1. ew, the funny part is that they are so young,and definitely NOT EDUCATED whatsoever. Neither of them are going to school.

  2. UK Season 3 that just aired- the cast fell so flat compared to the first two seasons…i couldn’t even finish it. Same with Down Under. The current season 14 is also not exciting me very much, especially since kornbread left, the cast is meh, only a few standouts and a LOT of filler cast.

  3. What a jerk, they don’t understand what’s happening with USPS right now and decide to blame it on the wrong person about it. I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’d report him to Depop with this screenshot

  4. im so upset i really love selling on depop and this is so discouraging

  5. Don’t let this one asshole ruin your Depop experience. There are many great and understanding buyers on this platform. I checked out your shop and it looks beautiful! His bad reviews to you won’t stop anyone from purchasing your stuff. It’ll eventually get drowned by more positive reviews from future buyers anyway!

  6. thank you. you are so sweet and one of the many reasons depop is amazing💓🥲

  7. i see you all the time on the explore page keep doin u

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