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  1. Just realized I spelled barely wrong 🤣🥲

  2. Great find! Any tips on find these? I’ve been looking on eBay and few other online thrift apps and can’t seem to find one in an XL.

  3. Consistency is key when it comes to thrifting, I’ve thrifted every day for the past 6 months and finally found this. But other than thrifting, they pop up often on the internet for decent prices.

  4. I have an active jacket in the same color!

  5. OP, post the W2C link for others please.

  6. I have them in hand now. Definitely impressed for the price!

  7. I ordered these from the same seller about 2 weeks ago , hoping they look like this.

  8. The words abandoned and dangerous work together in unity

  9. I ordered the exact same shoe from PK about 2 weeks ago, still waiting on a QC.

  10. Definitely need these. Everyone here seems to have bad taste

  11. just recently paid 100 bucks for a pair these, praying they’re semi decent

  12. 2 great choices, I need these and stussy AF1s to complete my collection

  13. Remember that DH gate packages are in the hands of god once they ship. Waiting is probably the best thing to do

  14. Ordered my first pair from PK yesterday. Off white prestos!

  15. I need help finding the best quality Travis 1s

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