1. I’m curious, did you purposely or accidentally leave out the “T” in LGBTQ+?

  2. Sounds like the type of person peak Ezra Taft Benson would’ve called to be a seventy.

  3. A whole post mocking the anachronistic chariot and you didn’t even mention the wheels that they didn’t have either!

  4. “Free birth control”?? Where the hell does she think everybody is getting totally free birth control from? A lot of birth control was covered entirely by insurance, at least for a while there, but you still had to be able to afford insurance in the first place, which millions of Americans can’t. Tons of people don’t know where to find free birth control, even if they knew that was an option. Many women are denied the birth control they ask for, and many teens are too afraid to ask their parents for birth control (often with good reason) and can’t get it on their own. Lots of people are not adequately educated on birth control options and effectiveness. The entitlement and privilege of this woman is astounding.

  5. When my wife and I were at BYU, we had to pay for our own birth control while my wife was on BYU insurance. The church’s statement was to the effect of “the decision of when and how many kids to have is a decision between a couple and the Lord.…….that being said, we’re not going to have our insurance pay for birth control.” Ridiculous.

  6. I get what you’re saying, but you’re making it seem like the only thing she mentioned was ‘pulling out’.

  7. You’re right, there’s a whole lot to digest here, way more than that one example. It was just so over the top for us (her family) that she’d put that image into everyone’s minds on social media. It’s not as uncomfortable to share or read when they’re not your family.

  8. Very late to the party but I just found this sub. Moscow 2014-2016. I was in the MTC from September-November 2014, we might have brushed shoulders there

  9. Have you had discussions with your family members about why they chose to leave the church?

  10. Hmmmm…I’m not sure if I like that quote. I get the initial appeal, and the intended meaning. But it sounds like Taba is making a common exmo mistake (imo) by discarding the Mormon God, yet retaining their subconscious Judeo-Christian American worldview. Unless you are jumping religions, then there is not much value to superstitious ideas like miracles. You might say the valley is “special,” “unique,” “beautiful,” etc., but it isn’t miraculous. It can’t be.

  11. This is my favorite temple picture. I love to go to the temple. It's so peaceful and I always experience new things there.

  12. Exactly, when we were there I told my wife that specifically the Temple of Sinawava is my favorite temple!

  13. I love,love, love to see this! I’m probably one of those obnoxious middle aged women that you meet on a hike that congratulates you and you roll your eyes at…but please know that I sincerely mean it. And one day your children will thank you for taking them out ❤️

  14. People are generally nice and smiley on hikes, but it is so much fun passing people with a baby. She just started saying “hi” so we love seeing hikers of all ages make the funniest faces and reactions to passing her on the trail!

  15. A more accurate representation would be if the rings were on fire… and then the acrobat knocked them all over…

  16. Wow all of that and it still didn’t cover the more recent iterations of changes!

  17. I would guess that this sub is composed of a lot of 4’s and 5’s, and once people reach 6 they start to drop off the sub.

  18. How would that claim prove that the Brighamite church is true but not the RLDS, FLDS, etc?

  19. I remember coming to this sub before my mission in 2014 and after (2017-2018) just to downvote content. I remember maybe 60k members of the community? Now that I’m on the other side of it, I cringe every time I come across a wonderful post that past me downvoted.

  20. I don’t know what’s more “strength in the loins and in the sinews” than that!

  21. I mean…. Showing up to church is one thing…. But genuinely who shows up to this kind of “event”? You can barely get half a stake to show up to stake conference

  22. I agree, this was Stake Conference though, and they’ve been advertising it for a while. Stake president sent out an invitation a few days ago as well.

  23. If this picture was taken anything before 15 minutes after the meeting started we're not getting a good sense of how many people actually showed up.

  24. That is a good point. I picked the latest time where they showed the whole crowd zoomed out (right when the conductor started the meeting). After that the camera was only zoomed in on the speaker.

  25. I found it interesting when Harold B Lee commented on this in 1961:

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