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  1. Would you not be able to get the supervisor of said PhD student to give the letter but the letter's contents would be based on the PhD student's experience with you and the letter could be co-signed by the student? This is done in a lot of cases.

  2. Supervisor of the PhD student is already my first recommender

  3. The Alexandria Quartet by Laurence Durrell. The focus of the author was to actually capture feeling and atmosphere of Alexandria. A few of the characters are what you may consider to be intellectuals; writers and politicians for example. The books are: Justine, Balthazar, Mountolive and Clea. Happy reading!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Happy cake day!

  5. DM me. I'm also applying for gradschool we can review eachother.

  6. Always say that you need the aid. You really wanna go to a pay-to-play?

  7. This is for masters application so it’s not playing entirely.

  8. I am a pilot. In the USA about 0.01% of the population has a pilot's license.

  9. It’s just Python. I believe that snippet is grabbing plotted/tabulated XY data and summing it. The three indices may correspond to [node][row][col] or something similar. Check out the user guide if you can.

  10. If what you said is true, then the code is trying to find the sum of forces at different nodes or integration points?

  11. So far all of my friends including me , don’t regret getting a PhD cause it’s required to get the job we wanted. Whether that’s medical research, academia path, or me getting a research industry job in Europe for competeing with just a masters is sorta hopeless since there are lots and lots of masters out there. PhD makes you unique and gave me the edge I needed to land a job.

  12. I certainly think it does, largely because it was built around journaling commands: Cubit has it's own language, called Cubit Command Language (CCL). Every GUI command that you execute can be expressed in this language and it is journaled as you work (and you can copy the commands from the "history" tab in Cubit, so you don't have to open some text file to see the commands).

  13. I’ll try to understand this first. I need to make cuboids also which will be easy ig

  14. Coinbase doesn't accept doge. They track it but don't trade in it.

  15. That’s fine but it shows zero available balance when I’m trying to sell or transfer. However I could clearly see 200 doge in my wallet

  16. But what about your employment prospects ? Do people look at you like a mechanical engineer, a chemist or a material scientist when you talk to them ?

  17. If you could accept someone with ambiguous gender identity then why not ambiguous professional identity

  18. I think with OpenSCAD you could do it with a little bit of coding.

  19. Looks like you need something that does a point cloud to step conversion. This site says they do it:

  20. I’m not trying to convert points to a CAD model. It’s more like converting characteristic data to CAD model.

  21. You could make one if you have proper facilities

  22. Why can't you download it from their website?

  23. It’s not downloading when I pressed the download button

  24. can I generate tool path coordinates using it?

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