Got 20 dms about vaporizers cuz I said I prefer bongs

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  1. Who does that? Is this Canada?

  2. The no CRC on the package too

  3. Their cold cure hash is the best!

  4. Bong rips over everything FTW!

  5. Where did you get the half at ,all the got around is 2.8s

  6. Where you guys getting these in 14.5 at? Non existent in SW Ohio.

  7. Picked this up at Rise in lakewood

  8. Let us know if you can feel your legs in 2 hours from now 😆

  9. Waterpipes filter about 50% of the carcinogens from smoke

  10. Yeah cardboard is flammable

  11. Botanical terps are usually from flowers/plants/fruits & if you have allergies you definitely don't want to gamble on these

  12. Looks better than other posts I've seen of this strain. The Biker OG also doesn't have the best bag appeal either but it hits hard. I think this one is probably the same way

  13. The og post reads like a publicity stunt....just kidding. Sadly, you get what you pay for on these recent drops. Not ideal for patients seeking legitimate medicinal relief. I love Grow Ohio but regret this purchase, now you don't have to. Save your money for the Layer Cake Dizzys.

  14. Just a review lol 🤷‍♂️ I really enjoyed the flower so I was hyped for this in a concentrate.. Mine was on point

  15. It's all just opinions but have you tried the flower versions of their Mac & Tangie ? I didn't notice a difference, like a concentrated difference.

  16. I didn't get to try the flower yet. Next time I see it I will for sure though

  17. It's good but not that good haha

  18. Hard question because 3 of my favorites are on here Buckeye , Klutch, and Galenas. The others r great as well but Galenas Dual OG is my favorite right now I can’t get enough as well as second breakfast!!! U can’t go wrong wit any of them!!

  19. My 3 favorite cultivators too. That second breakfast is amazing!

  20. All of the above but Klutch hands down is my top choice. Plus they have the Josh D line which is the best chronic in the state!

  21. The Dr recommendation should only be every 3-5 years. Especially if there's a condition you're going to have for life.

  22. I engrave dugouts and sell them

  23. I really like the Revel RSO

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