order you want.

  10. Gotcha, that's kinda what I figured, thanks for such a quick reply!

  11. Not that I need a reason to keep putting off watching them, but now I feel like I have to wait til Fall for the optimal experience

  12. I think we should limit them to a mega thread or something for film recommendations.

  13. Agreed, they're annoying to see but people should still be able to post them imo

  14. The 41-Year-Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It (2010)

  15. Not all Criterion, but some of my personal favorites are "Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets," Paris is Burning, Tongues Untied, Dear Zachary, A Secret Love, and Minding the Gap in that order

  16. I mean, any Ross Bros project belongs on a list of suggestions for docs to watch, and I consider BNEP to be a near perfect film, but putting it in doc competition at Sundance certainly… raised some eyebrows considering those are all actors and it was actually filmed in NOLA, not Vegas.

  17. Agreed, really love Tchoupitoulas especially (though that has many scripted scenes too), so although I didn't know it was that "inauthentic," definitely not surprised

  18. A Brighter Summer Day - flawless imo

  19. Huge fan of this!! One of my favorite films

  20. I'd potentially be interested in Polyester. Could you send me a message (it won't let me send one to you) to talk through pricing/payment options

  21. I personally love the set, probably my favorite Criterion release! I own the OOP Chungking Express and ITMFL and saw a few of the others on the channel before the set was released and the restorations don't bother me really at all

  22. $5 each for Used DVDs + shipping. All lightly used but opened.

  23. Looking to get rid of some of my Criterion BluRays that I don’t think I’ll watch again. All are used, watched once or twice, but in good condition with their original booklets and discs, I’ll send pictures if asked. Shipping from Missouri, United States to anywhere else in America.

  24. I have some Blu rays and dvd titles to sell or trade. Open to trade for other Criterion, Arrow, or Indicator releases

  25. Firstly, I usually ignore these type of postings, but it was just so GREAT to see so many non-English speaking movies in your very considered Collection - what I especially like is that you can 'branch out' with it in so many directions.

  26. Definitely agree, I never know what movie mood I'll be in so like to have plenty of variety (I have about 400 non-Criterions too). All great recommendations though, thanks for the thoughtful comment! Especially interested by the Karel Zeman box, might be one of my next pickups!

  27. Princess Bride would go perfectly with the color palette of your shelf.

  28. Just saw this for the first time recently, agreed!

  29. Strangers in Good Company or Tchoupitoulas

  30. I think he's a good representation of Bergman's inner struggles with religion, but totally agree, a real POS

  31. I will always stand by Fallen Angels 😤😤

  32. Definitely get a low-medium end reactive. Depending on your game/release, you could add urethane later. I wouldn’t get urethane for my first, but they definitely have their place.

  33. Are there any specific reactive balls that come to mind? I tend to have a slower speed and can get a good amount of hook from house balls as a result. I've started looking at some, but there are just so many options it is a bit overwhelming

  34. Hmm it will be harder for you then as i tend to have the same problem, slower ball speed. I have bad back (disc problems) and i cant throw and harder than i do (15-16mph), but when you have balls like they have today, i have a very hard time controlling them with my ball speed. They are all “too strong”. So i do tend to use urethane alot because of that reason. But i DO throw reactive when the lanes call for it, and im not partial to either coverstock. IMO, i would look on ebay for some older technology. I shy away from all the new stuff because its so strong for me and my game. My reactive balls are ones like the old brunswick phantom remake (still a hook monster for me, does awesome on the Don Johnson sports pattern), brunswick strike king (another old pearl ball, this is actually my go to for the burn), and a storm jolt (old particle ball, just shot a 249 last week in practice with it). My other balls i bring are different urethanes (one asym, one sym, one that hook-stops), as my other two are very continuous.

  35. Thanks for the detailed response, I appreciate it and will keep that all in mind! And gives me some more balls to research which is always fun

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