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  1. Det här med Tintin deep lore känns rätt så spännande nu faktiskt

  2. En skrivbordsdetektiv och försöka lösa olösta brott.

  3. They could have gone all in, skipped the numbers, and just named every room with a funny random word.

  4. My brain keeps reading the 4 as A and the 0 as O. And the 7 looks too much like a handwritten 1 (with the “flag”).

  5. I try to teach all my Nordic brethren that the cucumber is weird there.

  6. Why is it even called Midsommar if it takes place in literally the beginning of summer ?

  7. Summer solstice, so peak sunshine and technically peak summer in terms of planet alignment with sun.

  8. I (M ENFP) had a long-term relationship with a (F) INFJ. After eight years, we decided it was never going to fully work. 90% compatibility is not enough. I admittedly ignored a couple of red flags in the beginning, and, well, there you go. That said, the whole experience absolutely changed me, because at the end, I knew what I needed and wanted. I knew my non-negotiables, and I vowed to never self-censor ever again.

  9. How does it work with male INFJ and female ENFP? It seems like it might be more difficult.

  10. The dynamic might be different, but I’m trying to figure out why it would be more difficult.

  11. So with Japan and Denmark: you can burn each country’s respective flag, but you can’t burn another country’s flag? What’s the logic behind this?

  12. What, you don't think it's totally based to get arrested for burning a piece of fabric? /s

  13. More like given a disappointed look and a warning or a fine.

  14. An obscure local meme from a very short lived fad in 1839 that somehow spread all around the world and is part of everyday language, soon two centuries later.

  15. Have you kept up to date with any science news at all? There's literally rovers and probes all over and around the moon. They do the job that we don't want to do.

  16. I had an awesome conspiracy I was thinking of making a website for but I had the same worry that someone would take it seriously.

  17. So much lighter! Blackout curtains are life though, I need to find white ones 😎

  18. I have never felt the need for blackout curtains. And I live above 60 degrees north, where the sun barely even sets during summer.

  19. How can you not mention Kira Yoshikage - the most iconic 9 villain ever?

  20. I don’t know who that is, or the one posted by OP either, but would like to have an example of a 9 villain I know about.

  21. Sait maistaa elämää ilman stressiä ja paineita, viettää aikaa läheisten kanssa. Tottakai se kiinnostaa enemmän kuin turha työelämä.

  22. Itse stressaan suurin piirtein yhtä paljon sekä lomalla että töissä, mutta eri syistä. Työpaikalla nautin siitä omasta rauhallisesta ajasta jota en saa kotona (muuten kuin joskus kello 23 jälkeen), mutta sitten tuleekin kova stressi kun deadlinet lähestyy ja on oltu liian laiska.

  23. Jos Metso kerran huijaa, niin kai minäkin voin pamauttaa sitä haulikolla?

  24. Tahtoisin nähdä kun otat matsia metson kanssa.

  25. "Jonkun kanan nyt kun kenkäisee sinne häkin nurkkaan, niin se on aika pitkälle niinku

  26. Yeah, there was extreme pressure at the time to go 3D or die. But hey, look at the bright side. At least the series didn’t go FMV! :-D

  27. The Monkey Within: A Gabriel Knight Guybrush Threepwood Mystery

  28. Lol I think that’s the bug where a random object can attach itself to a player model. I’ve seen a guy with a dumpster hanging off his back, it’s funny as fuck.

  29. Not as many as that sentence seems to imply

  30. European cults have to work harder to get established. I feel like that limits some, but makes the ones that are "successful" all the more wild. In the US, you just need a plot of land and to build yourself a compound.

  31. Maybe in Europe you also have to come up with more crazy lore, kind of targeted at some specific demographic, while in the US you can start with a base framework of 70% Christianity and add some strange extra twists and/or emphasise something slightly obscure as the most important thing ever and voila you are good to go. ;)

  32. This is how splintered todays world is. We live in our different pop cultural bubbles, but not divided by geography as much as interests and algorithms.

  33. Yep, for some reason there's this trend in "acting" now where people shake their heads softly when they talk to each other. Like it could be a positive statement and they'd still shake their head like they're saying "no".

  34. Okay, this is interesting! I hadn’t thought about that, but it might be true and now I want to find example of it.

  35. He's a great story teller. And a great technical director. He's awful at dialog, and at directing actors. That pretty much sums up what's both great, and awful about the Prequels.

  36. I’m pretty sure I’d be the same way. Or, at least a somewhat okay storyteller with a couple of semi-interesting ideas, but I’d suck so bad at writing dialogue and directing actors.

  37. Ihan kiva, mutta tämä on mulle hieman liian “slippery slope”.

  38. Because contrary to what a lot of this sub thinks, BF4 was considered a flop by EA and

  39. What competition are you talking about, Call of Duty?

  40. I love finding a new photographer enjoying their work and then going to see their favorites to find even more!

  41. Thank you for your thoughts. I could have explained myself better. I think photographers and people who appreciate photography are looking for an IG alternative.

  42. One big upside with Flickr compared to insta is also the image size. On Flickr you can often look at original full Rez version of pictures.

  43. Damn, I thought it was Bridgette Jones’ Diary: Director’s Cut.

  44. Bridget Jones’ and Sarah Connor’s Diary

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