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Post Game Chat 9/11 Braves @ Mariners

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GameStop Forms Partnership with FTX

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  1. I worked at a factory one summer when I was a kid, maybe 14. The work was brain dead and the regular workers were just dumb. People without any mental issues making them dumb. Just low iq, dumb, people. I'm not saying it as slur or anything like that. I don't think they were "officially" tarded. Just dumb. People who started working there after school and then that was their life until retirement. It was like being in a weird type of hell.

  2. I don't understand how people could be complacent working in a warehouse their whole lives. Crappy pay, lots of mentally easy but "busy" work, and more often then not it's a pretty shit environment. Even if you're dumb I don't get why you'd want to waste your whole life there.

  3. When he pulls up to the railroad crossing, the cop is on the other side in the white and black suv

  4. Or crow. I've been unfortunate enough to see that on two occasions

  5. My work campus has decent amounts of brush and bushes so there’s a lot of rabbits. I’ve seen four or five just this last spring picked off by crows. It’s brutal

  6. I just like to remind myself that there’s some 25 year old just starting out for whom the prices are afforded comfortably with plenty of wiggle room for other investments.

  7. There’s also plenty of 25 year olds stuck in their parents’ house or living with roommates who can’t afford their own home.

  8. I just went looking for this and had to stop 20 minutes in because it's so cringe

  9. Everything I have read and watched about getting started in options has some guy with three monitors and all kinds of software.

  10. How about taking some bias out of the question?

  11. I hate that we're stuck with Dave Sims. Aaron is so much more interesting.

  12. Idk he still makes great calls and he’s been thru so much shit with this team. I wanna see goldy on tv permanently but simms certainly has his place.

  13. Hahah pot stocks were insane. They didn’t even have good DD, a bunch of apes made money from gme and were looking for the next thing and decided weed for some reason

  14. weed stocks came way before gme. TLRY short squeeze was 2019 or 2020 I believe.

  15. 2018 around late summer I believe. Didn't it top in September around $300?

  16. Sadly I agree. The infamous guh, obsession with Cathy woods, weed stocks, gourde futures, all the crazy loss porn and occasional gains. Frickin Martin shkreli taught me and half the sub how to evaluate companies lol. I’m heavily romanticizing it but it was a good time before the blow up.

  17. I started sweating. I ain't never been so triggered in my life. Recovering addict here with a before and after meth pic post currently at 4k upvotes on

  18. Congrats on your journey man. Wild stuff. And you seem like you’re living your best life!

  19. Jesus Christ , he unloaded on him I get being on edge but that was definitely overkill.. I will say that my man should have put the gun down while the cops were there.

  20. The other cop grabs the gun out of his hand right before he starts shooting, so I’d say technically he did put the gun down

  21. Julio having 4 hits tonight was ideal

  22. Okay you guys I'm going to invest my life savings into this party City thing, you guys wouldn't steer me wrong, can I trust you? And I want you to tell me clearly when I should sell okay? I don't want to be no broke ass bag holder. I'm trusting you guys with my life and my money, don't be dix. Don't pump and dump me like a one night stand

  23. We need a good old coverage by the retards from WSB to trigger some actions!

  24. dude cal has so much pop off his bat, balls just go flying

  25. Tbh, Ryan Cohen’s SEC filing about his OTM calls was great DD, but instead of capitalizing on the gamma squeeze, it spiraled into insane schizoposting.

  26. Depends on when it was. Initially I followed him in back in March and was sitting on bags at $20 until I finally averaged down in the $4-5 range. :8883:

  27. a guy in a tank top, doing stupid TA and doesent even do it correctly what could go wrong. Am i seriously in the same stock with people like you? That post such bs

  28. Right? Buncha moonboys joined BNGO. Constantly trying to squeeze the stock seems like it's been working wonderfully /s. but keep trying lmao

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