1. The stuff I hear from some students is just disgusting. You can tell they see people like Andrew Tate as role models .

  2. I remember in a mock I did the prompt was abandoned, so wrote about a girl who was abandoned by her parents, kidnapped and implied that she was going to be sold,

  3. I read a story similiar to that that got a grade 9 maybe it was yours lol.

  4. I have a whale tattoo and a bunch of whale posters and plushies at home. I feel like I would be the whale girl…

  5. This reminds me of extraordinary attorney woo lol. The main character is obsessed with whales too.

  6. To be 100% however, don’t be proud of me - I’m just participating, not organizing. There are amazing teenage girls and kpop fans who are compiling lists, trolling Abbot’s vigilante abortion report hotline, and showing more class consciousness and co-ordinated disruption efforts than adults. A lot of these girls are far too young to take to the streets to protest but they’re doing their part. It makes me very happy and content for the next generation

  7. I know right like they shouldn't follow what fans want them to do they should do what they find is best. I find it crazy and honestly I would ignore entitled fans it's better not to feed them what they want .

  8. I just think this is the problem with internet in general. People say spew all kind of toxic shit hidden behind the anonymity of the internet. It's not a problem unique only to Kpop. I watch football and this shit is even more toxic there. One shit game from the players you see all kinds of comment on their social medias. Just recently

  9. Football is a different level. I remember last year in london there were killings due to football fans. So messed up.

  10. people that act like animals for public transport at busy times (pushing and shoving ignoring the queue)

  11. Don't get me started on people who enter where you are meant to leave and don't press their oyster card and the bus driver gets angry. I've seen it before and honestly just tap your oyster card don't try this people.

  12. Yeah, those little bastards, they travel in packs they swarm a chicken shop then board a bus or train have their food and leave the bones wherever.

  13. I know kids who do that even if you tell them not to they never listen. I find it disrespectful and disgusting like your bacteria is all over it. I think there should be fines for anyone who throws rubbish or any mess on the bus. I've seen a whole bunch of Bueno packaging once , chicken , chips packets and probably more .

  14. Not an individual experience, but well, I'm Brazilian. And they continue to use various ways to kill indigenous people. And "they" includes our fascist government. Also they want to destroy the forest and actually the country at all.

  15. I was studying this in geography and the Amazon forest is seriously important to the world and I don't get why they care so much about business. Also I don't think it's as protected as it used to be. We saw a video on it and it was really helpful .

  16. They also did a song collab with 'hey gabby' which is a tv show and it's a game. I have a sister who enjoys it and we danced to hey gabby by nmixx and it was so fun and my sister said she likes the girl in pink (dress) . Im not sure what member has that outfit but I loved the song and I feel like lily enjoyed the song in the mv.

  17. Kind of unrelated but in Britain one of my teachers said a child younger than 16 can have an abortion without their parents ever knowing as in the parents can't see it at all on medical records. The teacher said that children will tell the teachers and they send them to an abortion clinic during lunchtime in school and come back to school and no one ever finds out. This was in a religious study class if you want context.

  18. i dont listen to this genre much so i mght not be much familiar with it but here i go

  19. I don't think he is coming back. There was a news article that said lucas lived a defeated life in China. I don't think he is innocent. Here's the article -

  20. tbf, sometimes i've gotten reports back saying it doesn't violate, but when i go to the link, it's been removed. It's bizarre. You'd think when reported they'd review it for all TOS issues, but i think they must only review it for the one thing....

  21. One month later and I reported a meme and it said it didn't violate but it got taken down I'm glad.

  22. I remember CIX had a song called numb based on school it's very reletable for me since school makes me tired. Idk what they are doing now .

  23. Why in the fuck would they be taking a school trip to Hong Kong in the first place? Why does this meme always rely on some asinine premise?

  24. Oh my God this reminds me of the probably multiple times I asked kids from my school if they like kpop or a certain group. I don't hide it and I think a lot of people know I like it but I do feel the racism and its gets annoying but at the end of the day if someone wants to be racist I'll leave them because they aren't worth your time.

  25. The planet B124AP224 (or Mato) harnesses energy from the high frequency sounds of the Eu-ak birds cries. The birds are now endangered and the planet is dying. 5 aliens and 1 robot are sent from the planet Mato to earth to find a noise that can replace the bird cries. The cheers of fangirls is close enough to the sound of the Eu-ak birds that the 6 form an idol group to harness cheers to send back to Mato as energy. They plan to conquer earth.

  26. Something I notice is that in subject's that boys traditionally do better in - sciences and maths - there's always a push to make them more accessible to girls.

  27. I agree with you certain girls may avoid things because they are male dominated and they would be discriminated against. If there is something I hate it's probably how even in industries with tons of women men still get all the praise and in male dominated industries men get all the praise so it leaves you thinking they don't want women they just want men. Also another thing people tend to forget is that we live in a patriarchal society so men and boys aren't encouraged to work as hard as girls and women to show their value.

  28. I personally really like 'when we disco' by JYP and Sunmi . Yes it's a weird song but it's sounds very good.

  29. What do I call you - Taeyeon. It reminds me of November or December.

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