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  1. must've been the gravity caused by that colossal piece of excrement

  2. Fast ability charge + stim helped me get out of the loop, i recommend

  3. sometimes you cant get concentrated enough when writing with your feet

  4. "you're playing a dangerous gameboy"

  5. I'd wait until the 60 series release so the 30 series gets cheaper and i can get myself a 3050

  6. Me playing titanfall 2 daily with 300 ping:

  7. [they are, indeed, friends now]

  8. alright ill never commit these 7 mistakes again

  9. Personally I think if you can pay real money to make people look at the stupid fucking awards, you should also be able to pay real money to change the font of other people’s posts or comments

  10. that would be an ultimate marketing technique

  11. beginners lol mine took a month

  12. my 1050 ti knowing it will continue to suffer on my hands for well about 2 years

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