1. Somebody is going for a forced vacation in Dubai's hospital.Or a 15 years vacation in northern Siberia

  2. Or an opportunity to learn to fly via defenestration

  3. How do you "kindly" visit a website?

  4. Check out Pipe17. I think they can do this

  5. I think you're right, but seems like they can only do it for a maximum of 6 connectors, so six partners. Are you a user?

  6. That is not correct, a user can run an unlimited number of stores from a single account. They have many aggregator customers that do just that

  7. The problem is of I try to have this talk she laughs it off, and makes me feel as if I'm not trusting her.

  8. She is entertaining his advances, which signals to them that there is potential and they should continue to pursue her. A faithful partner would shut that shit down the moment it pops up.

  9. It's because they believe the legal system works on some kind of unknown magic, and if you can say the magic combination of words, it's like a spell that gets you out of trouble.

  10. Like they know the cheat codes to our legal system...

  11. May be overkill but Pipe17 has good bundling capabilities if you are doing Shipstation or a 3PL

  12. Check out Pipe17. They can handle multi store scenarios.

  13. Pipe17 can do this. Connectors to Shopify and a bunch of marketplaces, Shipstation, 3PLs etc. With built in order hold and routing.

  14. Thank you I’m gonna check it out but can this work with just my own team and not a major fulfillment center ?

  15. We bank at Mercury and it works well for us.

  16. OP here and that is mainly what I had used it for and I’m super sad it’s devolved to what it is whereby I don’t even feel that ethical or great about using the platform because of BS like this

  17. OP post your story to Twitter and tag the CEO Bryan Chesky. He is pretty active on that channel and a lot of followers who will see it.

  18. Hard to respond without knowing more about your business. These questions should be a good starting point

  19. Honestly I just always Uber/Lyft. May not be the cheaper option but definitely the more convenient

  20. Veeqo does not have great multi channel support and Amazon doesn't seem to be making much of an investment in improvements.

  21. Yea idk, maybe its like someone else said that she came from a well off family and bad things never happened. When arguing I said the worst case could result in my company shrinking the group and me loosing my job and she said I'm being stupid and doesn't believe that. Yet she will claim I'm a mediocre employee (even though I've literally been promoted every chance I've gotten). She will also say that if I am the primary earner and need to work OT then she shouldn't have to work at all. I mean my salary could easily support us if she didn't want 10k+ of jewelry and handbags and 10k+ of vacations a year. But I know if she stops working she's just going to spend more and not cut back.

  22. Dude the more you talk about your life the worse it sounds. You are being manipulated and abused by this woman.

  23. You have so many things that you need to get over before this relationship can be recovered. So in no particular order you have the following to consider.

  24. You are working your ass off trying to make a better life for the two of you and she is resentful that you are not giving her enough attention and goes and has an affair.

  25. You are working your ass off trying to make a better life for the two of you and she is resentful that you are not giving her enough attention and goes and has an affair.

  26. You can certainly do that but if things go wrong I think you will have a very difficult time enforcing the terms of the contract, assuming you are not in Pakistan.

  27. Woo Commerce. You can self host in EU.

  28. Shopify is getting ready to release a building app. Not sure about the functionality. You can read about it on the website

  29. Do you have a link for this? I’m searching ‘shopify building app’ but all I get are how to build shopify apps…

  30. OOps I meant to say "bundles" not "building".

  31. We run all our fulfillment through Amazon MCF.

  32. Interesting. I’d heard about FBA/FBM, of course, but is this new?

  33. A couple years old. It's a great way to go if you do most of your selling on Amazon. Funny need to maintain two inventory pools. They offer blank box fulfillment so you can use it for Walmart orders etc.

  34. You are right and that’s how I am seeing it too. I just dont want to get a divorce because I do love her and I want to be married to her.. I just need to figure all of this out before I make a move

  35. It seems she doesn't want to be married to you. You deserve someone that thinks you are the best thing that ever happened to them.

  36. Wonder if OP took the job? Valuations are coming in at 6x of revenue... And that is for pristine fundamentals.

  37. Trump maintains the following three beliefs, being that had he been President:

  38. He would have gone after Poland, Estonia etc

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